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Business Analyst Training with Banking Domain

Course Overview

This Business Analyst training is a hands-on course to help you become an IT business analyst. This course will help you to master industry relevant business analysis skills along with banking domain knowledge.

You will learn practical Business Analysis skills like UML Modelling, User Story Modelling, SQL, SRS Preparation & Business case preparation in this program.

We will also assign you two projects, one in banking domain, to help you acquire hands-on expertise as a business analyst. Completing these projects will help you in upgrading your resume as well.

If you are looking for an IIBA Business Analyst Certification course, you can visit:

IIBA ECBA Certification Training

Highlights of this course are as follows:

  • • Banking Domain basics with Project
  • • UML Modelling using tools
  • • SQL Basics
  • • User Stories Modelling
  • • SRS/FSD Preparation
  • • Assistance in aligning resume

Course Delivery Modes

This Business analyst training is offered as classroom training in Pune & Mumbai. You can also join this business analyst training online from anywhere in the world.

You can also opt for self-paced course. The Self-paced course comprises of actual class recordings, structured into small sessions for easy learning. Each chapter also has quizzes to help you assess your learning.

Self-paced Training

  • 28-hrs of e-learning content
  • Chapter wise sessions/Quiz
  • Real-life projects with guidance
  • Doubt clearing sessions with Expert
  • Email Support
  • 6,400/-     7,900/-

Live Online Training

  • 8-weeks course
  • ECBA Certification PDUs available
  • Recorded Sessions
  • LMS Portal Access
  • 24-hrs of Project Work

Classroom Training

  • 8-weeks course
  • ECBA Certification PDUs available
  • Recorded Sessions
  • LMS Portal Access
  • 20-hrs of Project Work

Course Preview

This business analysis course has been designed keeping in mind the current industry requirements for a new business analyst. All the topics are covered from the basics.

This is a specially designed business analyst training, where we have added banking domain training to the practical and industry-relevant business analyst skills.
• Banking Industry Overview
• Business of Banking
• Banking Sectors & segments
• Types of banks
• Bank’s Structure (Front, Middle & Back Office)
• Understanding Banking transactions
• Banking operations and regulatory framework
• Customer Profiles in Banking
• Asset Products
   o Retail Loans
   o Corporate Loans
   o Trade Finance
• Liability Products
   o Current/Savings/Checking accounts
   o Time Deposits (Fixed Deposits etc)
   o Structured Deposits
• Understanding Payments and remittances
• Methods of payments – domestic and cross border
• Digital Payments – NEFT, RTGS, IMPS
• What is Business Analysis
• Role of a Business Analyst
• Career Path of a Business Analyst
• Certifications for a Business Analyst
• The problem solving process
• How to analyze problems
• Problem solving techniques
Class Exercises & Assignments
• Business Analyst and Problem Solving
• Problem solving methodology
Real-life case study on problem solving Assignment
• Evolution of SDLCs
• AGILE Process
• DevOps Process
• Product (COTS) implementation process
• What & why of requirement elicitation
• Challenges of Requirement Elicitation
• Requirement elicitation techniques
• Usage scenario
Class Exercises & Assignments
• Process Modeling Techniques
• Data Flow Diagrams
• UML Diagrams
• Data Flow Diagrams in Details
• Diagram Notations
• Developing process model
Class Exercises & Assignments
• CA ERW in tool introduction
• Developing DFD using CA ERW in
Class Exercises & Assignments
A project to develop the complete process model using DFD
• Introduction to OOAD
• Introduction to UML
• OOA process
• Introduction to UML diagrams
Class Exercises & Assignments
• Using UML diagrams and activity diagrams to develop process models
Class Exercises & Assignments
• Introduction to Sequence Diagrams
• Developing Sequence Diagrams
Class Exercises & Assignments
• Introduction to UML Tools
• Demonstration of UMLet
• Using UMLet for making diagrams
A project to develop the complete process model using UML Diagrams
• What is Functional specification document
• Elements of FS
Real-life Project Assignment
• What is SQL?
• SQL keywords and statements
• Understanding tables and views
• Creating tables and views
• Fetching data from tables and views
• Inserting data
• Updating and deleting data
• Understanding JOINS
• Fetching data from multiple tables
• Fetching data based on business conditions
• Fetching data for testing
• Using Aggregate functions
• Using IN and BETWEEN
• Business Analysts role in functional testing
• Principles of testing
• Functional Vs Non-Functional Testing
• Scenario Testing
• Writing Test cases
• Conducting application testing
• What is change Management
• Key success factors for Change management
• Introduction to RTT
• Impact Analysis
• What is a business case
• Business Analysis techniques – SW OT, Porter’s 5,forces etc
• Cost-Benefit Analysis
• Risk Analysis
Class Exercises & Assignments

Upcoming Batches Schedule

  Date :
Nov 04 - Dec 16
( Sat & Sun )
  time :
07:30 AM - 09:30 AM (IST)
type / location :
Live Online Training
INR 20,500 (USD 330)
  Early Bird Offer:
INR 19,000 (USD 297) INR 20,500  10% OFF
(Offer valid till 28th Oct 2017)
  Date :
Nov 11 - Dec 30
( Sat & Sun )
  time :
07:30 AM - 09:30 AM (IST)
type / location :
Live Online Training
INR 20,500 (USD 330)
  Early Bird Offer:
INR 19,000 (USD 297) INR 20,500  Early Bird
(Offer valid till 4th Nov 2017)
  Date :
Nov 19 - Dec 31
( Sundays )
  time :
02:30 PM - 06:30 PM (IST)
type :
Classroom Training
INR 20,500 (USD 330)
  Early Bird Offer:
INR 19,000 (USD 297) Rs. 20,500  Early Bird
(Offer valid till 12th Nov 2017)
  Date :
Nov 26 - Jan 07
( Sundays )
  time :
02:30 PM - 06:30 PM (IST)
type :
Classroom Training
INR 20,500 (USD 330)
  Early Bird Offer:
INR 19,000 (USD 297) INR 20,500  Early Bird
(Offer valid till 19th Nov 2017)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This course has been designed to help you start as a business analyst. The course modules have been chosen keeping in mind the skills required for a new business analyst. See the answer to the next question.

A new business analyst must have a good understanding of the following skills:

  • • Developing Requirements Specifications
  • • UML Modelling & related tools
  • • Data flow diagrams (DFD)
  • • Date Modelling
  • • SQL Basics
  • • User stories and backlog Management
  • This ECBA Certification course covers all these topics with case studies and practical examples.

Yes. The course is designed to help you prepare yourself with hands-on and practical business analysis skills, domain knowledge and IIBA Certification. These are the three critical success factors for kick starting your career as a business analyst.

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is one of the most respected certification organizations along with Project Management Institute (PMI). A certification from reputed organizations like IIBA always adds credibility to your resume as a stamp on your business analysis skills. A certification also helps you in differentiating your profile as compared to others.

Yes, you will get a course completion certificate, once you finish the course. This certificate is provided to you for all the courses.

Functional knowledge or knowledge of business processes is an important skill for every business analyst. That's why we have started this specialized training course. This module is not designed to make you an expert but it will provide you a good understanding of banking domain specially risk management. You will also be doing the project, that you can showcase in your resume.

Yes, of course. This training is designed for entry level business analysts. This is a beginner level course and can be done by non IT professionals as well.

Business Analysis is the skill of identifying, defining, analyzing a business problem and then, evaluating and recommending the best solution for an organization. The business analysis skills is a universal skill and can be applied to solve any business problem. Business analysts use these skills.
Unfortantely, it has become synonymous with IT business analyst as well as business analytics professionals and that is confusing for many. IT business analyst deals with the understanding, analysis and modelling of IT system requirements to solve customer needs/problems. The business analytics professionals deal with data (possibly generated by software systems) using statistical and machine learning algorithms to solve customer needs/problems. Enen though, we use business analysts to refer to both of them, they use completely different skill sets to achieve their goals.

You will be eligible for ECBA certification exam. Please refer to the IIBA Certification pricing page for latest updates to the fee.

Yes, of course. We have a ECBA Certification course specially designed for this purpose.

ECBA Certification Training

Techcanvass has published this mock test for ECBA certification exam. You can try this test, it has 10 questions.

ECBA Certification Mock Test

Yes, We will actually give you two projects. You get sufficient time and guidance to complete the projects so that you gain hands-on skills.

In addition to that, there will be regular assignments given to you for practice, based on examples demonstrated in the class.

Yes, you can do selected modules or you can go for mini courses. However, please note that 21 hrs of PDUs are required for appearing in IIBA Certification exam, so you need to attend at least 21 hrs to be eligible.

Yes, systems analyst and it business analyst are broadly known as business analyst in the IT industry.

Yes, we do have a learning management system. Our LMS has following features:

  • • Access to course PPTs

  • • Solved examples

  • • Solved assignments

  • • Class recordings (You get it even if you do classroom training)

  • • Online quizzes and tests

Placement Assistance

Techcanvass HR team will help you in modifying your resume as per industry requirements. In addition, we will also provide you placement assistance. It means that we will send your resume to HR of possible employers, based on requirements. The company will contact us or may contact you directly.

Standardized and consistent Training experience

Techcanvass uses standardized courseware and teaching aids, which includes courseware, presentations, projects, examples & assignments. All of these are developed by experts and are made available to the trainers as well as the students.

So, even though trainers bring in their individuality, the consistency of courseware and content ensures that every trainer delivers the same high-quality content/learning experience to every student.

Nobody is perfect but we do believe that with regular feedbacks from the students and using that to improve our content and approach to the teaching, we are becoming better.

Training Material for this course

Study Material

Hardcopies will be available only with the classroom training. For Online training, e-books will be provided.

Importance of domain knowledge for Business Analysts

Importance of domain knowledge for Business Analysts

How important is domain knowledge for a business analyst? This is an often asked question so I decided to dedicate a full post to this topic.

How important is domain knowledge for a Business Analyst?

Career Guidance by Our Experts

Career Guidance

Our experts are ready to guide you if you are looking for some guidance or advice about your career or How can you move into a particular profile. Our experts are experienced IT professionals & understand the trend of the IT industry.

The best thing is that its completely FREE, no obligations!!!!! Just drop in your details and we will set your appointment with our experts. Fill in this career guidance session appointment form.

Guide Me

Faculty & Technical Support

As a student you can ask questions with the trainers even after the classes. Simply send an email to You will get the answer as soon as possible.
Please note that our trainers are working professionals and sometimes may be busy with their office work.

Course Projects

Real-lfe Case Study

A project in Credit Risk Management

A comprehensive project for the entire batch. This project will help you to conduct all the requirement management and development activities from scratch like process modeling, data modeling etc. This will be guided through by our Risk Management expert and help you to master the learnt concepts.

Real-lfe Case Study

Requirement modeling for a Bank EAI project

One of the largest private sector bank in India was looking to develop an Enterprise Application Integration Project (EAI). A very large project had minimal user Interface (UI) requirements. It was a challenge to decide the strategy for the requirements elicitation and analysis, as more than 20 departments of the bank were involved. So in this case study, we are going to look at how we went about requirement elicitation?

Our Other Business Analyst courses

Business Analyst Training (ECBA)

ECBA Business Analyst Certification Training

This Business Analyst Certification training course is an IIBA approved business analyst training, designed for entry level business analyst role. This course will help you in learning business analysis skills like requirement elicitation, process modelling, data modelling, UML, SQL and more. This course is available as online and classroom training.

Business Analysis Self-learning Course

Business Analysis Self-learning Course

This business analysis course is developed for professionals, who would like to learn practical business analysis skills at their own pace.Every chapter is divided into sections carefully to help you learn easily. These sessions are actual recordings of the live online training programs and are comprehensive and detailed with class exercises and examples.

Business Analyst role, career and growth path

UML Modelling for business analysts

This Online Unified Modelling language (UML) Training covers essential UML topics like UML basics, types of UML diagrams, structural and behavioural diagrams and requirements analysis and modelling using UML diagrams.

Student Testimonials


Ashutosh Gupte

Hello, I am Ashutosh Gupte. I have attended the 'Certified Business Analyst Elite' course at Techcanvass, Sakinaka location. Enrolling for this course has been a very appropriate choice that I made.

My trainer was a senior level IT professional with a wide range of experience. She is also very good at teaching. During my classroom sessions I have asked her many questions, and she had answered all the questions along with sharing her industry experience. I used to learn new concepts and develop new thought process in each of the classroom sessions.
The course has helped me in presenting myself well during interviews and securing my first job as an "IT Business Analyst' even before I completed the entire course. I am thankful to 'Techcanvass' for offering this very effective course and to my trainer for her expert guidance.

Read More

Manjiri Gurav, Business Analyst

I highly recommend Techcanvass for training in Business Analyst as they provide expertise training with good content, case studies, exercises & flexible hours. They also provide good knowledge on SME. Training material provided was very helpful. My overall experience at training was excellent.

Rajeev Masawan, Business Analyst, Infogain

From day one i have never regretted choosing "Techcanvass", it has exceeded my expectations and motivated me to choose a profession as a business analyst. I would highly recommend to gain knowledge and skills from "Techcanvass" and make a career in IT Business World.

Harishkumar Chettiar, Assistant Consultant,
Tata Consultancy Services, Singapore.

I would like to thank Techcanvass and its complete team for taking good care of me through out the course and being flexible with me w.r.t. schedule and content of the course.

I had opted for an online course in Techcanvass through Skype when I was in Sydney, Australia. Satisfaction level was above my expectation as credit goes to Abhishek Srivastava,

who is not only the head of Techcanvass but also a master in BA course work who is not only sharp with his practical examples but someone who encouraged discussion through out the course.

With 8+ years of experience in IT I had good enough background of how BA works as my experience was widely distributed Technically as well as functionally in Banking domain.

But Abhishek made sure that he tailor made the course for me so that I get what I want and we don't waste time in things that I already know.

Abhishek has a very high command on his communication and and has a very clear picture on the various Business Analysis aspects theoretically as well as practically with his vast experience in IT field. Off the course he has always been available with his valued expertise and knowledge and his ever ready nature of helping in need.

It has also been great to read the blogs and articles issued by Techcanvass thorough LinkedIn as they are useful and also gives you a road-map for this ever changing dynamic field of IT.

I would also like to thank Shiwangi who made sure that I had a smooth on boarding process within Techcanvass and also with regards to my sessions and there timings.

I would highly recommend Techcanvass to anyone who is interested in making a career in Business Analysis to join BA sessions online or in classroom as it has the best mentor that I have come across and also the content provided are up to the point which can be completely related to work.

Thank you Abhishek and the complete team of Techcanvass

Read More
Modes of training

  Classroom Training

  Instructor-Led Online Training

Course Highlights

 Learn from Industry Professionals

  8 weeks course

  Banking Domain Training

  Banking Domain Project

  20-hrs Practice Assignments

  Recorded Sessions

Training Locations

  Pune (Planned)
Course Fees
Classroom Training
Rs. 19,200
Rs. 21,900  Early Bird Offer
Online Training
Rs. 17,900
Rs. 20,500  Early Bird Offer
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