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Tableau Certification Training Online

Course Overview

Techcanvass's Tableau® Certification course will provide you a comprehensive hands-on training on data visualization skills like data blending, creating interactive and sharable dashboards, charts, graphs and more.

You will also master Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, Tableau public and integrating tableau with various data sources like databases, Excel, PDFs and Cubes.

Why Learn Tableau?

Data science, touted as the sexiest career options of the 21st century, has an important element of data visualization. Data scientists showcase the solution using interactive charts and dashboards. Tableau is one of the best tools for data visualization.

It can integrate with R as well as Python, two of the most used languages by data science professionals, making Tableau a good fit in the industry.

Learning Tableau has an easier learning curve compared to its competitors without compromising on any of its capabilities.

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What are the pre-requites for the course?

You need to be familiar software development methodologies. There is no other pre-requisite for the course.

Course Delivery Modes

This course is conducted in Mumbai & Pune classrooms and is also available as live online training from anywhere in the world.

Live Online Training

  • 32-hrs course
  • Hands-on Training
  • Experienced Trainer
  • LMS Portal
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Techcanvass Certification
  • Course Fees :
    16,500/- (USD 285)
    (GST Extra)

Course Syllabus

This classroom and online course is designed to help you master Tableau 10 and its components along with data visualization skills.

The course topics are as follows:

Data Visualization Fundamentals and Tableau

This Module will cover the basics of Data visualization and its purpose. Topics to be covered in this module

• What is data visualization?

• Need for Data visualization

• Introduction to Tableau

• Installation Tableau

• Understanding the Architecture of Tableau

Knowing Tableau better

This Module will focus on diving deeper into tableau to understand its components. Topics to be covered in this module

• Tableau Dashboard

• Distributing and publishing

• Tableau desktop

• Tableau Server

Data Sources Connectivity from tableau

This Module will help you understand the connectivity techniques with multiple data sources. Topics to be covered in this module

• Managing metadata

• Cross database joins

• Connecting with Excel

• Connecting with PDFs

• Connecting with Cubes

Class Demonstrations

Working with Data in Tableau

This module will enable you to understand the data in Tableau

• Working with extracts

• Tableau File types

• Joins and Blends

• Data Filtering

Class Examples & Exercises

Visual Analytics Fundamentals

This Module will help you understand the basics of visual analytics and techniques. Topics to be covered in this module

• What is visual analytics

• Understanding drill downs and hierarchies

• Data manipulations (sorting, grouping etc)

• Types of charts – standard visualizations

Visualizations in Tableau

In this module, you will learn the visualization options in Tableau

• Value comparison across dimensions

• Dates and Time visualization

• Measure names and values

• Cross Tabs

Class Examples & Exercises

Aggregations and calculations

In this module, you will learn to use row level aggregation functions and will be able to apply calculations:

• Concept of calculated fields

• Parameters

• Ad hoc calculations

• Performance issues

Class Examples & Exercises

Applying context

In this module, you will understand the concept of context and be able to apply them in your visualizations:

• Reference Lines

• Trend Lines

• Forecasting Analysis

Class Examples & Exercises

Visualization Enhancement

How would you enhance and format your visualization reports to give them a great look

• Aspects of Formatting

• Knowing Formatting options in Tableau

• Adding value to visualizations

• Custom palettes (e.g. colors, shapes, custom geocoding)

• Filtering and Sorting adv. concepts

Class Examples & Exercises

Dashboards in Tableau

In this module, you will learn creating the dashboards in Tableau.

• What is a Dashboard

• Designing and building great Dashboards

• Designing for various form factors (Devices)

• Developing stories

• Actions

• Creating Dynamic Dashboards

• Animation

• Sheet swapping

Case Study I: Sales Dashboard

Tableau Web Editor

In this module, you will learn the basics of Web Editor in Tableau

• Walking through Editor

• Editor Vs Desktop

• Options in Editor

Class Demonstrations

Publishing and Sharing reports

In this module, you will learn the printing, publishing and sharing options in Tableau

• Sharing options in Tableau

• Presenting your reports

• Printing your reports

• Exporting your reports

Class Demonstrations and exercises

Case Studies/Projects

Project I: Sales Dashboard with regions

Project II: Leads Dashboard with drill down

Must Read Section

Techcanvass conducts online and in-person webinars on a regular basis on topics, which are useful to professionals. We also maintain two blogs on automation testing and business analysis.

These videos are updated regularly on our Youtube channel and blog.

Tableau Customer Stories

Watch these case studies and customer stories about how they implemented and used Tableau in the organizations to achieve their business goals and achieve efficiencies.

How did I learn Tableau?


A personal account YIBAI HU, who shares his learning experience of Tableau.

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Faculty & Technical Support

As a student you can ask questions with the trainers even after the classes. Simply send an email to You will get the answer as soon as possible.
Please note that our trainers are working professionals and sometimes may be busy with their office work.

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