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Business Analyst Career Workshop

Date & Time : 28 Oct, 2017 08:00 PM - 09:30 PM (IST)

Business Analyst Career Workshop

Business Analyst Role

BA career and certifications

Q & A Session

   Business Analyst Career Workshop

This workshop on business analyst career and certifications is an event to discuss about the career options of a business analyst and how can you become a business analyst?

This workshop is designed for software professionals as well as non-IT professions who wish to move to a business analyst role.

What are the expectations from an entry level business analyst? Which are the basic skills requirements for a business analyst.

Most importantly, we will speak to couple of senior business analysts to understand how did they become a business analyst? These are the best case studies for every business analyst aspirant.

We will have a Q & A session in the end, where you can ask your questions.

   Agenda for the Workshop

This Business Analyst Career Workshop is going to have the following agenda:


Duration 5 minutes

The speaker will introduce the panel for the workshop

How did I become a business analyst?

Duration 20 minutes

The moderator will ask the other two panellists about how did they become a business analyst? What were the obstacles in becoming a business analyst?

Business Analyst career path and certifications?

Duration 20 minutes

What is the career path for a business analyst and which certifications are useful to start your career as a business analyst?

Q & A session

Duration 15 minutes

You can ask all the questions during this session.

   Takeaways from this workshop

We are targeting following takeaways from this workshop for all the participants:

  • • Why do you need to become a business analyst?
  • • Career path and certifications for a business analyst?
  • • How should you approach moving to this career

At the end of this workshop, you should have a clear understanding of the business analyst career and the approach to become one.



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