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Business Analytics with Excel Course

Course Introduction

Business Analytics presents an exciting career opportunity for professionals. Business analytics is all about solving business problems using data mining, predictive analytics and statistical models. Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful yet underrated tool for analytics.

In this hands-on course, you are going to learn basics of analytics, various data analysis and mining capabilities of Excel using real-life case studies.

Who should attend this course?

This course is designed for the professionals, who wish to make a career in business analytics and have no prior background in IT. There are no pre-requisites for this course.

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Course content & Videos

• What is analytics
• Need of Analytics
• Business analytics vs business
• Analysis vs Business intelligence vs Data Scientist
• Data Analyst Vs Business Analytics
• Characteristics of Analytics
• Types of Analytics
• Tools for Analytics
• How does analytics help different industries:
• Retail Industry
• Healthcare Industry
• Marketing Analytics
• Web Analytics
• Features of Excel
• Formatting
• Features
• Formulas
• Macros
• Power BI
• Introduction to formulas
• Logical Functions
• Lookup and Text Functions
• Concatenate
• Stastical Functions
• Median
• Functions for Standard
• Deviation
• Functions for finding Percentiles and Quateriles
• & A few more functions
• Basic formatting features
• Walk through
• Conditional Formatting
• Conditional Formatting usage
• Demonstrations of Conditional formatting
• Custom Formatting
• Using Custom Formatting
• Data Analysis techniques in Excel
• Data Cleaning in Excel
• Removing Duplicates
• Correcting Data Types
• Text to columns
• What's a Pivot Table?
• Power of Pivot Tables
• Creating a simple Pivot Table
• Pivot table grouping
• Playing with Grouping
• Creating multiple views
• Slicing and dicing
• Class demonstrations
• Exercises
• Types of Charts in Excel
• How to create Charts
• Formatting options in Charts
• Changing types of Charts
• Multiple Charts
• What is a Dashboard
• Use cases and scenarios
• Typical elements of Dashboard
• Planning for a Dashboard
• Best practices
• Case study in dashboard
• Dynamic Dashboards
• Introduction to Data Analytics and Statistical Techniques
• Basics of statistics
• Concept of sample & population
• Confidence Interval
• Quantitative Vs Qualitative Analysis
• Normal & Standard Deviations
• Other basics concepts required
• What-if analysis and Scenario Manager
• use-case for What-if Analysis
• Making better projections with business analytics
• Using Goal Seek
• Using Solver
• Using Data Table
• Case Study
• What is predictive Analytics
• Analytics framework and approaches
• Use cases (Scenarios)
• Line Plots
• Linear Regression in Excel Case study
• Multiple Linear Regression Case study
• Classification Analysis Case study
• Logistics Regression Case study
• Cluster Analysis in Excel Case study
• Association Analysis Case study
• The Apriori Algorithm Case study
• What is Power BI
• How to view existing reports in Power BI
• Custom Visualizations
• Power Pivot
• Power Query
• Power Map

Business Analytics Vs Data Analytics

Business Analytics and data analytics are two of the most used terms. Are they different or they used to refer to the same concept?

Business Analytics and Data Analytics are essentially the same and are used to refer to the same field and domain. They essentially refer to the science of making sense of data for creating value for businesses. Use of statistical modelling and predictive analytics techniques are the cornerstones of analytics along with other types of analytics like descriptive analytics, prescriptive analytics and diagnostic analytics.

Free Tutorials

Free Selenium Tutorials

What is Data science?

An article written by our Data science expert explaining the role of a data scientist using the case of “People You may know” feature on Facebook/LinkedIn. Written in a simple to understand manner, it will be a good start for you. Read More

Free Selenium Tutorials

Understanding data science (Video)

This is a recording of a webinar, conducted by a Data scientist working with Adobe Systems. In this webinar, he provides a thorough understanding of the data science, the project framework and techniques used in data science. Watch Video

Free Selenium Tutorials

What is machine learning? (Video)

In this webinar recording, the speaker explains the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence. A useful insight into the world of Machine learning. Watch Video

Free Selenium Tutorials

What is descriptive analytics?

Descriptive analytics is one of the types of Business analytics. In this article, you will learn about the types of analytics specifically descriptive analytics, with the help of an example. Read More

Classroom Vs Instructor-led online training

All of us are very comfortable with class room training and rightly so. Nothing can beat classroom training. But with our busy schedule, traffic/travelling time and weekend family commitments makes it very difficult to attend regular classroom training, thereby constraining our growth and upskilling opportunities.

Instructor-led online training is a viable alternative to classroom training with great technology support and built-in interactivity. A brief comparison is shown below:

Clasroom vs Online Training

Don’t miss to watch the actual recordings of our online training sessions to get a feel. (These videos are available in the previous section)

Standardized and consistent Training experience

Techcanvass uses standardized courseware and teaching aids, which includes courseware, presentations, projects, examples & assignments. All of these are developed by experts and are made available to the trainers as well as the students.

So, even though trainers bring in their individuality, the consistency of courseware and content ensures that every trainer delivers the same high-quality content/learning experience to every student.

Nobody is perfect but we do believe that with regular feedbacks from the students and using that to improve our content and approach to the teaching, we are becoming better.

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Modes of training

  Classroom Training

  Instructor-Led Online Training

Course Highlights

  5 weeks course

  Weekends/Weekdays Course

  Course reference material

  20 hrs of recorded session

  20 hrs of Project Work

 Learn from Industry Professionals

Training Locations

  Mira Road
  Powai/Andheri East
Course Fees
Classroom Rs. 11,500
Rs. 13,500  15% OFF
Online Rs. 9,500
Rs. 11,000  14% OFF
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Business analysis Vs Business Analytics

Business analysis Vs Business Analytics
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