RPA Business Analyst Course

ECBA Self Learning Training Course

This is an IIBA Endorsed ECBA Self Study course to help you study at your own pace. It also helps you in earning 21 hrs of PDs

Techcanvass offers this IIBA ECBA on-demand course for entry level business analysts. This course covers all the business analysis skills like UML Modelling, Agile methodologies, User story mapping and modelling, SQL, Verification and validation, BABOK v3 knowledge areas and other chapters. Key highlights of this program are:

  • Actual recordings of Live online training
  • Chapters divided into topics for ease of learning
  • Course access available for 1-year
  • Combo courses also available
  • Proficiency Certification from Techcanvass

The average salary of entry level business analysts is INR 489,416 as per payscale.com in India.
The average salary of entry level business analyst is $ 51,000 to $ 62,000 in the US (Source: Ziprecruiter, Zippia and payscale)
IIBA certifications are the most reputed certifications for business analysts in the world

ECBA self study Course Preview

Watch some of the Chapter's & Video's included in this course

ECBA Training Introduction Session
Software Dev process Training for Non-IT professionals
Introduction to UML for beginners
Becoming a business analyst without IT background

ECBA self study Course Syllabus

This business analyst course is designed with two key objectives. One, to prepare you for the role of an entry level business analyst. Two, to prepare you for the ECBA Certification.

Getting Started

• BA Role & responsibilities

• Need for a Business Analyst

• Skills of a Business Analyst

• Course Introduction

Introduction to BABOK v3

• Introduction to BABOK Guide v3

• ECBA Preparation Strategy

• Business Analysis Core concepts Model

• Business Analysis Planning and monitoring

Problem Solving & Analytical thinking

• Problem Solving methodology basics

• Root cause Analysis case study

• Problem Solving methodology Part - B

• Decision Making with case study

• Generic Problem Solving Exercise

Understanding Software Development Process

• Software Development process-Non-IT Prof

• What happens during software development

Software Development Methodologies (SDLCs)

• Types of SDLCs

• Waterfall Model

• Incremental SDLCs

• Agile Methodology

Knowledge area- Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

• Introduction

• Tasks of this knowledge area

• Chapter quiz

Concept of requirements

• Concept of software requirements

• Types of requirements - BABOK v3

• Classification and Prioritization - Detailed

• Class Exercise - I

• Class Exercise - II

Knowledge area- Elicitation and Collaboration

• Elicitation and collaboration Knowledge Area

• Exploring BRD Document

• Stakeholder Analysis and Management

• Requirement Elicitation Techniques

Knowledge area- Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

• Knowledge Area - Requirements Analysis and Deisgn Definition (RADD)

Requirements Modelling with UML

• Introduction to UML

• Use Cases & relationships

• Use Cases Modelling Tool

Class Example - Use Case Model

• Understanding & writing scenarios

Class Example - Scenarios

• Activity Diagrams

• Tool for activity diagrams

Class Example - Activity Diagrams

• Introuction to Prototyping

• Prototyping tool

Class Example - Prototypes

Data Modelling

• Data Modelling basics & Techniques

Class Example - Creating Datamodel for a project

Business Analysis Tools

• Use case Tool

• Activity Diagram Tool

• SQL Editor from Oracle

Preparing SRS Document

• Creating SRS Document

Handling Requirements in Agile Projects

• Need for Agile

• SCRUM methodology & roles

• Artifacts in Agile Projects

• Handling Requirements in Agile Projects

Class Example - Flight Booking Portal

Knowledge area- Requirement life cycle management

• Introduction

• Tasks of this knowledge area

• Chapter quiz

Verification and Validation

• Introduction to Requirements Lifecycle Management Knowledge Area

• Requirements Management

• Requirement Traceability Table

RTT Demonstration

SQL for business analysts

• Database System Concepts

• Data in modern World

• Data types and attributes

• Using SELECT

Class Examples

Knowledge Area - Strategy Analysis

• Introduction to Strategy Analysis

• Tasks of Strategy Analysis

Chapter quiz

Knowledge Area - Solution Evaluation

• Introduction to Solution Evaluation

• Tasks of Solution Evaluation

Chapter quiz

Project Assignments

Project Assignment - I

Project Assignment -II

Course Certification

At the end of the course you will be get a certification of competency


Job Readiness Package - Steps

Review of profile by Panel

Objective clarity, Keywords, Project details and role played

Interview preparation resources

Strategy for interview, Detailed analysis of questions asked, Interviewer expectations, How to answer questions, Sample answers

One on one interview

Interview of Experienced BA professional, Questions covering wide range of competency, 35-40 minute interview

Feedback Report by Interviewer

Feedback Report by Interviewer

Follow up interview, if needed

Panel decides need for another interview, Final Recommendations

Course Projects

Online Vehicle Exchange Portal – Carexchange.com

Mobile Banking Project

Carexchange.com is a platform for buyers and sellers of old and new cars to get best deals. The company has dealer partners and other channel partners to facilitate the exchange. As a business analyst, you need to help the company build the platform, which provides the best customer experience.

Project Objectives: As a course student, you will learn to develop user stories and user story cards for entire project with the objective to define the project roadmap.

Retail Banking System – Domestic & Internal Transfers

Business Analyst Training Project

Privately owned Frinsley Bank is aligning its systems to offer multiple funds transfer options to its customers. These options include domestic as well as international funds transfer through SWIFT. Domestic transfer facilities include 24X7 transfer facilities as well as high value funds transfer facilities.

Project Objectives: As a course student, you will learn to create complete Requirements specifications document (SRS/FSD) covering functional and non-functional requirements

Business Analyst course fees details

Business Analyst self learning course

The business analyst self paced course includes:

  • 21 -hrs PDUs
  • Actual class recordings
  • Sessions divided into chapters and topics
  • Chapter wise exercises
  • Chapter wise Quiz
  • Course Projects with Mentor guidance

Please note ECBA Revision guide is in e-book format and cannot be downloaded

(Want a hard copy, write to us)

Fees Details (If you live Outside India, GST not applicable)


$ 110

$ 129

(15% Off)

Instant Access


  • 21-hrs PDs for ECBA eligibility
  • ECBA Self-learning Course
  • Job Readiness package | Know More
  • Sessions divided into chapters and topics
  • Chapter wise Quizzes/Exercises
  • Course Projects with Mentor guidance
Fees Details (If you live Outside India, GST not applicable)


$ 152

$ 190

( 20% OFF )

Instant Access

ECBA Self-learning + Question Bank + Study Guide

  • ECBA Self-learning course
  • 120-days ECBA Question bank
  • 950+ Questions
  • ECBA Revision guide (e-book)
  • 6 Full length tests
  • BABOKDrill Free (Crosswords, Match making and Flashcards Included)

(The ECBA revision guide is in e-book and can’t be downloaded but can be read easily)

Fees Details (If you live Outside India, GST not applicable)


$ 160

$ 230

( $ 70 OFF )

Instant Access

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    Greeshma midhun universal banker retail banking at HSBC UK

    i was originally a little skeptical before signing up for the course but brijesh answered all my queries right away and helped me choose the best course for my scenario.

    I couldn’t follow up with my live classes because of time constraints and I thought I was missing out but the recorded sessions in lms are a saviour. Although if you had mentioned the topic that is being discussed in the video alongside the date in the video title that would be amazing!! That way we just go back to the video topic which we want to listen another time . Overall lms is pretty self explanatory and has plenty of resources and has very good and clear structure. Nazni and brijesh we’re always available on WhatsApp to clear any doubts. Especially nazni even when I texted her in odd hours I would always get a reply and she would always clarify. Very very prompt. The classes were very crisp and clear with the business analysis information. I have to admit since coming from an non it job I was not sure if I would get the hang of it but I can say I’m confident. Thanks to abhishek sir . The ECBA mock tests are so helpful. I’m very glad I chose techcanvass for this course because it not only trained me for ECBA but also for real life experience in business analysis and I’m glad I had hands on experience here. I would definitely recommend you guys . Thank you so much

    Read More

    Kamlesh Shah

    I opted for ECBA self-learning course. The material was thorough and helped me to clear my basics, especially the two live project.

    Brijesh from Techcanvass was very patience and helpful through my ECBA journey. In addition, I opted for ECBA question bank, would like to recommend it as practicing it helped me gain confidence in my prep.

    Read More

    Vikita Pimple

    I had taken a self paced course and successfully passed ECBA with the guidance of Techcanvass.

    I would really like to appreciate the support they provide even for self paced course. I would like to thank the team and their extended support. Keep going :)

    Read More

    Ahmed Samir

    Very good course for both understanding & exam. I like their very good follow up with the projects corrections & explanations, which made learning experience more alive.

    The website interface is nice & quick loading. And the price is very reasonable & competitive to the rest many online courses. I live in Germany & I find Techcanvass has a very competitive edge vs. local training parties.

    Read More

    Taarini Tewari

    Excellent Trainings conducted by the Trainer Abhishek, the self-learning content and assignments are comprehensive and really good. The end-end training co-ordination was seamless.


    Krishnan Bhattacharjee

    The course was great! Helped me pass my ECBA certification and understand the concepts clearly. Shrivastava Sir is very patient and takes his time in explaining the concepts and topics.


    Aditya Tiwari

    I opted for the Self Study Business Analyst Course, to sharpen my BA skills.

    The study material was quite good and was very focused to the actual topic. The videos of the training sessions were proof of the in-depth knowledge of the faculty. I wish all success to Techcanvass Team in all of their future endeavour

    Read More

    Aditya Goswamy

    1. The study material was quite extensive and was very focused on the relevant topics.

    2. The training sessions were in-depth & assisted me getting my fundamental concepts clear.

    3. The trainer tried to align the course to the real life applications in the best possible manner.

    4. The faculty (both trainers & the non-teaching) are very helpful, friendly & try to do their best to help assist the students in every possible way.

    5. As an institute Techcanvass was very professional and customer centric in their approach.

    6. I would definitely consider Techcanvass as my first preference for any future training programs that I would like to undertake.

    Read More

    Sam T

    Techcanvass fulfils their claim and goal of providing students with practical, goal oriented, and structured learning. Thanks for giving such wonderful experience.

    I believe that this is proven and exhibited by the quality of their training and IT consultancy. In addition, I support and acknowledge their services as I am fully satisfied .I would also recommend their ECBA course to prospective Business Analysts.

    Read More


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