Java tutorials for Selenium

Java basics for Selenium

Java tutorials for Selenium

Java is one of the most used languages with Selenium. These tutorials provide a low-down and practical details on Java basics for Selenium.

If you are a manual tester and are looking to learn Selenium, learning Java is the first step. These Java basic tutorials will help you to learn Java from scratch.

Java basics for Selenium

You don’t need to have any programming background to get started with these tutorials. Everything has been explained from scratch and specially designed for beginners.

The chapters in this tutorial are as follows:

Chapter 1:  What do you need to learn in Java for Selenium?

Chapter 2: Java Language Basics – Part A

Chapter 3: Java language basics – Part B

Chapter 4: Dissecting a Java program and understanding program structure

Chapter 5: Data Types and variables in Java

Chapter 6: Control Statements in Java Part A

Chapter 7: Control statements in Java Part B

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What’s Next

Once you finish these Java tutorials, the next step is to go on and learn Selenium tutorials for beginners. Techcanvass’s Selenium trainers have also been working on developing complete Selenium 3.0 tutorials.

As a beginner, you should start with learning Java (or any other language you have chosen for Selenium, it can be Python as well). If you already know Java, you can directly start with Selenium tutorials.

Other Languages for Selenium

Selenium 3.0 supports multiple languages. Apart from Java, it supports the following languages:

  • Python
  • C#.NET
  • PHP & more…

A complete list is available at

What’s Next?

In this post, we have provided links to Java Tutorials. You can go and read Selenium tutorials once you finish the Java tutorials.

These articles are written under the guidance of experienced Selenium professionals who also teach at Techcanvass. They use real-life challenges in the training programs. You can get trained by these seasoned professionals by joining our Selenium Certification Training or CP-SAT certification Training program.

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