Selenium certification cost

Selenium Certification Cost

There are only limited number of Selenium certifications currently. In this blog post, we will provide details on the Selenium certification cost.

In the article above, we will talk about cost of two certifications:

  • CP-SAT certification
  • iSQI Selenium foundation Certification

Selenium certification Cost details

Selenium certification cost is a fixed cost for both the providers. It ranges from USD 90 to USD 135. The table below provides the comparative cost for each of the two certifications.

Certification NameCost (USD)Remarks
CP SAT Certification90Selenium with Java and Python
Certified Selenium tester foundation135Selenium with Python

You can check the details of these certifications in our blog on Selenium certifications.

Note about certifications

As of now, both the certifications are new and may not be well recognised like PMP but that does not mean that the quality of these certifications are inferior. They are well structured. In fact the CP-SAT certification also has practical test, unlike many other tests.

The companies, which award these certifications are working overtime to help build communities and slowly they will be able to make these certifications popular.

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