Free Selenium tutorial for beginners

Selenium Tutorials for beginners

Selenium tutorial for beginners with examples

Are you new to Automation testing and Selenium and would like to learn Selenium? This is perfect place to learn selenium through these Selenium tutorial for beginners with detailed explanations and examples.

This tutorial comprises of multiple chapters and is specially designed by our experts for beginners. These tutorials will help you learn selenium step by step.

If you would like to learn java also, visit our tutorials on Java basics for Selenium.

It is advisable to go through these lessons in a sequential manner for the best results. We are working on these tutorials and will keep on adding more in the future.

Selenium tutorial chapters

This complete set of Selenium tutorials comprises of multiple chapters. The chapters are listed below:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Selenium and its components

Chapter 2: How to install and setup Selenium v3?

Chapter 3: How does Selenium web driver work?

Chapter 4: Writing your first functional test in Selenium 3.0 (Firefox)

Chapter 5: Writing your first functional test in Selenium (Chrome and Edge)

Chapter 6: Installing and using FirePath and FireBug

Chapter 7: Understanding Locators in Selenium

Chapter 8: Writing test cases for unit testing  of Text Boxes

Chapter 9: Writing test cases for unit testing  of Check Boxes and Radio Buttons

Chapter 10: Writing test cases for unit testing  of Drop down boxes

Chapter 11: Writing automation script for multi-select list boxes

Chapter 12: Writing test cases for a web table

Chapter 13: Writing test cases for testing File upload functionality


Java tutorials for Selenium

These Java tutorials for Selenium have been written from scratch and even if you are not having any programming background, you will find it easy to learn from these tutorials.

Chapter 1:What do you need to learn in Java for Selenium?

Chapter 2: Starting with Java Part I

Chapter 3: Starting with Java Part II

Chapter 4: Dissecting a Java program and understanding program structure

Chapter 5: Data Types and variables in Java

Chapter 6: Control Statements in Java Part I

Chapter 7: Understanding Loops in Java | Control statements in Java Part II


TestNG tutorial for beginners

TestNG is an integral part of writing automation scripts in Selenium. We have written TestNG tutorials in two parts. Below are the links

Chapter 1:TestNG Framework Basics

Chapter 2:TestNG Tutorial

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