Simpler approach to learn Java

Simpler approach to learn Java for Selenium

CP-SAT Certification Offer As Selenium gaining more and more usage in the IT industry, it is becoming a natural career progression for every testing professional.

Techcanvass is constantly trying to evolve our methodology to teach Java so that it is easier and more efficient to learn. The IT industry needs more Selenium professionals and it’s important that roadblocks are removed.


Techcanvass – FLAP Approach

Techcanvass has been working on a simplifying the approach to learn Java. What is the FLAP approach?

  • FLAP uses a minimalistic approach to learning programming
  • It is designed to reduce the time to learn and start writing programs
  • It is designed to enable you to extend your programming prowess, if needed

There are four basic principles of FLAP approach, which can be used by any one to learn Java quickly. So, what are the basic tenets of this approach:

  • You don’t need to be a geek to learn programming
  • Software programs have a defined structure
  • You need to know ONLY basic Algebra of Std. VI to write software programs
  • You must be a good “Googler”, if you are not, you will struggle

I have written couple of articles explaining this approach in details. You ca expected more article and blog posts in the future. Here are the links for the two blog posts for your reference:

Part I : Best way to learn java

Part II : Best way to learn Java Part – II

FLAP approach discussed in Selenium Virtual Bootcamp

Techcanvass conducted a Selenium virtual workshop. It was an online event conducted by our panel of Selenium trainers. One of the topics was to discuss the approach to learn Java, where we discussed the FLAP approach.

I am sharing the recording with you:

What’s Next?

In this tutorial, we explained how to handle iFrames with Selenium Webdriver. You can go and read more Selenium tutorials published on this blog.

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