Top 5 trends for software testing professionals

Top 5 trends for software testing professionals in 2019

In the recent decade software testing practice has seen many changes right from Waterfall to Agile methodology, manual to automation testing, emergence of Continuous integration and testing, DevOps, AI and Big Data.

We are now in the era of digitization and mobilization where the demand is to bring in new skillsets having broad expertise in new tools and technology available in market and are are cost effective, deliver products faster with highest quality and most importantly helps organization stay ahead of their competitors.

Hence, we came up with the Top 5 trends for software testing professionals in 2019. These trends are worth reading and consideration as they bring in growth opportunities for testing professionals. And this is where the future of test professionals like us, lies.

Big Shift “Manual testing to Automation testing”:

I still remember my days when I started with software testing as my career. We use to perform regression testing manually after every deployment. There were sets of 120 odd high priority test cases that we need to execute manually and ensure that these existing core functionalities are not giving any error because of the new deployments. It’s not that automation testing was not there in market. They were there but were costly. Suddenly Selenium automation tool came in lime light and things started changing at fast pace. The 120 odd high priority test cases that use to get execute manually was now taken over by selenium and that too use to run automatically whenever there use to be any new deployment in Testing environment. Thus, the task that use to take us 4 hours was drastically reduced to 24 odd minutes.

But the best part was that we got to learn entire new skill sets and most importantly a refresher to programming language “Java”. And in no time automation became the default approach in many testing organizations. I believe as days past by there will be more and more usage of automation and the trend and demand of automation will always be growing up.

Techcanvass Selenium
Techcanvass Selenium

From “Waterfall to Agile and DevOps”:

Since there was a big shift of manual to automation happening, simultaneously Waterfall test model was getting shifted to Agile methodologies. Due to changing customer requirements at faster pace, customers wanted to see their changes as soon as possible so that they can provide an immediate feedback of ‘Go or No Go’. And this was taking toll on Waterfall model, as customers would have to wait for a particular release date (at least a year long wait) and then they use to get to see the product after which feedback use to be given. This long process was the biggest failure for Waterfall model.

Due to which Agile methodologies came into lime light. And Scrum replaced Agile (Refer to our blog “How is Agile Different from Other Normal Projects” to get more in depth know how of Agile and how it defers from rest). And adapting continuous integration and continuous delivery (the practices followed by DevOps) helped Agile to gain even more popularity. Today, test automation developers are part of the agile team. And as days pass on an engineer with knowledge of Automation (Selenium), Agile (Scrum) and DevOps (CI and CD) will and always be in demand

Techcanvass Agile
Techcanvass Agile

DevOps and Code-to-deploy process

DevOps is the practice to combine two distinct groups of IT industry – software development and operations to reduce the delivery time. Its main principle is to emphasize seamless integration and communication between traditionally separated teams.

Gone are the days when Development team only wrote programs, QA team only conducted testing and Operations team only deployed the code on Production servers. Now the organization requires agility within the teams where the testers, developers and operations staff collaborate to automate the code-to-deploy process. Organizations tend to save cost by deploying DevOps in their organizations.

Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery and continuous deployment are the principle components of DevOps.

DevOps projects and implementations are critical in nature as software code is deployed on production machines without manual intervention. Making sure that it works well is extremely important. As it involves multiple stages and tools, a comprehensive yet integrated approach needs to be taken to test.

For example, Jenkins can be used to schedule a testing process once the build is successful. The build itself will be conducted once all the automation scripts runs without defects.

Techcanvass Agile
Techcanvass Agile

Big Data technologies and Testing

Big data testing is one of the top priorities among enterprises since organizations are investing in making use of huge amounts of data for variety of reasons.

Big data projects deal with extraction, de-duplication, transformation and exporting/importing of data. The data at each stage needs to be validated before moving to the next step. This requires a completely different testing approach than the functional testing approach.

With the number of projects/initiatives using big data, testing approach also needs to adapt to such scenarios. IT industry has gained a lot of competency in functional testing but Big data projects testing is a new trend and will catch on in the coming decade.


Techcanvass Big Data and Testing
Techcanvass Big Data and Testing 

Internet of Things (IoT) and Testing

IDC predicts that the worldwide market for Internet of Things products and services will reach $7.1 trillion by 2020, making it essential for every business to at least dip their toes in the water of software development and testing.

The concept of this technology is complete web interconnection of devices though a software having internet as the medium. It helps to exchange data more efficiently and quickly.

This may sound very amazing, but it has many vulnerabilities. Hence it is necessary to use a holistic approach to test the products which are connected for functionality, effectiveness and security.

Threat also revolves around network and authentication processes since it can be highly vulnerable to security breach. That’s why the latest trend would be security testing for the interconnected devices to check the vulnerabilities related to security

Techcanvass IoT and testing
Techcanvass IoT and Testing

As a confirmation of rising interest in IoT, here is the Google Trend result for IoT for last 3 years:

Techcanvass IoT and Testing II
Techcanvass IoT and Testing II

As we see the demand for IOT has increased up to 300% in past 3 years, we can assume that it will increase further since the world is getting smarter with interconnected devices for unified experience.

These were the top 5 trends for software testing professionals in 2018 and beyond. However, there are few more fields were software testing is booming these days. And since Techcanvass is a strong believer in its student’s success, so it’s our responsibility to list down other trending fields too were software testing is showing an incline graph. Here is the list in no particular order.

Mobile Automation Testing

As we see increase in shift away from Desktop to Mobile applications in the recent years, Mobile Automation Testing could be one of the most demanding testing service in 2018. The market of Mobile Automation is increase rapidly with a great emphasis on ensuring better user experience, compatibility with different devices and OS, while having focus on security.

One of the key drivers of this growth is the potency of mobile devices with 6 GB RAM barrier and octagon processors coming to mobile devices. These devices have become as powerful as laptops and PCs.

Thousands of mobile apps are getting developed each day for travel, hotels, deals etc. which would need Mobile Automation Testers to use advance testing tools, platform and framework to deliver bug free functionalities.

Techcanvass Mobile automation testing
Techcanvass Mobile automation testing

API and Web Service Automation

API and Web Services are used to communicate and exchange data between applications, enterprises and organizations across different platforms and frameworks. API and Web Services are used in many domains like Healthcare, Telecom etc.

Since the market share of these domains are very huge, automating API and Web Services would have an increasing demand as it is useful to prevent late detection of errors, which requires complex and costly repairs.

As an automation tester it would be recommended to increase knowledge in tools like SoupUI, PostMan, Jmeter etc for the assessment of the functionality, performance, and scalability of Web services.

Techcanvass Web services and API testing
Techcanvass Web services and API testing

Future belongs to Open Source Tools – Cloud Technologies

The next decade (may be more!) will see a lot of Open source tools in action as more and more organizations will adopt them for proper implementation of Agile, DevOps, and Test Automation. However, the bigger challenge for Open Source Tools is the much-needed support communities. But trends are changing now and support communities for the open source tools can only become more and more involved and active. One of the fastest growing demand in open source world is the growth of Cloud Technologies like OpenStack, CloudStack etc. Now testing your on-demand solutions can be taken care on the virtual machines that are hosted on these cloud technologies. So, you need not have to have a separate testing or development or production environment. You will have all the related environments templates pre-saved on these cloud technologies. All you need to do is to take a required environment pre-defined template and create a new virtual machine that’s all. So, your same automated scripts can be executed not only in your test environment but you will also know then and there the behavior of your script in live environment i.e. production environment.

Techcanvass Testing on Cloud Virtual Machines
Techcanvass Testing on Cloud Virtual Machines

Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) in huge demand:

SDETs have been existing among us since almost a decade now, but earlier its role was very different from traditional testing roles. It is researched that by early 2020, almost all testers will need to have knowledge of development too if they want to be successful in the field of Test Automation, that is going to become mainstream.

These were the few other areas where software testing is trending. However, there is one major field that is in highly demand but is not that much in news and that is “Security Testing”

Security Testing Importance

So, your organization have all the in-demand tools and technologies required to deliver your product faster than your competitor. You have Agile methodologies being practiced, you have Selenium automation tool, Jenkins, Maven, Dev Ops all taken care. But after certain days a news broke out that your product is being hacked and reputation of your organization is at stake. Isn’t that embarrassing and concerning. Well Yes that’s quite risky and embarrassing too. And hence these days organizations don’t take things for granted and they do take Security Testing as extremely crucial step for their product to be successful in market. And hence the demand has touched the roof at rocket pace. So, there is an increasing up trend for Security Testing too these days.

Hope you enjoyed reading our content. For any queries do call us or leave us a comment below. Your feedback is extremely important for us.

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