How to become a Business Data Analyst


8:00 PM TO 9:00 PM(IST)

How to become a Business Data Analyst

Purpose :

The exponential growth in data and meaningful insights from that data have led many organizations to adopt the data-driven decision-making approach. Such investments drive the demand for skilled business data analysts who can interpret and translate data into valuable insights for the organization. To do this, you need an impressive mix of business analysis and data analytics skills to lead analytics projects. This webinar will prepare you to become a business data analyst.

Session Overview :

We’ll cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the Role of a Business Data Analyst
  • Market Demand
  • Step-by-Step Approach to become a Business Data Analyst


  • Understand why a business data analyst is required, the responsibilities & competencies
  • Learn more about the career progression, the demand & job openings
  • Get to know the step-by-step approach of becoming a business data analyst
  • Get detailed information about the certification in business data analytics (CBDA) by IIBA.

Guest Details

Priya Telang

Certified IIBA Business Data Analyst and Tableau Desktop Specialist
Influential, result-oriented, and self-motivated leader with excellent analytical and critical skills. Senior data analyst with diversified professional experience of 10 years in Business Intelligence with Accenture, the public sector with Teach for India, and curriculum development with the LEAD school. Passionate about using data and machine learning to solve problems.


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