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What is Skillster ?

Skillster is a gaming platform designed for PMP and Business Analyst aspirants who want to enhance their skills, sharpen their competitive edge, and have fun while doing it. We provide a platform that allows users to challenge themselves with thought-provoking questions on three different levels. Skillster aims to develop knowledge through gamification and rewards users with interesting cash prizes and LinkedIn badges.

What is the purpose?

Skillster is a quiz series with different game levels, where the difficulty criteria of the questions increase with a new level. It's focused on how you learn and the way you react to new information or situations. Users test their knowledge about specific topics in a fun and dynamic way. The questions of the quiz series will revolve around the following 4 domains:

  •  Agile/Scrum
  •  Business Analysis
  •  Project Management

How to play it

To get started with Skillster, here are some basic rules to follow:

  •  Sign up on the Skillster platform using your email ID.
  •  After successfully signing up, you will receive a mail, after which you can change your password and set a new one.
  •  Once you log in, you will earn 500 bonus points.
  •  On the game portal, you can opt for a practice quiz test before you attempt the actual game level 1.
  •  There are around 15 questions at each level and you will have 1 minute to answer every question.

How to play it

  • To qualify for the levels, you must answer at least 8-10 questions correctly. However, note that each question carries a different weightage.
  • Once you have answered all the questions in a level, click Finish to complete the test.
  • On successfully qualifying for the level, you will receive 150 points.
  •  In case, you did not qualify for the level, you have the option for multiple attempts.
  •  In case, you leave the game in between, you will have to retake the level from the start.

How to redeem the score points

Here is what you need to know about points redemption and the cast prizes against your point scores.

  •  You can only redeem your points after you qualify for level 1
  •  For every 800 points earned, you can redeem Rs533 or $6
  •  You also have the option to use your points as discount coupons while you enrol for any project
  •  management or business analysis certification training course.
  •  There is a 3-month validity for redeeming your points.
  •  You cannot redeem your points with other special offers as only 1 coupon can be applied at a time.
  •  Once you redeem the points, they will be deducted from your total point scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my redeemed points?


You can use your redeemed points as discount coupons while you enrol for any Project management or business analysis certification training course at Techcanvass.

Can I play the game again after winning all levels?


If you have successfully cleared all levels and earned your badges and points, the game can only be played once per user.

How do I earn the point on skillster?


You will earn 500 bonus points on successfully signing up and then you will earn 150 points for each qualifying level.

How many questions do I need to answer correctly to qualify for the level?


Out of 15 questions in each level, you must aim to answer between 8-10 questions correctly. However, each question carries a different weightage. Therefore, try to correctly answer as many as you can.

How much discount can I avail on certification courses after using my redeemed points?


You will earn Rs 566 or $6 for 800 points. Therefore, the maximum discount coupon will be 566 or $6.


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