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ECBA Certification Overview

Entry certificate in business analysis (ECBA) is an IIBA, Canada certification. This is possibly the most valued entry level business analyst certification in the world.

Are you intending to become a business analyst in the IT industry? Are you looking to make a transition in your career to the business analyst role? You will find all the relevant information here.

Business analyst is one of the most rewarding career professions in the IT industry. Refer to the data points, highlighted on the right. To become a business analyst, you need to prepare to become proficient in business analysis skills as well as acquire ECBA Certification

This article will discuss all the details about ECBA like certification eligibility, cost, training programs and preparation resources.

The average salary of entry level business analysts is INR 489,416 as per in India.
The average salary of entry level business analyst is $ 51,000 to $ 62,000 in the US (Source: Ziprecruiter, Zippia and payscale)
IIBA certifications are the most reputed certifications for business analysts in the world

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

-Albert Einstein

Who is an ECBA?

An ECBA is a candidate who has earned the ECBA credential offered by the IIBA. The ECBA certification verifies the candidate’s core knowledge of business analysis and demonstrates to the employer that a candidate is competent and has the necessary knowledge to carry out the in-demand roles of the business analysis field. An ECBA certified candidate stands out among other candidates who do not hold the ECBA certification.

Is ECBA Worth It?

A business analyst job profile is a high-rewarding career option, which is worth your time and budget. An ECBA certification can help you get recognition in the business analysis domain and help you explore global job opportunities. Here are some benefits of pursuing an ECBA certification.

  • ECBA Highlights your Fundamental Knowledge of Business Analysis
    If you hold an ECBA certification, you can demonstrate to a potential employer that you have the necessary foundational knowledge of business analysis areas such as requirements analysis, recruitment life cycle management, and various business analysis techniques as mentioned in the BABOK guide. Moreover, an ECBA certification is offered by IIBA, which is a highly-reputed Institute for business analysts.
  • Global Recognition
    The ECBA Certification is globally recognized, which means you can get global recognition in the field of business analysis. You can easily get entry-level business analyst jobs around the world.
  • Good Job Opportunities
    Studies have shown that companies look to hire certified professionals, and the same is the case for business analysts. An ECBA certification establishes your credibility as an entry-level BA. It demonstrates your dedication to the profession and shows your commitment to prepare and pass the ECBA exam. Ultimately, with an ECBA certification in hand, you open doors to outstanding job opportunities.
  • Building More Connection
    As an ECBA certification holder, you get access to a pool of other professionals in the business analysis domain. You can join the IIBA LinkedIn group, IIBA ECBA group, or other meeting groups to connect with experienced as well as entry-level business analysts.

ECBA certification eligibility

Every candidate who wants to take the ECBA examination has to meet certain eligibility requirements (as per IIBA website). Only if you pass all the eligibility requirements of an ECBA certification, then only IIBA admits you to sit and take the exam.

Here is the Eligibility Criteria that you have to meet:

  • No previous BA work experience required
  • 21 hours of professional development in the last 4 years (IIBA EEP like Techcanvass training can provide you with 21 PDUs)
  • Agreement with the ECBA™ Code of Conduct

ECBA Certification cost

ECBA Certification cost ranges from $225 to $295, depending on your country. ECBA Certification cost comprises of 3 components – Membership fees, Application and exam fees. The certification fees details for ECBA are provided in the table below:

  Region I Region II Region III
Membership fees
Application Fees
Exam Fees (Members)
Exam Fees (Non-members)

Region I, Countries: USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates& more..

Region II, Countries: Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa & more…

Region III, Countries: India, Argentina, Pakistan & More..

To check you specific country’s membership fees, visit IIBA membership page

ECBA Syllabus

The ECBA certification examination is based on Business analysis body of knowledge (BABOK) guide. The BABOK guide is structured into knowledge areas, Techniques, perspectives and competencies. The weightage of the knowledge areas is provided below:

(This is Valid from 1st March 2021)

Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring
Elicitation & Collaboration
Requirements Life Cycle Management
Strategy Analysis
Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
Solution Evaluation
Business Analysis and the BA Professional
Underlying Competencies
Business Analysis Key Concepts

ECBA Exam pattern

ECBA Certification exam is a multiple choice questions based exam and is conducted by PSI. You can take this exam from home provided you have a web cam attached to your machine and have a good internet connection. Key points about ECBA certificate exam pattern are:

  • There are 50 MCQs
  • Each question will have four options
  • Every question will have one correct answer
  • There are no negative marking

You can check the FAQ section on PSI website for more details on – how the exam is conducted and other requirements.
The natural question is to know about the passing criteria for this exam. To know more, visit our article on ECBA Passing score.


ECBA is the first step towards your business analysis journey as it is considered an entry-level certification. ECBA certification is followed by the CCBA (Certification for Competency in business analysis) and CBAP (Certified business analysis professional) which requires the candidates to meet extensive eligibility requirements that involve more experience, training hours, and expertise in comparison to the ECBA certification.

Here are the eligibility requirements for ECBA, CCBA, and CBAP:

Eligibility Requirement No previous BA work experience required. 3,750 hours- Business analysis work experience within the last 7 years. 7,500 hours of Business Analysis Work Experience within the last 10 years.
21 hours of PD (Professional development) within the last 4 years. Within the 3,750 hours, you require 900 hours spent in 2 of the 6 BABOK guide knowledge areas and 500 hours completed in 4 of the 6 BABOK guide knowledge areas. Within the 7,500 hours, you need a min. of 3600 hours completion in 4 of the 6 BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas, that is 900 hours for each knowledge area.
Agreement with the ECBA™ Code of Conduct. Minimum of 21 PDUs in the last 4 years. 35 hours of PD (Professional Development) within the last 4 years.
Provide Two references. Two references.
Agree to Code of Conduct. Agree to Code of Conduct.
Agree to Terms and Conditions. Agree to Terms and Conditions.


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Course Review by Student
Tripti Verma

Amazing experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better training source. Abhishek Sir explained everything so well. It was a bit confusing for me sometimes since I do not have a technical background but Q&A sessions helped in troubleshooting any issues I had. I felt that the LMS has everything that one might need to prepare for the exam. User friendly, easily accessible and having sections makes it easier to use.

Support team was extremely helpful. I never had to wait for the solution of my query for more than 24hours. Very responsive and solution oriented. I will highly recommend techcanvass to others and might come back myself for training in other certifications. Thanks again Nazni for all your help. You do such a great job in making sure everything goes smoothly.

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Course Review by Student
Mrunmayee Nirantar

I would highly recommend Techcanvass as it is one of the best platform to learn all Business Analyst skills and gain immense knowledge from a highly knowledgeable person Mr. Abhishek Shrivastava. Letting you all know from my personal experience that this course will definitely help you grow professionally.

On completion of this course I immediately got a job opportunity and therefore for people who wish to become a Business Analyst, this is the right place where you will gain knowledge. Special thanks to Brijesh and Nazni for helping me throughout my course whenever needed.

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Course Review by Student
Vinod Pillai
Team Leader at Sopra Steria India Ltd.

Completed my ECBA certification Training. I would Thank the Techcanvass Team and a special thanks to Abhishek Sir for imparting and sharing his real time experience which I believe has complimented my knowledge in Business Analysis.

It was something that gave me a direction while I was in a predicament situation, as I wanted to change my current profile. Joining Techcanvass proved to be fortunate to me as it opened various options to start my journey and a vision to be followed. Would not miss to thank Brijesh and Nazni for being a wonderful team for any support. Hope to seek support to attain my goal.

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Course Review by Student
Lakshmi Poornam

I am really glad I chose Techcanvass as the service provider for the ECBA Certification Exam. The entire team has always been very helpful. Our teacher Abhishek Sir, Brijesh and Nazni always supported us and took care of any issues faced. Under Abhishek sirs training and guidance all my doubts and concepts were clear.

Sir took extra efforts in arranging extra classes for doubt clearing sessions. I got individual feedback also on the course projects I did on LMS. The Babok Drills , the practice tests and the test series on LMS were too good. The explanation and the babok reference given for every incorrect answer on the test series prepares us thoroughly for the exam. I would strongly recommend Techcanvass to anyone who want to go for professional course.

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Course Review by Student
Vamsi Krishna Mutyala
System Analyst at Red River Mutual

Being a QA Analyst, I decided to grow my career as a Business Analyst. As a first step, I decided to complete ECBA certification. In this process, I took online training classes from Techcanvaas and it helped to achieve my ECBA in my first attempt.

Abhishek sir was so helpful in explaining the BABOK concepts thoroughly, and the Techcanvass team were always there for any questions and provided continuous support. ECBA test series also helped a lot to build confidence.

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Course Review by Student
Narmada Sukumar
Value Delivery Analyst at PandoCorp Private Limited

I am really glad that I have passed my ECBA Certification and chose the ECBA training course with Techcanvass as a startup to relaunch my career. It was a splendid training which gave me a thorough insight into Business

Analysis and for that I am really grateful to Abhishek sir.He was so patient in delivering proper explanation for every BA techniques, concepts and helped me see through it in an effortless way with different case studies which made this training more efficient for me. I was able to obtain ECBA certification smoothly with the training and preparation provided. Assistance provided by Nazni and Brijesh regarding the classes and IIBA application assistance was timely and helpful. Thank you, for all your endless support.

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Course Review by Student
Saurabh Pandey
BPM Consultant at Mindcraft Software Pvt Ltd.

Enroll for the ECBA Course at Techcanvass has been a very good choice as the institute has provided a piece of extensive and in-depth knowledge on the topics. The classes and the study materials have been very

helpful in understanding content in a better way. our instructor Vasudha ma'am was truly the best at delivering the BA knowledge in her way. she always ensured that all our queries are answered and no candidates are left with a single doubt special thanks to Brijesh for all the support and guidance and for always being available.

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Course Review by Student
Anuj Patra
Consultant at Infosys Ltd

The course is well-paced and the training materials are good and exhaustive with examples. I want to thank the whole team for the help and inputs for understanding the ECBA course. The trainer is highly experienced with many years in the industry. Thanks for all the help

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Course Review by Student
Harishkumar Chettiar
Assistant Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services, Singapore

I would like to thank Techcanvass and its complete team for taking good care of me throughout the course and being flexible with me w.r.t. schedule and content of the course.I had opted for an online course in Techcanvass

through Skype when I was in Sydney, Australia. Satisfaction level was above my expectation as credit goes to Abhishek Srivastava, who is not only the head of Techcanvass but also a master in BA course work who is not only sharp with his practical examples but someone who encouraged discussion throughout the course. With 8+ years of experience in IT, I had good enough background of how BA works as my experience was widely distributed Technically as well as functionally in Banking domain. But Abhishek made sure that he tailor-made the course for me so that I get what I want and we don't waste time in things that I already know. Abhishek has a very high command on his communication and has a very clear picture of the various Business Analysis aspects theoretically as well as practically with his vast experience in the IT field. Off the course, he has always been available with his valued expertise and knowledge and his ever-ready nature of helping in need. It has also been great to read the blogs and articles issued by Techcanvass thorough LinkedIn as they are useful and also gives you a road-map for this ever-changing dynamic field of IT. I would also like to thank Shiwangi who made sure that I had a smooth onboarding process within Techcanvass and also with regards to my sessions and their timings. I would highly recommend Techcanvass to anyone who is interested in making a career in Business Analysis to join BA sessions online or in the classroom as it has the best mentor that I have come across and also the content provided is up to the point which can be completely related to work. Thank you, Abhishek and the complete team of Techcanvass

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Course Review by Student
Dipti Francis
Business Analyst at EngineerBabu

I have done ECBA online training at Techcanvass and I would like to share my feedback that You all are doing a great job.I am glad that I chose Techcanvass for the BA training. I don't think I would have got any better trainer than Abhishek sir.

For I will always choose Techcanvass for my future courses and will recommend as well. One more thing, because of Abhishek sir's training I cleared my interview & have got a job as Business Analyst with one of the best start-ups here in Indore. It wouldn't have been possible without your amazing sessions. I would say you all have earned it, I am really thankful to each and every member of Techcanvass

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Course Review by Student
Rajeev Masawan
Business Analyst at Infogain Engineering Business Outcomes

From day one I have never regretted choosing "Techcanvass", it has exceeded my expectations and motivated me to choose a profession as a business analyst. I would highly recommend to gain knowledge and skills

from "Techcanvass" and make a career in IT Business World.

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Course Review by Student
Ahmed Samir

Very good course for both understanding & exam. I like their very good follow up with the projects corrections & explanations, which made the learning experience more alive. The website interface is nice & quick loading.

And the price is very reasonable & competitive for the rest of the many online courses. I live in Germany & I find Techcanvass has a very competitive edge vs. local training parties.

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Course Review by Student
Rajat Sadana
Assistant Manager Human Resources at TCS

Awesome classes with full practical knowledge and test series help me a lot in cracking the ECBA exam in the first go. Thanks to Abhishek sir for his guidance and support.

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Course Review by Student
Abhijit Biswas
Business Analyst at Tieto

Wonderful experience with TechCanvass, the course structure is elaborated and concepts are wonderfully explained. The exam simulator is very good and helped me crack Ecba certification at one go. Thanks to Techcanvass

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Course Review by Student
Sujal Mishra

The classes are the actual way of implementing BA that we get through certification. The staff and trainer are very helpful and supporting. The course material, as well as portal access, covers the content needed to do the certification.

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Course Review by Student
Krishnan Bhattacharjee
Accounts Manager at Yorke Institute

The course was great! Helped me pass my ECBA certification and understand the concepts clearly. Shrivastava Sir is very patient and takes his time in explaining the concepts and topics.

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Course Review by Student
Akanksha Namdeo
IT Business Analyst at Adreno technologies Gurgaon

I have taken ECBA certification training from the TechCanvass. It was really excellent. The training was up to mark, even there was no delay in the time. The training would start exactly on the scheduled time, there was no lagging.

The faculty is really awesome. Abhishek Sir has done a great job. He has covered the entire topics as per the BABOK, and also shared some of his life experience as a Business Analyst, which are really helpful and provides practical knowledge. A great thanks to Brijesh. He is always there to help the students and put all of his efforts to do best for them. I highly recommend Techcanvass to everyone. If you are looking to do something good and want to make the use of your studies then Go ahead with Tech-canvass. Good luck!!

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Course Review by Student
Rahul Joshi
Business Analyst at Dvara Solutions Bangalore

I enrolled for the ECBA course online mode from Techcanvass. First of all a big “Thank You” for delivering such a fantastic course. The content was great and relevant for me with good structure, elaborated case studies,

mock tests, class Videos and well-managed examples. In short, the training has a well-balanced theory and practice with concepts clearly and professionally explained. The trainer Abhishek Sir, is very knowledgable and enthusiastic and made training both interesting and enjoyable. I will certainly recommend the course to all aspiring to take up the role of Business Analyst in the world of Business Analysis. I equally thank the non-teaching staffs Brijesh and Nazni, for rendering a timely help in resolving issues encountered during the training sessions. I wish Techcanvass all the very best for its bright future in the field of spreading knowledge.

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Course Review by Student
Neha Taurani
Deputy Manager at IDFC First Bank

The training was nice. Learned a lot about the importance of BA in the organization and what is the task done by BA in the company. Lots of practical examples were given by the trainer to make us clear in every aspect.

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Course Review by Student
Sadhana R
Functional Consultant at Sonata Software Ltd

Firstly, A Big Thanks to the Training and support team of Techcanvass as I completed my ECBA exam because of them! As an IT professional stepping into the world of Business Analysis,

I happened to do a lot of research on BA certifications and training online before I came across information regarding Techcanvass. There was a lot of information coming in from the internet. I was looking at ECBA certification and wanted my basics strong in the field of Business Analysis. Today, I'm happy to realize my efforts seem to have been really worthwhile in the selection of right trainers and I feel I am in the right place. Guidance and training have been very methodical, and the training materials are easily accessible. The course structure and content is very much in line with the BaBOK guide which made learning more easier and effective. Also to mention the BaBOK Revision guide, the structure and content are really useful for revising from the ECBA Exam standpoint. As I'm looking at taking the ECBA exam shortly, I hope to maximize my learnings and cracking the mock tests with the help of Exam Simulator. Hopefully, that helps me in cracking the main exam with precision. Looking forward to using the exam simulator. Coming to the support team, they have been very helpful in answering queries and concerns. Thanks to Brijesh and Nazni for their quick responses in solving queries and doubts. And certainly thanks to trainer Abhishek sir for the invaluable guidance and support. I would certainly recommend to anyone looking to enter the field of Business Analysis / BA certifications OR looking to have a strong foundation in the field of Business Analysis. And undoubtedly, it is 5 STARS Rating for all the efforts taken by the Techcanvass team in striving to achieve excellence in terms of keeping the training and course syllabus and structure competent and current. THANKS AGAIN!

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ECBA Certification Preparation

You can join a training course from any IIBA Endorsed education provider(EEP) to get 21-hrs of PDs to become eligible for the exam. Techcanvass is an IIBA EEP and provides ECBA certification training as classroom, Live online training as well as On-demand training

Click on the link below to know more.

ECBA Online Training ECBA Self Study Course

Resources for Becoming a Business Analyst


This e-book will help you understand the basics of business analysis, role of business analyst, skills of a business analyst with the help of a case study.

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