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This online business analyst training course is designed and developed for busy professionals. The course comprises of actual live classes recordings, quizzes, assignments & real-life projects.

The chapters are grouped into small videos based on a structured learning path. Each chapter has end of chapter quizzes for evaluation.

The course has an assignment section for applying your learnt skills.

There are two projects you need to finish with the course. You will get 2 weeks to finish each of the projects.

You will be interacting with the trainer during the projects execution and review.

Course Preview

Introduction to Use cases
Agile Essentials
Requirement Elicitation Challenges
Introduction to Agile SDLC
IT module for non-IT professionals

Course Chapters and Topics

Getting Started

• BA Role & responsibilities

• Need for a Business Analyst

• Skills of a Business Analyst

• Course Introduction

Introduction to BABOK v3

• Introduction to BABOK Guide v3

• ECBA Preparation Strategy

• Business Analysis Core concepts Model

• Business Analysis Planning and monitoring

Problem Solving & Analytical thinking

• Problem Solving methodology basics

• Root cause Analysis case study

• Problem Solving methodology Part - B

• Decision Making with case study

• Generic Problem Solving Exercise

Understanding Software Development Process

• Software Development process-Non-IT Prof

• What happens during software development

Software Development Methodologies (SDLCs)

• Types of SDLCs

• Waterfall Model

• Incremental SDLCs

• Agile Methodology

Concept of requirements

• Concept of software requirements

• Types of requirements - BABOK v3

• Classification and Prioritization - Detailed

• Class Exercise - I

• Class Exercise - II

Elicitation and Collaboration

• Elicitation and collaboration Knowledge Area

• Exploring BRD Document

• Stakeholder Analysis and Management

• Requirement Elicitation Techniques

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

• Knowledge Area - Requirements Analysis and Deisgn Definition (RADD)

Requirements Modelling with UML

• Introduction to UML

• Use Cases & relationships

• Use Cases Modelling Tool

Class Example - Use Case Model

• Understanding & writing scenarios

Class Example - Scenarios

• Activity Diagrams

• Tool for activity diagrams

Class Example - Activity Diagrams

• Introuction to Prototyping

• Prototyping tool

Class Example - Prototypes

Data Modelling

• Data Modelling basics & Techniques

Class Example - Creating Datamodel for a project

Business Analysis Tools

• Use case Tool

• Activity Diagram Tool

• SQL Editor from Oracle

Preparing SRS Document

• Creating SRS Document

Handling Requirements in Agile Projects

• Need for Agile

• SCRUM methodology & roles

• Artifacts in Agile Projects

• Handling Requirements in Agile Projects

Class Example - Flight Booking Portal

Verification and Validation

• Introduction to Requirements Lifecycle Management Knowledge Area

• Requirements Management

• Requirement Traceability Table

RTT Demonstration

SQL for business analysts

• Database System Concepts

• Data in modern World

• Data types and attributes

• Using SELECT

Class Examples

Knowledge Area - Strategy Analysis

• Introduction to Strategy Analysis

• Tasks of Strategy Analysis

Chapter quiz

Knowledge Area - Solution Evaluation

• Introduction to Solution Evaluation

• Tasks of Solution Evaluation

Chapter quiz

Bonus Chapter

• Introduction to Business Case

• Cost-benefit Analysis

• Porter's Five forces and SWOT Analysis

Project Assignments

Project Assignment - I

Project Assignment -II

Faculty & Technical Support

As a student you can ask questions with the trainers even after the classes. Simply send an email to . You will get the answer as soon as possible.
Please note that our trainers our working professionals and sometimes may be busy with their office work.

Student Reviews

Aditya Tiwari
I opted for the Self Study Business Analyst Course, to sharpen my BA skills. The study material was quite good and was very focused to the actual topic. The videos of the training sessions were proof of the in-depth knowledge of the faculty. I wish all success to Techcanvass Team in all of their future endeavour
Shankar Ram Sundararaman
I attended a course in Business Analyst. It was a good experience... Course will be useful to start your career as a Business Analyst.
Shashank Vaidya
I had taken the UML modelling self-learning course from Techcanvass and found it to be very good. The sessions are class recordings so are very detailed and well explained. The good thing is that there are practical examples covered in the sessions, that helped in understanding the concepts very well.
Naval Kishore
My schedule is really hectic but I wanted to upgrade my skills so I opted for self-learning course on Business Analysis. Overall, very good course with simple yet detailed explanations of topics. There are also chapter wise quizzes, which helps to check back. There is also a certification test, which I cleared and got a certification.
It is responsive

Course Fees

This Course
Rs. 6,400 (USD 105)

(GST Extra)

Combo Offers

ECBA Self-learning Course +
10-days ECBA exam simulator access

Fees 6,400/- + 1299/-
= 7,699/-
= 6,900/- (GST Extra)

ECBA Self-learning course +
MS-Visio Self-learning course

Fees 6,400/- + 1400/-
6,400/- + 2,750/-

ECBA Self-learning course +
Business Analyst Interview Questions

Fees 6,400/- + 200/-
6,400/- + 322/-

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