Agile Testing Certification Course (Free)

Course Overview

How do we conduct testing in Agile projects? Is it different as compared to traditional projects? Is automation testing relevant for Agile projects? This Free agile testing certification course will help you answer all these questions.
The objective of this course is to make you learn and understand,

  • The key concepts of Agile & Scrum
  • Agile principles
  • Basics of test-driven development
  • Exploratory testing basics
  • Automating acceptance testing.
  • Agile tester role and responsibilities

Who can take up this course?

This course has no pre-requisites and anyone, who is interested in learning the fundamentals of Agile manual and automation testing, can take up this course.

Key features of the course:

  • A 100% Free course.
  • Get in-depth knowledge of Agile Manual Testing and Automation testing.
  • Drills and quizzes to measure your learning performance.
  • Get a proficiency certification based on a test.

Does the course only include Video lectures?

Not really. The course comprises of the following:

  • Course lectures
  • Chapter-wise quiz
  • Course Assignments
  • Course Project
  • Reference library

Do I get a certification after the course?

You will receive a certificate of proficiency-based on certification test, at the end of the course.


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Course Syllabus and Preview

The Course syllabus is displayed in the left panel and you can also see a few videos to preview the course.


Ravi K is an automation testing architect with experience in building practical software re-test automation frameworks that are reusable, can scale and work with minimum maintenance.

He has expertise in adherence to industry best practices of test automation development using optimum and popular tools of the market.

Ravi has worked on multiple automation frameworks and tools including Selenium, Jenkins, Automated Adobe Flex-based UI, JHUB, BPEL SoapUI & more. He is adept in using Java as well as Python with Selenium.

Course Pricing

Agile Manual & Automation testing

  • End to end CI cycle coverage
  • Jenkins installation & Setup
  • Job scheduling
  • Advance features in Jenkins
  • Certification

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