Course Overview

This is a practical hands-on course covering Microsoft Visio tool to create UML diagrams for requirements modelling. This course will use a case study to create requirements models like use cases, activity diagrams and class diagrams. We will cover the high-level requirements modelling (use cases), scenarios and process model (activity diagrams) as well as data modelling (class diagrams). These diagrams are used during the requirements elicitation, analysis and modelling phase.
The objective of this course is to make you learn and understand,

  • Basics of MS Visio Tool
  • Diagrams used during requirements elicitation, analysis and modelling
  • Using MS Visio for use case modelling, process modelling and data modelling

Who can take up this course?

  • It is an ideal course for business analysts at any stage of their career to understand the structured modelling process using MS Visio
  • It can also be taken up by any professional who is involved in requirements gathering and modelling

Course Take-away

  • Get in-depth knowledge of Requirements gathering, analysis and modelling processes.
  • Get hands-on training on MS Visio
  • Get hands-on training on UML diagrams like Use cases, activity diagrams and class diagrams using a case study
  • A proficiency certificate based on a course completion test

Does the course only include Video lectures?

Not really. The course comprises of the following:

  • Course lectures
  • Chapter-wise quiz
  • Course Assignments
  • Course Project
  • Reference library

Do I get a certification after the course?

You will receive a certificate of proficiency-based on certification test, at the end of the course.


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Course Syllabus and Preview

The Course syllabus is displayed and you can also see a few videos to preview the course.

MS Visio UML modelling

Introduction to UML diagrams

Types of UML diagrams

Introduction to MS Visio

Case Study: Introduction of case study/Project

Flow charts in MS Visio

Requirements modelling Process and Identifying Actors

BA Role & responsibilities

Chapter Quiz

Use Cases

Introduction to Use cases

Lab Session: Creating Use Cases in Visio

Chapter Quiz

Scenarios and Activity Diagrams

Introduction to Scenarios

Introduction to Activity Diagrams

Lab Session: Activity Diagrams in Visio

Chapter Quiz

Data modelling and Class Diagrams

Introduction to Data modelling

Class Diagrams in Visio

Lab Session: Class Diagrams in Visio

Chapter Quiz

Course Project 1

Retail Banking – Funds Transfer Process (Covered in Video Lectures)

Ansley Bank offers funds transfer facility to its customers. The customers can transfer funds using multiple payment methods. Payments can be made to self and others in the same or other banks.

The course lesson discusses the use case diagrams, activity diagrams and class diagrams for the funds transfer module of a retail banking project.

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Course Project 2

Allied Airlines Check-in System – Course Assignment

Allied Airlines is given the permission to manage the Ladong airport. The airlines company wants to replace the existing traveller’s management system. The company has signed a multi-year deal with Infoline Inc to develop and manage the new system.

One of the modules of this proposed system is the check-in management system. This proposed software system is to be designed to allow passengers to check in and get the boarding pass for flying. The check-in can happen by the counter clerk or by the passenger using kiosk.

You are a Business Analyst of this project and have to create the process diagram for the check-in process. You can see the solution document in your Learning Management System portal, TechEdge.

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Course Features

Intended Audience

This course is designed for professionals, who:

  • Are working as Business Analysts or requirements specialists and want to learn a formal requirements analysis and modelling technique
  • Would like to learn on their pace because of hectic time schedules and erratic office hours
Key Points
  • Actual online session recordings divided into chapters and topics
  • Chapter-wise Quiz
  • Chapter-wise Practice exercises
  • Case Studies
  • Course Projects with Trainer guidance
  • Email support from Expert/Trainer



Abhishek Srivastava is a seasoned IT professional with diverse experience in Banking, Insurance, Utility and Education domains. Managing large accounts, Program management, & Business Analysis has been his forte, having done so for customers like ICICI Bank, NTPC & many other International customers.

In the past, he has been associated with companies like Mastek and 3i Infotech Ltd (erstwhile ICICI Infotech Ltd).

An NIT (Erstwhile REC)/IIM Kozhikode graduate, now as an entrepreneur, he is pursuing his dream of creating an organization for providing quality training in the fields of Business Analysis & Automation Testing.

His other areas of interest are Business Analysis consulting and taking guest lecture at engineering and management colleges.

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    • - Hands-on take on MS Visio tool to create UML diagrams
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