Techcanvass conducts online events and webinars to help you get insights and in-depth understanding of topics of interest. These events cover a range of topics from IIBA Certification preparations, Agile and Business Analysis, Business Analytics, Data Visualization and more.
These Events are online and are organized on weekends only. The events will also help you prepare for the IIBA certifications like CBAP, CCBA, AAC, CBDA and ECBA. These are not regular training sessions but specially organized sessions with certified and experienced business analysts bringing in fresh perspectives and providing insights.
Who should attend these events?

  • If you are preparing for any of the IIBA Certifications, you will find these sessions insightful and informative?
  • If you would like to know about business analysis career and growth opportunities?
  • If you would like to become an Agile Business Analyst?
  • If you are interested in topics related to Data analytics, Data visualization, Tableau or PowerBI?
  • If you are not feeling confident about some of the chapters/Topics/Techniques, these events will provide you in-depth understanding


Prep strategy, Knowledge sessions, Case Study/Mock questions sessions

Business/Data Analytics Events

Learning Series, CBDA certification Preparation, Tableau and PowerBI sessions

Agile Business Analysis Events

Agile and Business analysis knowledge sessions, Certification preparation sessions

Upcoming Events and Webinars

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Becoming an Agile Business Analyst

As per State of Agile Survey 2020 reveals that more and more organizations and teams are adopting Agile approaches to execute projects. With growing adoption of Agile, the demand for professionals with specific skill set is set to increase.
Business Analysts’ demand for these Agile based projects is also increasing.
Considering this scenario, what is the best approach to become an Agil...

19 June 2021


PMP Preparation Strategy in 2021

Project Management Institute (PMI) has changed the PMP exam blueprint along with other significant changes. Does that change the complexity of the exam? How to approach the PMP and CAPM certifications examination in the year 2021?
Join this webinar to learn the step-by-step approach and preparation strategy?
Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the leading project managemen...

01 July 2021


Becoming a Business Analyst

To discuss a detailed step by step approach to become a business analyst in the IT Industry.

08 July 2021



Product owners (PO) are gaining prominence and present a fantastic upskilling opportunity for Business analysts and any professional engaged in requirements elicitation and management.
IIBA has launched product ownership analysis (POA) certification in June 2021. This certification provides an opportunity for you to upgrade yourself.
This Live online webinar will help you understand everyth...

15 July 2021


Open Session CBAP - Solving Case Study based Questions

CBAP and CCBA Exam comprises of Scenario based questions. CBAP exam also includes 4-5 case studies. This session will be a guided session on solving scenario based and case-study based questions.

31 July 2021


Whats new in PMP 2021 (With new PMBOK)

Project Management Institute (PMI) has changed the PMP exam blueprint. New PMBOK version 7 is on the way. It is expected to be released in August 2021. What has changed in the PMP Exam blueprint? Which are the new domains? This webinar will help you understand the new PMP exam format and all the other changes made by PMI.
Register for the webinar before it is fully subscribed.

14 August 2021


Open BABOK Session on Requirements lifecycle Management

This virtual online session on Solution Evaluation for the CBAP and CCBA certification examination will provide you insights and tips on how to approach questions in the exam? Conducted by a CBAP Certified professional, this is in a series of sessions targeting IIBA Certification examinations.

21 August 2021


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