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Domain Training courses and Certifications

Explore all the domain training courses for business analysts and project managers


Domain knowledge is important for a business analyst and project manager as they interact with businesses to develop software applications. Techcanvass offers domain training courses which provides basics of business domains like Banking, Investment Banking, Capital markets, Insurance, US healthcare, Supply Chain and more.
The domain courses can be taken up as independent courses or as part of business analyst courses with Domains. A typical business analyst certification course with domain will be around 8-9 weeks.
If you opt for only domain courses, these are also conducted over the weekends by experienced professionals and duration of these courses is typically 2-3 weeks.

Techcanvass offers the integrated business analyst courses with domain modules. We offer the following courses, which includes IIBA Business analyst certification courses as well as domain training.


These are business analyst certification courses with domain modules. These courses are typically of 9 weeks duration.

Business Analyst training with Banking Domain

This is the most popular course as BFSI segment remains the top revenue source for the IT industry.

  • Banking Industry Overview.
  • Banking operations overview
  • Banking Products & Services
  • Payments & remittances

Business Analyst training with Investment Banking Domain

This is one of the most popular courses as BFSI segment remains the top revenue source for the IT industry.

  • Introduction to I-Banking & Front-Office
  • Mid-Office & Data Management
  • Back Office
  • Career in Investment Banking and Business Analysis
  • A Case Study and Project

Business Analyst training with Trade Finance Domain

Trade finance is a specialized domain of banking and one of major revenue source for banks.

  • Overview of Trade Finance
  • Type of Trade Finance
  • Trade Finance Products
  • Lifecycle of Trade Finance Products
  • Trade Documentation
  • SWIFT messages in Trade Finance
  • International Commercial Terms - INCOTERMS
  • International Trade Finance Guidelines
  • Regulations and Compliance

Business Analyst training with US Healthcare Domain

A course designed to enable you to work on US healthcare projects

  • Introduction to US IT Healthcare
  • Understanding of Healthcare Information Systems & Electronic Healthcare
  • Health Insurance – Overview
  • Claims Process
  • EDI Transactions
  • ICD- 9, ICD-10, CPT
  • HIPAA & Meaningful use Overview
  • Provider Modules (Refer to curriculum for Modules covered)
  • New Trends in Healthcare IT

Stand-alone Domain Training programs

  • If you are interested in opting for a stand-alone domain training or would like to do it with any of the other certification courses, you can get in touch with us.


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The domain knowledge is used to refer to the knowledge and understanding of the business sector or specific business process of a project/product.

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