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Date & Time 16 Apr, 2017 9:00 AM-12:00 PM (IST)
Date & Time 15 Apr, 2017 9:30 PM-11:30 PM (PST)

Get Started with Java and Selenium

Selenium Virtual Bootcamp

Learn, participate and engage with Industry professionals | Limited Seats

Get started with automation testing

Selenium 3.0 Intro

How did I learn Java?

Career in Selenium

   Selenium Virtual Bootcamp

Selenium virtual bootcamp is an event which you will not like to miss if you are planning to get into automation testing or selenium testing. The bootcamp will empower you with all the insights for getting started with Java and Selenium.

One of the highlights of the bootcamp will be a discussion on "How did I learn Java?". Selenium professionals, participating in this discussion, will share their experience and approach.

We will also have a session on career in automation testing so that you know what you are getting into?

Last but not the least, we will also have an introdctory session in Selenium 3.0.

   Agenda for the bootcamp

This virtual bootcamp is going to have the following agenda:

Introduction and welcome session

Duration 10 minutes

Each of the participants will be introduced along with the format of the session

How did I learn Java?

Duration 30 minutes

A discussion and sharing of experiences on how each one of the panellist approached learning of Java. What made the learning of Java easier for them?

A presentation on approaches to learn Java.

Q & A session

Duration 20 minutes

Career path of an automation tester

Duration 20 minutes

How does an automation tester grow in an organization? What are the critical success factors? What are the certifications available at various stages? Are there any lateral movements possible to move to a different path?

Introduction to Java and Selenium

Duration 90 minutes

An introductory session on Java and selenium to get you started with the basics of Java. This will help you in making the first move towards learning Selenium 3.0

   Takeaways from this bootcamp

We are targeting following takeaways from this bootcamp for all the participants:

  • Busting some common myths associated with automation testing and programming
  • Understand the career path of an automation tester
  • Imbibe the approaches to learn java easily
  • Getting started with Java and selenium 3.0

  What is a virtual bootcamp?

A bootcamp is a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training. Generally boot camps are conducted on a focused theme rather than a broad theme. Traditionally boot camps were conducted in physical and classroom formats. But with the advent of digital and virtual meeting facilities, more and more boot camps are being organized virtually. We will be using a web meeting software to conduct this virtual bootcamp.

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