The ECBA exam simulator is a simulated ECBA practice tests platform. The questions in this question bank are based on IIBA BABOK Guide version 3. You can practice with knowledge area wise tests and once you feel confident, then you can take up full-length ECBA tests for maximum benefit. The ECBA question bank used for this simulator has more than 1000 questions and is calibrated well for a first attempt success. As per the IIBA website, ECBA exam questions are not evenly distributed across the knowledge areas.

ECBA v3 Exam Coverage

This ECBA question bank is based on BABOK v3 and is aligned with the ECBA v3 exam pattern. This question bank is designed by ECBA v3 certified professionals.

The weightage of each of the knowledge areas is as shown below (Reference: IIBA ECBA Blueprint)

  • Business Analysis planning and monitoring - 5%
  • Elicitation and Collaboration - 20%
  • Requirements Life cycle management - 20%
  • Strategy Analysis - 5%
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition - 24%
  • Solution Evaluation - 1%


This ECBA exam simulator comes with multiple useful features to assist you in your exam preparation endeavour.


Practice with Chapter-wise tests

Learn and practice with Chapter-wise tests and gain expertise


Answers with explanations

Check your answers and learn why your answer is incorrect?


Full-Length simulation tests

Now, it’s time to check your speed and accuracy for the final exam


Performance analysis dashboard

View your performance for previous tests and know your weak areas


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ECBA Question Bank Packages

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ECBA Question Bank
(15 - Days Access)

$ 30 $ 35
All Inclusive Cost
For intensive readiness check
  • 800+ Questions
  • BABOK v3 compliant
  • Knowledge areas/Chapter-wise tests
  • 4 Full-Length simulated tests
  • Answer with explanation
  • Performance Reporting

ECBA Question Bank
(30 - Days Access)

$ 43 $ 51
All Inclusive Cost
For Comprehensive readiness check
  • 900+ Questions
  • BABOK v3 compliant
  • Knowledge areas/Chapter-wise tests
  • 6 Full-Length simulated tests
  • Answer with explanation
  • Performance Reporting

ECBA Question Bank
(60-days Access)

$ 49 $ 65
All Inclusive Cost
For Ultra Comprehensive readiness check
  • 1000+ Questions
  • BABOK v3 compliant
  • Knowledge areas/Chapter-wise tests
  • 7 Full-Length simulated tests
  • Answer with explanation
  • Performance Reporting
  • BABOK Drills
  • BABOK Flashcards (100+ terms)
  • Crosswords Puzzles
  • Matchmaking exercises

ECBA Self-Study course (with subtitles) + 30 Question Bank Access

  • Videos lessons chapter and topic wise
  • Chapter-wise Quizzes
  • Chapter-wise Exercises
  • Practical Business Analysis Handbook (E-book, Not downloadable)
  • Course Projects with Guidance
  • ECBA Question Bank - 30 Days Access (800+ Questions)

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$ 135

$ 159

( 15% OFF )
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  • Hours
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  • ECBA Question Bank FAQs

    We have answered some of the commonly asked questions about the ECBA Question bank and simulator

    Is ECBA Certification meant for beginners?

    Yes, it is designed for anyone new to business analysis. This certification is applicable for:

    • • Fresh graduates

    • • Experienced professional but with no experience as a business analyst

    What is the format of the ECBA Certification exam?

    ECBA Certification exam is a is a multiple-choice question(MCQ) test. The duration of the ECBA™ exam is 1 hour. The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. There is no negative marking so you must try all the questions.

    What is the syllabus for ECBA Certification?

    ECBA Certification exam fees are USD 295 (USD 60 as application fee and USD 235 as exam fee) if you are not an IIBA member. IIBA members have to pay USD 170 (USD 60 as application fee and USD 110 as exam fee). IIBA membership fees depend on the region. India comes under region 3 and the membership fees are USD 55. The United States of America is in region 1 and the membership fees are USD 125. You can check the fees for your country by visiting the IIBA membership page:

    • • Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring – 5%

    • • Elicitation & Collaboration – 20%

    • • Requirements Life Cycle Management – 20%

    • • Strategy Analysis – 5%

    • • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition – 24%

    • • Solution Evaluation – 1%

    What does the ECBA Certification exam cost?

    ECBA Certification exam fees is USD 295 (USD 60 as application fee and USD 235 as exam fee), if you are not an IIBA member. IIBA members have to pay USD 170 (USD 60 as application fee and USD 110 as exam fee). IIBA membership fees depends on the region. India comes under region 3 and the membership fees is USD 55. United States of America is in region 1 and the membership fees is USD 125.
    You can check the fees for your country by visiting the IIBA membership page:
    IIBA Global membership fees

    How can I take the test?

    You can take this test anywhere and don’t need to go to any centre. These exams are conducted by PSI.

    Student Testimonials

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    Tripti Verma

    Amazing experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better training source. Abhishek Sir explained everything so well. It was a bit confusing for me sometimes since I do not have a technical background but Q&A sessions helped in troubleshooting any issues I had. I felt that the LMS has everything that one might need to prepare for the exam. User friendly, easily accessible and having sections makes it easier to use.

    Support team was extremely helpful. I never had to wait for the solution of my query for more than 24hours. Very responsive and solution oriented. I will highly recommend techcanvass to others and might come back myself for training in other certifications. Thanks again Nazni for all your help. You do such a great job in making sure everything goes smoothly.

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    Mrunmayee Nirantar

    I would highly recommend Techcanvass as it is one of the best platform to learn all Business Analyst skills and gain immense knowledge from a highly knowledgeable person Mr. Abhishek Shrivastava. Letting you all know from my personal experience that this course will definitely help you grow professionally.

    On completion of this course I immediately got a job opportunity and therefore for people who wish to become a Business Analyst, this is the right place where you will gain knowledge. Special thanks to Brijesh and Nazni for helping me throughout my course whenever needed.

    Read More
    Agha Baqer

    I personally found the course very helpful in understanding the basic concepts of Business Analysis. The study material provided is of high quality. Language spoken in the videos is a great mix of professional language and general english, which keeps the content professional yet easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the course. I didn't have to push myself to attend.

    The question bank is another highlight of this course, and can't be appreciated enough. It covers all knowledge areas in detail, and the standard of questions is quite high, which makes the actual exam look easy. It's only because of the quality material that I managed to clear the exam in the first attempt.

    Honestly I can't thank the whole team at tech canvass for putting together such a high standard material, with so many learning options to choose from. A great job well done by everyone involved.

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    Neeti Agrawal

    The test series has really been helpful to shape my answer correctly. It had boosted my confidence too. I liked that it had a vast question set and each answer had an explanation with the chapter to back it. I have recommended this test series to a few friends planning on this exam as well.

    Appreciate the effort that went into creating such a platform for us aspirants.

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    Lakshmi Poornam

    I am really glad I chose Techcanvass as the service provider for the ECBA Certification Exam. The entire team has always been very helpful. Our teacher Abhishek Sir, Brijesh and Nazni always supported us and took care of any issues faced. Under Abhishek sirs training and guidance all my doubts and concepts were clear.

    Sir took extra efforts in arranging extra classes for doubt clearing sessions. I got individual feedback also on the course projects I did on LMS. The Babok Drills , the practice tests and the test series on LMS were too good. The explanation and the babok reference given for every incorrect answer on the test series prepares us thoroughly for the exam. I would strongly recommend Techcanvass to anyone who want to go for professional course.

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    Arnav Bora

    The ECBA test series from Tech Canvas did help me a lot in clearing the exam in my first attempt. The question set gave me a clear understanding of how the actual exam would be. Also, the questions made me to deep dive into the 6 knowledge areas which in turn further enhanced my understanding.

    The level of difficulty was fair enough to make me ready for the actual certification exam. I would like to thank Techcanvas on providing such beautifully designed preparation sets.

    Read More
    Romario Edwards

    The Techcanvass test series was extremely helpful with my success in the ECBA exam. The questions in the test series were similar in nature to the questions on the exam so, I got accustomed to the style of the questions and I understood how to analyze the questions to come up with the correct answer.

    The questions in the test series were also clearly very relevant to the topics covered in the exam as I used the test series as a reference for where I needed to do further reading from the BABOK.

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    Carlie Otten
    Business Analyst at Weatherby Healthcare

    Thank you! I found the ECBA test series to be very helpful. The ECBA test series helped me identify which knowledge areas needed more work before taking the exam.

    Overall, I am very happy with the ECBA test series and would recommend to interested friends or colleagues.

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    Nikhil Bajaj
    Team leader operations at Dnata Emirates

    I am writing this to thank you for how good I was prepared for the ECBA exam with the help of your study material. It really helped me gain that confidence to deal with the situation while giving that exam (calculating,analysing) getting the correct answer of the question, the sample papers really helped me a lot.

    I discuss with my colleagues so the guy like me who had nill experience in this field because I came from an aviation background and would have impossible to crack this exam but still managed to get through. Anyhow a big thank you for your support.

    Read More
    Igor Pezzi
    IT system analyst at FINA

    ECBA test series was very helpful in passing my ECBA certification exam. It made me think about some specific areas and not just memorizing Text. Questions are even harder than in real ECBA test. You have questions with examples where as in real ECBA test there are only definitions.

    Swachchatoya Bannerjee
    Business Analyst at Shell

    The overall experience from Techcanvass was excellent. ECBA Test Series helped me to pass my ECBA certification examination. I would recommend it to my peers. Wish you all a great success. Thank You.

    Shatakshi Agrawal
    Business Analyst at EXL Services

    Techcanvass test series helped me gain confidence in cracking my ECBA certification exam! The questions in the mock meet quality standards! Happy to recommend Techcanvass to all the prospective candidates!

    Mica T

    Thank you so much for your help!
    I have always got such prompt responses to my questions and the exam questions you offer on your website have been so helpful.

    I am the first person from my organisation to have studied for the ECBA recently and I have many people asking me how I am doing it - I have been sharing about how wonderful TechCanvass is and my boss would like me to present to the wider team about how I studied for the test to share that knowledge with others too.
    I'm thrilled to say I passed my ECBA exam too! Thank you!
    I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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    Sujal Mishra

    The classes are an actual way of implementing BA that we get through certification. The staff and trainer are very helpful and supporting. The course material, as well as portal access, covers the content needed to do the certification.

    Rajeev Masawan

    From day one I have never regretted choosing "Techcanvass", it has exceeded my expectations and motivated me to choose a profession as a business analyst.

    I would highly recommend to gain knowledge and skills from "Techcanvass" and make a career in IT Business World.

    Read More
    Aoum Sidapara
    Customer Experience Manager at William Hill PLC

    Thank you very much to Techcanvass for creating such a comprehensive and helpful ECBA course material.

    I had only bought the ECBA questions bank access and BABOK Drills from techcanvass. They helped me a lot for the examination. Material covers almost every aspect of the exam and it was sufficient to pass the exam with a great score for someone like me with time constraints to study, along with my family and work life. It's a thumbs up from me to Techcanvass, keep up to all d mentors who contributed towards it. I will definitely use Techcanvass again for my CBAP in future.
    I would suggest to fellow students like me that along with taking the techcanvass course and MUST HAVE Techcanvass question bank they should also read the BABOK thoroughly in the weightage chapters mentioned by Srivastava Sir, it will help them alot in the exam. And please avoid the chapters with no or minimum weightage, it's good for knowledge purposes, but from exam point of view it's minimal to no point.
    Many thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    Read More
    Ritu Singh
    Business Analyst at BRG Infotech Limited, London

    I have had the fortune of coming across the course at Techcanvass at a time when I was lost in the maze of abundant options on Google.My Main aim was to take the ECBA for which I needed professional guidance.

    The First name that came up on Google was Techcanvass and I was delighted to see the level of experience of the Team delivering the courses.I was encouraged by the feedback of the other students and I must say that I have not been disapponted. A special thanks to Abhishek Sir for the simple training method and the patience with which he delivers his lectures. The LMS Portal is one of the best I have seen so far. Even though I was taking the self-study courses, I have never faced a problem in doing so. The LMS has a vast array of information, blogs,quizzes, and case studies that have helped me tremendously. I have planned to only take the ECBA preparation course but I have taken two more courses since. I am also looking forward to improving my Knowledge by taking oher courses in the future. I also wish to take this opportuniyu to thank Brijesh Sir and Ms Nazni who have been extremenly prompt with their responses to my queries. Thanks Techcanvass for the extremely professional experience. You certainly get your money's worth with the courses at Techcanvass.

    Read More
    Nikhil Jude
    Rockville, Maryland, United States

    The exam simulator I purchased from Techcanvass helped a ton in preparing for the ECBA exam. The practice exams as well as the babok drills with chapter quizzed really boosted my confidence and I passed the exam on my first try.

    Kudos to Techcanvass was making my purchase worthwhile. The practice exams as well as the babok drills with chapter quizzed really boosted my confidence and I passed the exam on my first try. Kudos to Techcanvass was making my purchase worthwhile.

    Read More
    Rajat Sadana
    AM HR at Tata Consultancy Services

    Awesome classes with full practical knowledge and test series helped me a lot in cracking the ECBA exam in the first go. Thanks to Abhishek sir for his guidance and support.

    Ahmed Samir

    Very good course for both understanding & exam. I like their very good follow up with the projects corrections & explanations, which made the learning experience more alive.

    The website interface is nice & quick loading. And the price is very reasonable & competitive for the rest of the many online courses. I live in Germany & I find Techcanvass has a very competitive edge vs. local training parties.

    Read More
    Yousif Suliman

    ECBA Test Series was very useful. I benefitted a lot from it and passed the exam. I will recommend it to my friends for sure.

    Sunitha gopal

    I fortunately got to purchase ECBA questions series just 2 days before the exam. Though I had studied the BABOK V3 guide, it made lot of sense when I reviewed the chapter-wise questions.

    The questions in the question bank were bit tougher than the actual exam questions, but it helped a lot in preparing well for the exam and successful completion of the ECBA Certification with high scores. The answers and explanations for the answers were very helpful for revision of the topic and to understand the topic correctly. Thank you, Techcanvass, for an awesome learning experience

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