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  • This CBAP exam simulator developed by Techcanvass is a four-level exam simulator. There are more than 800 questions in this question bank and have been categorized
    Into– Warm-up tests, Scenario-based configurable tests, case study based tests and full-length tests. Warm-up tests help you in having a quick check on your Chapter-wise understanding. These are typically simple questions to help you revise the chapters.

    The Scenario-based questions are the next category of questions, where you can even configure a test based on the number of questions and duration of tests. The configurable tests help you prepare with questions similar to actual CBAP exam questions.

    There are more than 20 case studies with questions aligned with the actual CBAP examination. These are long case studies and each case study will have multiple questions. The fourth and final level of tests is full-length tests. These tests are 210 minutes long and contain 120 questions as per the CBAP exam pattern.


    A multi-level test simulator, designed to test your speed, understanding and knowledge.

    Warm-up Tests

    Revise the familiarity with chapters, knowledge areas and tasks early on with these tests

    Configurable Tests

    Scenario-based questions. Your preparedness is put to the real test. Design your tests for speed, accuracy and application

    Full-length Tests

    Wrap it up with Full-length CBAP tests. You are all set for the D-day

    Case studies based questions

    These questions are based on long case studies as has been the pattern in the CBAP actual exam.

    CBAP v3 Exam simulator

    This CBAP question bank is based on BABOK v3 and is aligned with CBAP v3 exam pattern. This question bank is designed by CBAP v3 certified professionals.

    The weightage of each of the knowledge areas is as shown below (Reference: IIBA CBAP Blueprint)

    • Business Analysis planning and monitoring - 14%
    • Elicitation and Collaboration - 12%
    • Requirements Life cycle management - 15%
    • Strategy Analysis - 15%
    • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition - 30%
    • Solution Evaluation - 14%


    This CBAP exam simulator comes with multiple useful features to assist you in your exam preparation endeavour.

    Course Practice with Chapter-wise tests

    Learn and practice with Chapter-wise tests and gain expertise

    Course Answers with explanations

    Check your answers and learn why your answer is incorrect?

    Course Case Study and Mock questions

    Specially designed 20+ case studies and questions on CBAP pattern

    Course Save & Resume tests anytime

    You can save a long test at any point and can resume it, where you left

    Course Full-length simulation tests

    Now, it’s time to check your speed and accuracy for the final exam

    Course Performance analysis dashboard

    View your performance for previous tests and know your weak areas

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    CBAP Question Bank
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    Aligned to Latest BABOK Edition
    • 800 + Questions
    • Warm-up questions (chapter wise)
    • Drill Down Questions (Chapter wise)
    • 2 Full length Simulated Tests
    • 15 Case Studies with Questions (Other than in Full length tests)
    •  Answers with explanation
    •  Comprehensive reporting of tests
    • Special Reporting Dashboard

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    CBAP Question Bank
    (60 - Days Access)

    $ 59 $ 74
    If you live Outside India, GST not applicable
    Comprehensive readiness check with Add-ons
    • 900+ Questions
    • Warm-up questions (chapter wise)
    • Drill Down Questions (Chapter wiese)
    • 3 Full length Simulated Tests
    • 25 Case Studies with Questions (Other than in Full length tests)
    •  Answers with explanation
    • Comprehensive reporting of tests
    • Special Reporting Dashboard

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    CBAP Question Bank + BABOK Drills (90-Days Access)

    $ 64 $ 85
    If you live Outside India, GST not applicable
    Comprehensive readiness check with Add-ons
    •  900+ Questions
    • Warm-up questions (chapter wise)
    • Drill Down Questions (Chapter wise)
    • 3 Full length Simulated Tests
    • 25 Case Studies with Questions (Other than in Full length tests)
    • Answers with explanation
    •  Comprehensive reporting of tests
    • Special Reporting Dashboard
    BABOK Drills
    • BABOK Flashcards (100+ terms)
    • Crosswords Puzzles
    • Matchmaking exercises

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  • FAQs

    Is CBAP Certification meant for beginners?

    No, it is designed for business analyst professionals with at least 5 years of experience in business analysis.

    What is the format of the CBAP Certification exam?

    CBAP Certification examination is a multiple choice test. The duration of the CBAP™ exam is 3.5 hours. The exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions. The questions are expected to be case study based. You will get questions which are not straight forward. It will require you to apply the business anaysis knowledge.

    What is the CBAP passing score?

    There is no official data available on this from IIBA. But based on our experience and discussions wit students, we believe that the passing score should be in the range of 68-78%.

    What is the CBAP success percentage?

    Again, there is no official data available on this from IIBA. But the passing percentage is more than 60%.

    What is the syllabus for CBAP Certification?

    CBAP Certification is based on IIBA BABOK v3 guide. BABOK has six knowledge areas covering the practice areas of business analysis. It also defines underlying competencies and techniques. BABOK guide is also applicable for CCBA and CBAP Certifications. The CBAP certifcation exam covers the entire guide.

    What does the CBAP Certification exam cost?

    CBAP Certification exam fees is USD 325 and the application fee is USD 125. The membership fees is in addition to this fees. IIBA membership fees depends on the region, you live in. India comes under region 3 and the membership fees is USD 55. United States of America is in region 1 and the membership fees is USD 125. In case, you are not a member, then the exam fees becomes USD 450, however the application fees remains the same. Please note that exam fees is non-refundable You can check the fees for your country by visiting the IIBA membership page: IIBA Global membership fees

    How can I take the test?

    You can take this test from any Prometric test centres.



    Sophia Ekokobe
    Finance and Business Economist at LEE Engineering group (Trebet Aviation and Trebet Travels LTD)

    I must say that your CBAP test series were of great help in preparing me for my CBAP exam.

    Although, I used other sources to prepare alongside but I can confidently say your test series helped a great deal. The questions were well structured in line with the difficulty expected. I remember saying to myself that hope the exams weren't as difficult as your CBAP test series but I'm glad I eventually got comfortable and once I scored 1 high enough full simulation test from your CBAP test series, I was confident I could go ahead and write the exam because my thought process had gradually began to align with what was expected to reasonably answer questions. Even the warm up questions help to prepare you mentally and guide you in learning more about what you have come across in BABOK but wasn't yet actually sitting well in your brain (lol). The Case Study questions also helped as there were a lot with different scenarios. The best part was that it was reasonably priced and offered the possibility of 1 month subscription.
    It was a last minute decision to purchase Tech-canvass test series but I am glad I made that decision because I had gotten so comfortable with my reading and needed the right set of practice questions with a challenge to get me ready alongside my other prep materials and it was perfect.

    Read More

    Hardeep Singh Arora
    Sr.Business Analyst at Grainco Ltd

    The CBAP self-paced course was beneficial for me as I could study at my schedule and could re-run the videos for revision.

    The test series was extremely helpful for me to focus on specific topics where I needed more practice. I also liked the personal score % dashboard as it helped me to gauge my overall standing and preparation level.
    Thanks again to you and Tech Canvass team for helping me to prepare for this certification.

    Read More

    Vijay Anandh

    The learning experience during the course was intriguing & fascinating. The trainer was mind-blowing in explaining the concepts & techniques, as well as the entire content of BABOK.

    I'm glad I have enrolled for this course, because of the trainer, course materials & most importantly, the practice questions(including case study examples). I would recommend Techcanvass to everyone aspiring to appear for CBAP.

    Read More

    Abirami Muthia

    I found the course videos helpful to kick-start my preparation and to pass my CBAP certification.

    It was structured well and the content was helpful. The course videos helped to understand new topics as well.
    The question bank and scenarios made it easy to validate our proficiency in the subject. It gave a fair idea on what to expect on the exam day. I recommend Techcanvass for professionals who are aspiring to appear for CBAP.

    Read More

    Kaushal Damle
    Senior Consultant, Mindtree

    I attended the online classroom sessions and I appreciate the way the course is structured keeping the exam in view always, also the way trainer (Ela) presented was very focused and goal-oriented, really appreciate the efforts.


    Maheshwar Prasad

    I did the CBAP prep course from Techcanvass and found it to be excellent. The best part, which is important for everyone, was the case studies used during the sessions to understand the BA practice.

    These case studies also had questions on the pattern of CBAP certification and that was very helpful.
    The BABOK revision guide is a good resource to revise the preparation.

    Read More

    Sylvana Abinakle

    I opted for Techcanvass question bank for the CBAP exam and was very pleased to find out how large the bank is and how thorough and diversified the questions are.

    The portal is very easy to use and well done. It allows you to generate the questions by specific knowledge area or run an entire exam. You also get scored and see a detailed explanation of the right answers to the questions.
    I would definitively recommend it as it was very useful and prepared me well for the actual exam and the price is very reasonable & competitive! Also, Techcanvass team was very responsive and Brijesh was very prompt in helping me when I needed assistance. Thank you, Techcanvass Team!

    Read More

    Viswas Srivastava

    Thanks a lot for giving finishing touches to my preparation. I cleared CBAP yesterday.


    Krishna Rao

    I have started to use the CBAP question bank recently after finishing my CBAP course from Techcanvass.

    What I found to be very helpful is the multiple levels of questions. Firstly, I started with simple revision questions and then got into scenario-based questions.
    I have not yet started with a case study based questions but that is a different set in the question bank.

    Read More

    Nimesh Patel,
    Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse Poland

    In terms of overall feedback, I found the overall course well-structured and sufficient time made available to help students go through the course and clear their doubts.

    Ela, our instructor, was very professional in terms of delivering the course content and has sufficient knowledge to share her personal BA experiences as well. I would like to mention special thanks to the support staff (Brijesh and Nazni) for always being prompt in resolving technical issues as well as course-related questions. Overall, I would highly recommend peers to take BA classes with Techcanvass.

    Read More

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