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RPA Business Analyst Training

Learn how a business analyst works in a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project and all the skills needed to succeed as an RPA business analyst. You can also choose to go for dual certification on IIBA ECBA as well as RPA Business Analyst.

Course Overview

Techcanvass offers RPA business analyst training with certification. The certification is issues based on a proficiency test.

We also offer a dual certification option. You can opt for IIBA ECBA certification with RPA business analyst certification.

The key highlights of these programs are:

  • Completely self-paced option (learn at your own pace)
  • Overview of RPA Tools (UiPath, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism)
  • Detailed coverage of UiPath Tool
  • Combo option with IIBA ECBA Certification course
  • TechEdge Portal access – 1 year

The global RPA market is expected to top $8.75 billion by 2024 (Grand view research report)
By 2020, 92% of European companies will have deployed Robotic Process Automation (Information Services Group (ISG) Study)
Robotic Process Automation will generate nearly two lakh jobs in India by 2021 (Economic Times)

RPA Business Analyst Course

This RPA course is designed for Business Analysts with detailed coverage of UiPath tool.

Module I   –Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Fundamentals

• What is RPA

• Types of Automation

• Advantages of RPA

• Disadvantages of RPA

• Market Drivers for RPA

• RPA Conception in Market

• Process Candidates for RPA

• Qualities of a process which can be automated

• How does RPA work?

• RPA Journey

• RPA Project LifeCycle

• Lifecycle of a BOT


• RPA - Features and Benefits

• Types of BOTS

Module II   –Business Analyst in RPA Projects

• Role of Business Analyst in RPA

• Skills for a BA in RPA Projects

• Overall Responsibilities of a BA

• Role of Business Analyst phase wise

Module III   –RPA Tools in the Market

• RPA Tools in the Market

• Comparison of RPA Tools

Module IV   –Blue Prism Overview

• BluePrism Overview Part A

• BluePrism Overview Part B

• Components of Blue Prism Part A

• Components of Blue Prism Part B

• Blue Prism Process Studio

• Exception handling in Blue Prism Part A

• Exception handling in Blue Prism Part B

• Bubbling of Exceptions

• User Access in Blue Prism

• Work Queue

• Difference in Process and Object Studio

• Spying in Blue Prism

• Spying modes in Blue Prism

• Chapter Quiz

Module V   –UiPath Overview

• UiPath Overview

• UiPath Products

Module VI   –Automation Anywhere Overview

• Automation Anywhere Overview

• Automation Anywhere Overview

Module VII   –RPA and its usage scenarios

• Process Candidates for RPA

• RPA Adotpion Across the Industries

• Qualities of a process which can be automated A

• Qualities of a process which can be automated B

• RPA Implementation Scenarios

Module VIII–Robotic Process Automation Project teams

• RPA Project Team Structure

• RPA Centre of Excellence (COE)

• RPA Team - Roles and Responsibilities

Module IX   –RPA Projects Documentation

• Solution Design Document (SDD)

• Operational Readiness Document

• Deployment Instructions Document

Module X   –UiPath - A Detailed Discussion

• UiPath Studio overview

• UiPath Integration sources

• Try Catch in UiPath

• UiPath Orchestrator

• UiPath Execution

• UiPath Queues

• Questions and Answers

• Robotic Enterprise Framework

RPA Course Preview

Watch some of the Chapter's & Video's included in this course

RPA and UiPATH Introduction
RPA Tools Overview
UiPath components demo

Course Certification

At the end of the course, you will get a certification of competency


RPA Business analyst course and fees details

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RPA Business Analyst Course

$ 109 $ 121
If you live Outside India, GST not applicable
Self-paced Training :
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Course Proficiency Certificate
  • TechEdge Portal - 1 year Course

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RPA Business Analyst Course + ECBA Self-paced Course

$ 213 $ 250
If you live Outside India, GST not applicable
Self-paced Training :
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Course Proficiency Certificate
  • TechEdge Portal - 1 year Course
  • Plus ECBA Self-paced Course (with 21-hrs PD)

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    Course Review by Student
    Punyatoya pradhan
    Test Analyst

    The RPA Business Analyst training was a very well articulated course. It gave me an insight into how RPA can be implemented in organizations with various case studies. My trainer Pooja was excellent in teaching the concepts. Thank You so much Tech canvass team for delivering the course in a very effective way.

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    Case Study
    Vinod Pillai
    Team Leader at Sopra Steria India Ltd.

    Underwent RPA Business analysis training had bought some insights as to how an Automation project is kick started. The Training was comprehensive and fun learning. Facilitator Pooja have given an idea of tools and other means that are used for an Automation project. I would Thank Pooja for sharing her knowledge.

    Read More
    Case Study
    Javnyuy Joybert
    Business Growth and Operations design Trainer.

    Great training and committed staff to support in the midst of challenges I have given a 5 star rating. Yes I will definitely recommend to my friends in Cameroon.

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