Automation testing frameworks Course

Course Overview

Automation framework is an integral part for Automation Testing. The Automation framework defines how robust is your test code so it does not breaks constantly by running multiple times. There are different types of automation frameworks which tester can utilize as per project requirement.
Objective of this course is to make you learn and understand,

  • Need of Test Automation and Test Automation Framework
  • Different types of Test automation frameworks
  • Components required for Test Automation Frameworks

Who can take up this course?

  • Course is designed for Automation Testers.
  • Manual Testers who wants to peruse Automation Testing.
  • Should have basic knowledge of Java, OOPS concepts and Selenium.

Course Freatures

  • Get in-depth knowledge of Automation Testing Frameworks.
  • Sample Questions and Answers to measure your learning performance.

Does the course only include Video lectures?

Not really. The course comprises of the following:

  • Course lectures
  • Chapter wise quiz
  • Course Assignments
  • Course Project
  • Reference library

Do I get a certification after the course?

You will receive a certificate of proficiency based on certification test, at the end of the course.


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Course Syllabus and Preview

The Course syllabus is clearly displayed in the left panel and you can also see a few videos to preview the course.

Course Features

Intended Audience

This course is designed for professionals, who:

  • Wish to study as per their plan and at their pace
  • Have erratic schedule and cannot attend a training program
Key Points
  • Actual online session recordings divided into chapters and topics
  • Chapter wise Quiz
  • Chapter wise Practice exercises
  • Case Studies
  • Course Projects with Trainer guidance
  • Email support from Expert/Trainer

Ravi K is an automation testing architect with experience in building practical softwa re test automation frameworks that are reusable, can scale and work with minimum maintenance. He has expertise in adherence to Industry best practices of test automation development using optimum and popular tools of the market.
Ravi has worked on multiple automation frameworks and tools including Selenium, Jenkins, Automated Adobe Flex based UI, JHUB, BPEL SoapUI & more.. He is adept in using Java as well as Python with Selenium

Course Pricing

Automation testing Frameworks training

  • Testing framework basics
  • Keyword, data driven, modular & hybrid frameworks
  • Page Object Model (POM)
  • Cucumber and JBehave
  • Best practices

Fees Details


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₹ 2,958

₹ 3,480

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    BDD Testing Training

    15% Off

    $ 49 $ 58

    If you live Outside India, GST not applicable
    • In-depth working knowledge of BDD framework
    • BDD relationship with TDD
    • Agile and BDD framework
    • Cucumber framework
    • Jbehave framework

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    Continuous Integration with Jenkins

    15% Off

    $ 49 $ 58

    If you live Outside India, GST not applicable
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery concepts
    • Installing and working with Jenkins
    • Building and running Continuous Delivery pipeline
    • Jenkins integration with other tools e.g. GIT, SVN etc.
    • Jenkins usage with various testing types e.g. Unit testing,Integration testing etc.
    • Best practices used in industry

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    Jenkins, Maven and GitHub

    15% Off

    $ 49 $ 58

    If you live Outside India, GST not applicable
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery concepts
    • Jenkins integration with other tools e.g. Maven, GIT, etc.
    • Working of Maven and GIT
    • Test Results in Jenkins
    • Best practices used in industry

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    Agile Manual & Automation testing

    15% Off

    $ 49 $ 58

    If you live Outside India, GST not applicable
    • Introduction to Agile and Testing in Agile Projects
    • Gherkin & planning poker
    • Agile Testing Techniques
    • Scrum and User Stories
    • Exploratory Testing
    • Iteration Planning and QA considerations

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