Traditional Business Analysis vs. Agile Business Analysis


8:00 PM TO 9:00 PM(IST)

Traditional Business Analysis vs Agile Business Analysis

Purpose :

In a traditional Business Analysis environment, the business analyst has control of the requirements. . Once the documentation is reviewed and signed off by it becomes the bible for the development team and any functionality which is not documented should be negotiated with the business user or will be deemed out of scope whereas in the Agile Business Analysis the requirements are documented as epics or user stories and the product owner has the flexibility to choose to remove any functionality or add new functionality. The change is discussed with the sprint team and they can choose to accept it as part of the ongoing sprint or in the next one depending on the criticality. We shall further discuss more on the differences on how the differences play a role depending on the organization structure and culture.

Session Overview :

This webinar will focus on the following topics:

  • Overview of Projects and Project Management
  • Requirements are documented in Use Cases, Business Requirements, Functional Requirements, UI Specifications, Business Rules vs Requirements are documented in Epics, User Stories and optionally Business (or Essential) Use cases.
  • Focuses on completeness of requirement vs focus on understanding the problem and being the domain expert
  • BA is representative of development team whereas in Agile BA is voice of the customer
  • Sign off vs Business needs\Value Add
  • Longer Turnaround vs Quick turnaround
  • Host of Delivery vs Value Driven Delivery
  • How organization structure and culture play a role in deciding on waterfall or agile approach


A thorough understanding of the factors which help us in taking a decision on Waterfall or Agile approach. As a professional or a decision maker, this webinar will equip you with the right framework to select the right framework.

Guest Details

Dinap Bansal

Product Owner |Business Analyst
Dinap Bansal is a certified Product Owner (CSPO) with over 13+ years of experience working for leading Software Solution and Service Providers. He is adept at analyzing business processes, extract and define relevant information for project planning, implementation and delivery. His proven experience in project management, business analysis, client / vendor relationship management and team handling is well-know. He is based out of Singapore currently and working in the financial services industry.


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