Data Analytics Certification Course Overview

This Data Analytics Certification Training will help you learn Formal Data analytics Skills and prepare you for IIBA CBDA certification exam. This course includes everything needed to help you master data analysis skills.

Key Features

Learn about the key features of our Data Analytics Training program in this section.

Learn from Industry Experts

The sessions are conducted by experienced Data Analytics professionals who have real-life experience of implementing data analytics projects.

Formal BA Skills + CBDA prep

Learn industry-aligned & formal data Analysis tools, skills and frameworks and also prepare for CBDA Certification exam.

Class and Course Projects

Apply your learning in real-life projects with hands-on practice and execution.

Job Interview Preparation

Prepare for the Business Analyst job interview and get ready for your dream company.

Unlimited portal Access

TechEdge, our LMS is full of useful study material and preparation resources. Get unlimited access to the portal and the course recordings.

Study and Prep Material

  • Case Studies
  • CBDA Study Guide (Digital)
  • Question Bank (500+ Questions)
  • Mind Maps / Flashcards & More.

Who can do this certification course?

logo Experienced Business Analysts, who wish to upskill and get into Data Analytics Projects
logo Team Leaders, Project leaders and Project Managers who wish to upskill and wish to manage Data Analytics Projects
logo A data analyst who wishes to learn all the data analytics skills

Do I need to learn programming?

logo No, if you don’t like or are not good at programming, this course is designed for you.
logo This course will not require you to learn programming skills in depth, minimal exposure to programming is required.

Skills Covered

logo Data Analytics Fundamentals
logo Machine Learning
logo Machine Learning Algorithms
logo Generative AI
logo SQL
logo Data Visualization
logo Data Sourcing
logo Data Analysis
logo Interpreting Results
logo Descriptive Analytics
logo Predictive Analytics
logo Diagnostic Analytics
logo Prescriptive Analytics
logo Power BI
logo Creating dashboards
logo Trend Analysis
logo Azure Fundamentals
logo Case Studies and Course Projects

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Is Data Analytics certificate worth it?

Data Analytics Market

One of the fastest growing segments

The global data and analytics market size is expected to be US$ 184.53 billion by 2027, growing at 12.85% (CAGR)

Source: GlobalData

Top Employers

All the top MNCs need Data Analytics professionls


Source : www.reportsanddata.com

Accenture SP-Global Labcorp capgemini
TCS Capital-One USSA Northrop-Grumman Bloomberg
capgemini Northrop-Grumman Bloomberg

Course Testimonials

Elzahn Oosthuizen

Elzahn Oosthuizen

CBDA Certified

Senior Specialist: Business Analyst at Altron Systems Integration
City of Cape Town, South Africa

The TechCanvass IIBA-CBDA online course is really comprehensive and well structured. ...Read More
The mind maps and cheat sheets also really helped providing good summary material. The mock questions and 4 full test exams also really helped me to prepare properly for the exams. The course material and mock exams are of a very high standard and also summarized nicely everything that is important for the exam. Passed with higher for most domains on my first attempt thanks to TechCanvass! I also liked the fact that TechCanvass contacted me directly and checked in on my progress as well as inform me that I can ask for additional assistance whenever required. Read Less

Kelly Byers

A.N.M. Shibly

CBDA Certified

Chief Operating Officer at Avis Technologies Limited

The course videos, activities were excellent. But the best part, for me, was the mock tests. These tests helped me a lot to ...Read More
identify my weak areas, and also gave me a thought process to study. When I decided to participate in the certification exam of Certified Business Data Analytics (CBDA), I searched through Internet for training courses. There I met Techcanvass. Apart from the book of CBDA, all the contents for this test, I got from Techcanvass. Thanks to Techcanvass for being with me in journey." Read Less

Soham K

Soham K

CBDA Certified

Data analytics Consultant at Integrated Learning Systems(ILS)

The CBDA self-learning course helped in providing video lectures, innovative learning techniques like mind maps and ...Read More
puzzle games. A section of Mock tests provide a real time experience of examination with a good difficulty level to train you for the actual exam. The CBDA self-learning course has case studies which provide an idea of approaching business problems and using visualizations for analysis. Apart from this, I had read the official guide to business data analytics and had previous experience of data analyst to my advantage. I would like to thank Techcanvass for providing essential material to achieve this certification. Read Less

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Course Curriculum

Trainer and Mentor

Vinayak-M-Kesari Vinayak-M-Kesari
Mr. Vinayak M Kesari
Sr. Data Analyst

Currently working as Senior Data Analyst with over 17 years of experience, specializing in diverse domains such as ERP, Payment, Banking and Retail. Have achieved prestigious IIBA CBDA (Certification in Business Data Analytics) certification and have acquired ML certification from IBM. ...Read More
Has expertise in leveraging data for strategic insights, software product management, and driving informed decision-making in dynamic business environments. Read Less

Course Syllabus

The training program will cover all the topics as mentioned below:

Course Project: Learners will be required to do a complete project in a group setup working on every phase of the Data Analytics lifecycle. This will help you in applying the skills and techniques, acquired during the sessions.

Course Overview
1 Course Learning Objectives
2 Syllabus
3 Data Analytics Certification (CBDA)
4 Take-aways
Introduction to Data Analytics
1 What is Data Analytics?
2 Importance of Data Analytics
3 Key Elements of Data Analytics
4 Opportunities and Careers paths in Data Analytics
5 Roles and responsibilities of a Data Analyst
Types of Data Analytics
1 Descriptive Data Analytics
2 Predictive Data Analytics
3 Diagnostic Data Analytics
4 Prescriptive Data Analytics
5 Quiz
SQL for Sourcing Data
  • SQL Overview
  • Data Query Language
  • Data Manipulation Language
  • Accessing Data from Multiple Tables
2 Class Exercises
Data Visualization with Power BI
  • Fundamentals of Data Visualization
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Data Visualization using Power BI
  • Slicers and Filters in Power BI
  • Interactive Visualisations in Power BI
  • Creating Paginated Report
  • Creating Dashboards in Power BI
Phase I - Identify the Research Questions
  • Define Business Problem or Opportunity.
  • Identify and Understand the Stakeholders,
  • Assess Current State,
  • Define Future State,
  • Formulate Research Questions,
  • Plan Business Data Analytics Approach, and
  • Select Techniques for Identify the Research Questions
Phase II - Source Data
  • Plan Data Collection,
  • Determine the Data Sets,
  • Collect Data, and
  • Validate Data.
Phase III - Analyze Data (Cleaning, Transformation and Analyzing data)
  • Develop Data Analysis Plan,
  • Prepare Data,
  • Explore Data,
  • Perform Data Analysis, and
  • Assess the Analytics and System Approach Taken
Phase IV - Interpret and Report Results
  • Validate Understanding of Stakeholders,
  • Plan Stakeholder Communication,
  • Determine Communication Needs of Stakeholders,
  • Derive Insights from Data, and
  • Document and Communicate Findings from Completed Analysis, and
  • Select Techniques for Interpret and Reporting Results
Phase V - Use Results to Influence Business Decision-Making
  • Recommend Actions,
  • Develop Implementation Plan, and
  • Manage Change.
Phase VI - Guide Organizational-Level Strategy for Business Data Analytics
  • Organizational Strategy,
  • Talent Strategy, and
  • Data Strategy.
Data Architecture basics with Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Cloud platform
  • ADF (pipelines)
  • ADB
  • Ingestion & Curation Layer
Machine Learning Basics
  • What is Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning
    • Linear (Continuous) Regression
    • Categorical Classification
  • Unsupervised Learning
    • Recommendations
    • Clustering
    • Dimensional Reduction
Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI
  • What are AI and Generative AI
  • How does it work?
  • How can you use for better efficiency
  • More use cases

Class and Course Projects

Optimizing Supply Chain Management

Optimizing Supply Chain Management

Vertex Retail Solutions is a multinational retail corporation operating in the highly competitive consumer goods market. With a diverse product portfolio spanning multiple categories such as electronics, apparel, home goods, and groceries, the company caters to a broad customer base through various channels including brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce platforms, and third-party distributors.

Despite its established presence and extensive distribution network, Vertex Retail Solutions faces several challenges in effectively managing its supply chain.

Project Goals - The path towards optimized supply chain management, which is not just about efficiency - it's about transformation, a testament to human creativity.

Digital Transformation of Superstore chain

Digital Transformation of Superstore chain

BigStore Retail Store is an upcoming chain of retail outlets for spreading their network in major metro cities in the country. It has established a good name in quality products such as home décor, apparels, phones, computer and school accessories and stationaries products. The company also assigns great importance to customer service.

Project Objective - The client wants to transform the business digitally by having Single point of Governance by Building highly robust reporting mechanism, Automation of entire process and Reduction in manual efforts and more.

Course Certificate

Every course participant will receive a course completion certification from Techcanvass as shown on the right.


Data Analytics Fees

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Data Analytics Certification Course (Premium)

₹ 21,730

₹ 24,145

(10% OFF)

[GST Extra]

Expires in 01 D 11 H 09 M 25 S

  • Live Online Training (6 weeks)
  • Covers AI and Generative AI also
  • Includes IIBA CBDA Preparation
  • Unlimited Portal Access
  • Includes real-life projects
  • Access to Experts through multiple modes
  • Proficiency Certificate
  • Recorded Sessions available


* No add-on Course

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Data Analytics Certification Course (Ultimate)

₹ 25,245

₹ 28,050

(10% OFF)

[GST Extra]

Expires in 01 D 11 H 09 M 25 S

  • Live Online Training (6 weeks)
  • Covers AI and Generative AI also
  • Includes IIBA CBDA Preparation
  • Unlimited Portal Access
  • Includes real-life projects
  • Access to Experts through multiple modes
  • Proficiency Certificate
  • Recorded Sessions available


* One additional Project

* Tableau Fundamentals (Self-learning course)

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Upcoming Batches

Data Analytics Online Training Schedule

Time Zone :

Batch starts Batch Timinig Early bird discount 15% Early bird discount 7%
Batch Start Date and Time Early Bird Discounts
03 August 2024 03 August 2024
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Corporate and Group Training

Let us know about your company training requirements, we can also customize the program to suit your needs.

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Data Analytics Training FAQs

Is business analytics or Data Analytics certificate worth it?
A certification in Data Analytics field demonstrates your ability and the commitment for the field. It also shows the employers that you have the ability to analyse data through complex data analytics methods, help the customer make strategic decisions, and develop sustainable business growth
Which certification is the best for business analytics?
There are several business analytics certifications. Some of the top ones are as follows:
  • IIBA Certification in Business Data Analytics (CBDA) – Our course includes this certification preparation.
  • Coursera Data Analytics Certification
  • Google Data Analytics Certification
  • IBM Data Analytics Certification
Should I do business analytics course or an MBA?

There are couple of ways you can master Data Analytics skills – Long term masters program (12 months to 18 months) or short term certificate course like this one.

It depends on your current background. Long term programs are better suited for freshers (any graduate) or professionals with 1-2 years’ experience in programming or tech roles.

Short term certification courses are designed for experienced professionals, specially with non-programming background. If you are a Business Analyst, Project Lead or a Manager or a testing professional, you can go for the short-term courses.

How long does it take to get a data analytics certification?
Our Data Analytics online training course is 6 weeks long. All the short term courses vary from 6 weeks to 9 weeks. Though MBA or PG program in Analytics are of 12-18 months duration.
Is data analyst easier than coding?
Data Analysis is a very broad term. One can make a career in Data Analysis as a tech person with programming skills or without programming skills. For example, a reporting analysis and data visualization professionals don’t need much of programming skills. But roles like Data Engineers and Data scientists are completely technical role and need good programming skills.
What course should I do for data analyst?
We have provided an answer to this question in this FAQ section - Should I do business analytics course or an MBA?
What is the best way to learn data analytics?

It’s a vast field so you have to start with assessing your aptitude. Are you from a programming field or non-programming field. Based on this assessment, you can choose the specific field for Data Analytics.

Would you like to talk to our experts. Drop us an email at info@techcanvass.com with your background.

Which company hires most data scientist in India?

Generally, most of the top IT companies are doing projects in Data Analytics. Some of the top employers are:

  • Accenture Analytics.
  • Mu Sigma.
  • Swiggy.
  • Amazon.
  • Tiger Analytics.
  • Oracle.
  • Latent View.
  • Microsoft.
Do I need to have a programming background to enter the Data Analytics field?
No, you don’t necessarily need a programming background to enter the Data Analytics field. However, having some knowledge of programming languages like Python or R can be beneficial in handling and analyzing large datasets. It’s important to note that many data analytics tools and platforms provide user-friendly interfaces that require minimal coding. So, while programming can enhance your data analytics skills, it’s not a strict prerequisite.
How does Data Analytics skill boost my career?
Data Analytics skills can significantly boost your career as these skills are in high demand across various industries. These skills can help you make informed decisions, predict trends, and improve business strategies. This inturn can make you a valuable asset to any organization, opening up opportunities for promotions and higher compensation. Additionally, the demand for data analytics skills spans across various industries, providing a wide range of career options.
What is Data Analytics?
Data Analytics is the process of examining, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, drawing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. It involves a range of techniques and methodologies to analyze data from various sources in different formats, both structured and unstructured. Data Analytics allows us to make sense of vast amounts of data to help businesses and organizations make better decisions and predictions.
What are the differences between Data Science and Data Analytics?
Data Science and Data Analytics are two distinct fields, though they overlap in many areas.
Data Science is a broader field that includes various techniques such as machine learning, predictive modeling, and statistics. It involves extracting insights from various forms of data, both structured and unstructured. Data Science is more focused on designing and constructing new processes for data modeling and production using prototypes, algorithms, predictive models, and custom analysis.
On the other hand, Data Analytics is more focused on processing and performing statistical analysis on existing datasets. It is used to discover useful information and aid in business decision making. Data Analytics tends to be more business and process-oriented.
In summary, while both fields involve working with data, the main difference lies in the scope and focus of what they do with this data.
What are the salaries of a Data Analytics professional in India and US?
The salaries of a Data Analytics professional can vary widely depending on the industry, location, and level of expertise.
In India, the average salary for a Data Analyst is around ₹6,72,500 per year. If a person has experience of 2-3 years then the figure may increase up to ₹6-8 LPA. However, the salary can go up to as much as INR 22 LPA.
In the United States, the average salary for a Data Analyst is around $67,063 per year. However, the salary can range from $49,000 to $92,000 per year, and can even go up to $120,591 per year depending on the level of expertise and the state they are working in.
Please note that these figures are averages and actual salaries can vary. It’s also important to note that salaries are often accompanied by other forms of compensation such as bonuses, profit sharing, and benefits.
SOURCE: Payscale.com and Indeed.com
What is the career path of a Data Analytics professional?
The career path of a Data Analytics professional can vary based on individual goals and interests, but a typical path might look like this:
  • Entry-Level Positions: After obtaining a relevant degree, one might start as a Data Analyst or Junior Data Analyst, where the primary tasks involve processing and making sense of large datasets.
  • Mid-Level Positions: With a few years of experience, one could move into roles such as Senior Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Data Engineer, where the tasks might involve more complex data analysis, predictive modeling, and machine learning.
  • Management and Beyond: After gaining substantial experience and expertise, one could aim for leadership roles such as Data Analytics Manager, Director of Data Science, or even Chief Data Officer. These roles involve overseeing data strategies and policies in an organization.

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