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These banking terms are taken from our complete glossary of terms as part of Banking domain courses. The glossary contains more than 200 words in total

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Why Business Analyst Certification With Domain Is Important?

Domain knowledge for any professional, who is in a customer-facing role, is important and relevant. Every organization is facing issues, problems or opportunities on a regular basis. These organizations want the best solution in the shortest possible time.

The first step in finding a solution to an Organization’s problem is to understand needs (what do they want?). Understanding needs require understanding of the business domain as well in addition to the culture, structure and various other parameters.

The question to ask is – Do you need to be as good as an actual practitioner or you just need to have a good understanding of the terminologies, concepts and processes of a domain? The answer is simple. You need to target the second option. Whether you are a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Testing Professional or a Data scientist – your role demand domain knowledge.

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