PMP Certification Training Course


PMP Online Training Course from Techcanvass is designed to help you crack PMP Exam in the first attempt. This course will help you master the latest Project Management Professional syllabus (effective 2021) from Project Management Institute (PMI).
This is weekends Live Online training course conducted by PMI Authorized Training Instructors.

Why should you attend PMP Online Training from Techcanvass?

  • Get trained by PMI-Approved Project Management Preparation Instructors
  • Our instructor-led training is available online and delivered with PMI-developed content to ensure it’s up to PMI’s highest quality and standards.
  • Our training session comes with 1700+ PMP® exam questions so you can test your knowledge before the big day.

Structured and intensive 4.5 Weeks PMP preparation Training with special Workshops for mock questions practice.
Need more guidance to prepare for your PMP® exam? Do you learn through discussion and dialogue? Our PMI-approved PMP prep instructors can help.
Mock exam questions with flash cards and crossword puzzles

Why Should you become a Project Manager and Get PMP Certified?

Project Management is one of the most difficult yet one of the most rewarding profiles in the industry today.

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Excellent Salary

Project Managers earn handsome salaries in every country. The Project Managers average salary in United States of America is USD 116,000 and INR 15,00,000 in India. .

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Career Growth Potential

Project managers have huge career growth potential starting from Project Manager position up to even CXO positions.

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PMP Advantage

As per PMI salary surveys, the Project managers with PMP certification earn higher than the non-certified professionals.

Who can go for the PMP Certification?

  Team leaders
  Project Co-ordinators
  Project Leads

  Project Managers
  Senior Project Managers
  Product Managers

PMP Course Key Components


PMI Authorized Courseware

PMI Approved Training Instructors


1700+ Mock Questions

Skills Covered

  •   Starting a Project
  •   Team Building
  •   Scope Management
  •   Project Planning
  •   Estimation Techniques
  •   Budget Management
  •   Project Governance
  •   Procurement Management
  •   Risk Planning and Management
  •   Stakeholder Communications
  •   Managing Changes
  •   Project Continuity
  •   Team Leadership
  •   Conflict Management
  •   Compliance Management
  •   Project Delivery
  •   Continuous Process Improvement

A structured approach to PMP Certification Training


Live Online Training

Complete the training in 9 days/ 4.5 weeks


Doubt Clearing Sessions

Sessions to clear conceptual doubts on PMBOK and Agile.


Guided Exam Questions Practice Workshop

Special Mock questions practice sessions (Covers 2021 exam pattern)


Experts PMP Webinars

Special Sessions to help you get real-life scenarios on application of Domains and its elements.

PMP Prep Training Highlights


Real-life Scenarios and Class Activities

Project Management is a vast subject and involves many new concepts, processes, and tools. Our program involves comprehensive class activities based on real-life scenarios to help you understand the concepts well so that you can answer the PMP exam questions well as well as use these in your job.


1700+ Mock Questions

Project Management Certification is a tough exam to crack and requires a lot of practice with the practice questions. We provide 1700+ questions as part of this course. The question comes with a simulator and performance tracking dashboards to help you navigate through the preparation.


Flash Cards

We have developed more than 300+ flash cards and are part of our learning management system (LMS) portal. These flash cards are great way to revise the concepts quickly.


Mathematical Formulas and Calculations

For the Project Management exam, the participants must remember the right formulas to correctly answer numerical questions. These types of questions are based on earned value, communications, procurement, probability, network diagrams, project selection, and some basics of mathematics. We give importance to this often-overlooked aspect of exam preparation.


Crossword Puzzles

Preparing for Project Management exam is just not about practicing with Mock Questions and simulations. You also need variety and that is the reason we have developed crossword puzzles to help you practice with these puzzles. A great way to revise the Project Management related concepts, deliverables, and tools.

PMP Certification FAQs

A A project manager, holding PMP Certification, demonstrates to employers, clients and colleagues that she/he possesses project management knowledge, experience, and skills to bring projects to successful completion. The practitioners who hold the PMP Certification are well positioned to provide the professional skills necessary to lead project teams and achieve project results as the demand for the skilled project manager is at a critically urgent level. The PMP Certification has garnered global recognition and commanded a higher salary for certified individuals over non-certified individuals. The PMP recognizes the competence of an individual to perform in the role of a project manager, specifically experience in leading and directing projects.
A The holder of PMP Certification can learn a lot while preparing and after passing the PMP Certification. She can learn
  1.    1. Over 100 project management tools and techniques to better manage complex projects
  2.    2. 10 knowledge areas viz., Integration, Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Resource, Communication, Procurement, Risk, and Stakeholder
  3.    3. Project development life cycles, including predictive, agile, and hybrid.
  4.    4. Leadership styles, management styles, and interpersonal skills
  5.    5. External and internal factors impacting the outcome of the project
  6.    6. Different context in which projects are initiated

The PMP Examination pattern has changed with the release of the New Examination Content Outline (ECO). The new pattern has been active since January 2nd, 2021. The reason behind this change is the result of the research conducted through Role Delineation Study (RDS) or Job Task Analysis (JTA). The result shows that today’s project management practitioners work in a variety of project environments and utilize different project management approaches. The new ECO focuses on three domains. The details of the new ECO are available to download on the PMP Examination Content Outline.

Sr.# Domain Percentage of Items on Test
I People 42
II Process 50
III Business Environment 8
Total 100

The new PMP Exam Pattern contains 50% of the questions from predictive project management approaches and 50% of the questions from agile or hybrid project management approaches. These three approaches, predictive, agile, and hybrid, can be found throughout the three domains listed in the table above and they are not isolated to any particular domain or task. The actual number of items for each domain and approach may vary by form. The PMI Scoring model ensures valid assessment of knowledge and skills which is periodically reviewed by its scoring experts.


You must meet certain educational and professional experience criteria to be eligible for the PMP Certification.. Before application submission, please ensure that you have accumulated all the project management experience within the last eight consecutive years. The details of eligibility criteria are mentioned in the table below.

Eligibility – years of experience Educational Background # of Contact HoursRequired
Minimum five years/60 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience* Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent 35 contact hours of formal education unless you are an active CAPM holder
Minimum three years/36 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience* Four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or global equivalent) 35 contact hours of formal education unless you are an active CAPM holder
Minimum two years/24 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience* Bachelor's or post-graduate degree from a GAC accredited program (bachelor’s degree or master's or global equivalent) 35 contact hours of formal education unless you are an active CAPM holder

PMP Certification cost depends on your membership status with PMI. The following table shows the fee structure as your membership status with PMI.

Exam Administration Type PMI Member Status US Dollars INR
Centre-based testing (CBT) Member 405 23459
Online testing (OPT) Member 405 23459
Centre-based testing (CBT) Non-member 555 42863
Online testing (OPT) Non-member 555 42863
Re-examination CBT/OPT Member 275 15929
Re-examination CBT/OPT Non-member 375 28961
CCR certification renewal Member 60 3457
CCR certification renewal Non-member 150 11585

The above rates will apply only if you are a member of PMI in good standing and while making payment for the certification. The benefits of PMI Membership can be reviewed on

A PMI uses sound psychometric analysis to determine the passing score in the PMP Exam. Project professionals from around the world and many different disciplines are used by PMI as subject matter expert todetermine the number of questions a candidate must correctly answer to pass the Exam. Each correct answer scores one point on the exam and the final score is calculated by summing all the points. Depending on the number of questions answered correctly, you will be placed in one of the performance rating areas which you can see on the report.
A PMP Exam Application Process:
  • a. Eligibility: Meet the eligibility criteria (Refer Question # 1).
  • b. Membership: Register to become a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.
  • c. Application Submission: You have 90 days to complete your application once you have started it.
  • d. Application Completeness Review: It takes 5 Days to review the completeness of the application.
  • e. Audit Process:You have 90 days to send your audit materials if your application is selected for audit process. PMI processes audit materials in 5-7 days. The eligibility period to take the PMP Exam begins upon successful completion of the audit.
  • f. Application Payment Process: You can schedule your exam once you submit the credential fee payment(Refer Question # 3).
  • g. Multiple-Choice Examination Eligibility:You can take the exam up to 3 times in 1 year from the date of the application approval.
  • h. Exam: Schedule, Take and Pass the PMP Exam.
  • i. Certification Cycle: Your certification cycle begins the day you pass the exam and are given the credential
  • j. Credential Maintenance: You are required to earn and report 60 professional development units - PDUs - within 3-year cycle. 3 Years is credential maintenance period.
  • k. Credential Renewal: You can complete the renewal process once you have earned and reported 60 PDUs per the requirements and submit renewal fees
  • l. Credential Suspension: It is for 1 year andoccurs on the third anniversary of the day you passed the exam if you have not fulfilled the continuing Certification Requirements. During this period, you will be unable to use the PMP designation.
  • m. Credential Expiration: Occurs at the end of your suspension period if you did not fulfil the Continuing Certification Requirements toward credential maintenance and renewal.
  • n. After Credential Expiration:You must reapply if you wish to hold the credential again after the credential expiration.

Once the candidate meets the eligibility criteria and experience, she can proceed to fill the online application at PMP Certification. This application provides a section for recording experience of leading and directing the projects. The experience has to be in a professional setting and it does not matter if the experience has been paid work. Projects done in school or personal events would not qualify. It is a must to record all the project experience individually regardless of the number of projects.

Once the application is approved, the one-year eligibility period begins. However, if the candidate’s application is selected for audit, her eligibility period begins the day she successfully completes the audit. The candidate may take the examination three times within this one-year eligibility period. After payment of the certification fee is received, PMI will send the candidate an email notification with her PMI eligibility ID, which she will utilize for scheduling a test appointment. The candidate must retain this unique PMI Eligibility ID located on her scheduling notification as it is used to register for the examination. The candidate should also save all examination scheduling verifications and correspondence received for her records.

PMI cannot guarantee or reserve seating at the testing centers or an available time for an online proctored test appointment. PMI recommends that the candidate schedule the examination as soon as she determines the date on which she wants to take it and at least three months before the expiration of her eligibility period.

A There is no concept of re-evaluation of exams conducted by PMI. So, if a candidate fails the PMP exam, she cannot apply for re-evaluation.

You are eligible to schedule the examination in 1 Year from the date of the application approval. You can take the exam up to 3 times during this 1 year.

You are granted a one-year eligibility period in which to pass the examination. During the eligibility period, you may take the examination up to three times because candidates do not always pass the examination on their first attempt. Gauge your time carefully to leave enough time during the eligibility period to retake the examination, if needed.

If you fail to pass the examination three times within your one-year eligibility period, you must wait one year from the date of the last examination you took to reapply for the certification. However, after failing to pass a certification examination three times, candidates may opt to apply for any other PMI certification. For example, a candidate who failed to pass the PMP examination three times in his or her one-year eligibility period must wait one year to reapply for the PMP. However, he or she can apply for the CAPM, PMI-SP, PMI- RMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-ACP, PfMP, or PgMP (and submit associated initial certification fees) at any time.

If your eligibility period expires without you passing the examination, you must reapply for the certification.

PMP Course Curriculum

Course Module
1 PMP Preparation Strategy in 2021  
2 Benefits of PMP Certification  
PMP Course Introduction
1 Course Approach Overview
2 PMP Certification Overview
3 PMP Certification Preparation Strategy
Domain I: People (Exam Weightage – 42%)
1 Manage conflict
2 Lead a team
3 Support team performance
4 Empower team members and stakeholders
5 Ensure team members/stakeholders are adequately trained
6 Build a team
7 Address and remove impediments, obstacles, and blockers for the team
8 Negotiate project agreements
9 Collaborate with stakeholders
10 Build shared understanding
11 Engage and support virtual teams
12 Define team ground rules
13 Mentor relevant stakeholders
14 Promote team performance through the application of emotional intelligence
Domain II: Process (Exam Weightage – 50%)
1 Execute project with the urgency required to deliver business value
2 Manage communications
3 Assess and manage risks
4 Engage stakeholders
5 Plan and manage budget and resources
6 Plan and manage schedule
7 Plan and manage quality of products/deliverables
8 Plan and manage scope
9 Integrate project planning activities
10 Manage project changes
11 Plan and manage procurement
12 Manage project artifacts
13 Determine appropriate project methodology/methods and practices
14 Establish project governance structure
15 Manage project issues
16 Ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity
17 Plan and manage project/phase closure or transitions
Domain III: Business Environment (Exam Weightage – 8%)
1 Plan and manage project compliance
2 Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value
3 Evaluate and address external business environment changes for impact on scope
4 Support organizational change

Our PMP Course Authorised Traning Instructors

Robin Vora v2.jpg

Robin Shamji Vora
PMP, MBA (Finance)
He is having 20+ years of IT Industry experience. Started his career as a developer progressing into Delivery Head. He has Successfully delivered and implemented SAP ERP solutions. He has also performed the activities relating to Solution Architect, Business Analyst, Agile Practitioner etc.
Done projects largely into Microsoft .Net Framework, MS SQL and PHP, MySQL. Have domain knowledge of E-Commerce , BFSI, Logistic & EXIM, Gems & Jewellery and various HR solutions. Have been associated with PMI since 2013.

Rakesh Bahadure.jpg

Rakesh Bahadure
PMP, Lean Six Sigma, SAFe Agilist
Rakesh has over 20 years of experience in developing, leading, driving and managing complex software projects in various sectors such as Stock Market, Healthcare, Wireless, Online Games (Websites and Mobiles) etc. He spent more than 14 years in the capacity of manager, project manager, program manager, delivery head and account manager. He managed clients and vendors in the US, the UK, Canada, Singapore, and Kenya.
He holds an internationally recognized PMP Certificate, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt & Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) and held SAFe Agilist. He is a PMI-ATP-PMP Instructor. He has conducted 12 PMP Workshops.


Janakiram D
Janakiram has over 15+ years of experience in the Software Industry including roles such as Project Manager, Engineering Manager, Development Manager and Delivery Manager. He has end to end experience in successfully delivering projects on both Predictive and Adaptive (Agile) approaches. Started his career as a Microsoft Stack Developer and has developed solutions encompassing various technologies like Web applications, Windows applications, Database design and development, Cloud based development. He is certified on PMP (PMI), CSM (Scrum Alliance), MCSD (Microsoft). He is also a PMI-ATP-PMP Instructor.

PMP Certification Course Cost

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PMP Certification Training

₹13,950 ₹15,500 ( 10% OFF )
GST extra
  • Training by PMI Authorized Training Instructors (ATI)
  • 180-days access to Online Sessions (Flexi-Pass)
  • Live Online Weekends Course
  • Get 35-hrs PDs towards PMP eligibility
  • TechCanvass LMS Portal access - 1 year
  • 300+ Flash Cards
  • Mock Questions Practice Workshops (Twice a month)
  • PMI Official Digital Content

  • Not Included
  • PMP Question Bank and Drills
  •  800+ Questions
  • Domain Wise Practice Questions
  • 3 Full Length Simulations (180 Questions each)
  • Test Analysis Reports
  • Repeat Sessions
  • Not Applicable

PMP Certification Training

₹ 18,615 ₹21,900 ( 15% OFF )
GST extra
  • Training by PMI Authorized Training Instructors (ATI)
  • 180-days access to Online Sessions (Flexi-Pass)
  • Live Online Weekends Course
  • Get 35-hrs PDs towards PMP eligibility
  • TechCanvass LMS Portal access - 1 year
  • 300+ Flash Cards
  • Mock Questions Practice Workshops (Twice a month)
  • PMI Official Digital Content

  • Included
  • PMP Question Bank and Drills
  • 1000+ Mock Questions
  •  Domain Wise Practice Questions
  • 4 Full Length Simulations (180 Questions each)
  •  Test Analysis Reports
  • Repeat Sessions
  • Repeat Sessions - No Extra Charges

PMP Certification Training

₹ 19,120 ₹ 23,900 ( 20% OFF )
GST extra
  • Training by PMI Authorized Training Instructors (ATI)
  • 180-days access to Online Sessions (Flexi-Pass)
  • Live Online Weekends Course
  • Get 35-hrs PDs towards PMP eligibility
  • TechCanvass LMS Portal access - 1 year
  • 300+ Flash Cards
  • Mock Questions Practice Workshops (Twice a month)
  • PMI Official Digital Content

  • Included
  • PMP Question Bank and Drills
  • 1500+ Mock Questions
  •  Domain Wise Practice Questions
  •  5 Full Length Simulations (180 Questions each)
  •  Test Analysis Reports
  •  Crossword Drills
  • Repeat Sessions
  •  Repeat Sessions - No Extra Charges

Group Discounts Available

For a Group of 2, each get 5% discount.

For a Group of 3 or more, each get 10% discount.

Contact us to avail the discount.

Upcoming Batches Schedule

Time Zone:

Start Date Days Timings
18 September 2021 Sat - Sunday (9 days/ 4.5 Weeks) 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
09 October 2021 Sat - Sunday (9 days/ 4.5 Weeks) 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
06 November 2021 Sat - Sunday (9 days/ 4.5 Weeks) 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
18 December 2021 Sat - Sunday (9 Days/ 4.5 Weeks) 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training

All Timings are based on IST

You can attend the classes from any part of the world, check your country here:

United States, India, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Nigeria, South Africa, Germany,

PMP Certification Training FAQs

How do I prove my Project Management Professional?

While applying online for PMP Certification to record your experience of leading and directing the projects, use the experience verification section on the web page. The experience has to be in a professional setting and does not necessarily have to be paid work. Work done on school projects or personal events would not qualify as work experience. You must record all the project experience individually irrespective of number of projects you include. You can only count the time spent on one of the projects toward fulfilling your eligibility requirements for each month you worked on multiple, overlapping projects. Using the example below, the time spent working on Project One from Oct-Jan would count as four months toward the eligibility requirement, while the time spent working on Project Two during Feb-Mar would count as two months toward the eligibility requirement. However, you cannot count the time working on both projects during Nov-Jan twice. Therefore, Project One and Project Two equal six months (Oct–Mar) of project management experience toward your eligibility requirement.

How difficult is PMP Certification Training with 2021 updates?

The difficulty level of PMP Certification Exam has certainly increased with the introduction new Exam Content Outline (ECO). In addition to this new ECO, PMI also increased the syllabus of the exam. Before Jan/02/2021, the go-to reference book was PMBOK Guide 6th Edition. Now, the number of reference books has gone up to 10 (Refer Question # 12). The candidates now have to study more, refer a greater number of books and understand the three new domains of the exam. The exam has certainly become difficult; however, you will be able to pass the PMP exam with flying colours with right resources, study guides, study routine, mock tests and better ATP.

Is Project Management Professional better than MBA?

This is like comparing apples and oranges. MBA programs are at least 1 year long and cover major subjects like Sales, Marketing, Economics, Finance, etc. You receive a post graduate degree or diploma after completing the course from a University. PMP, on the other hand, is a certification course catering to the management of projects in an organization. I would say that PMP is rather a very small subset of MBA. There are many individuals who completed their MBA and also are PMP Certified. This could be because of organizations’ requirement for managing projects.

What is the validity of PMP Certification Training? What is the PMP Renew Process?

The PMP Certification is valid for 3 years e.g., the certification is valid until Feb/09/2024 if you pass your PMP Exam on Feb/10/2021. PMP Renewal process is simple. All the PMP Certification holders must maintain their certifications through participation in the PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. Participating in professional development and learning activities allow certification holders to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) which would help them to renew their certifications every 3 years. You are required to earn 60 PDUs in 3 years to renew your PMP Certification. You can refer to CCR Handbook from for more details and instruction on how to earn and track PDUs in CCR.

Can I take the PMP exam without experience?

Please refer question # 4 to know and understand the eligibility criteria for taking the PMP Examination. It clearly states the minimum work experience required to be eligible for taking the certification exam.

What happens if you fail Project Management Professional?

If you fail your PMP exam in the first attempt, you are eligible to appear for the exam 2 more times in one year from the date of approval of your application. e.g., You submit your PMP application and it is approved on Jan/10/2021. You are now eligible to appear for PMP exam 3 times until Jan/09/2022. You take the PMP exam on Mar/10/2021 as your first attempt and you fail it, you still have 2 more attempts to appear for the PMP exam until Jan/09/2022.Re-examination fees apply to the second and third attempts to pass the examination.

Is a Project Management Professional worth it?

TApart from earning 20% more than Non PMPs (per PMI Salary Survey), there are multiple reasons which can make the PMP Certification worth. You as a certification holder become a better manager, better leader, understand the system from bird’s eye and worm’s eye view, better at managing conflicts, better at understanding the risk and so on & so forth. In my experience, PMP Certification is worth it.

Which are the reference books for PMP other than PMBOK?

The reference books for PMP other than PMBOK Guide are mentioned below.

  • a. Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid | Author: Robert K. Wysocki | Publisher: Wiley
  • b. Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process | Author: Kenneth S. Rubin | Publisher: Addison-Wesley
  • c. Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling | Author: Harold Kerzner | Publisher: Wiley
  • d. Project Managers Portable Handbook, 3rd Edition | Author: David Cleland and Lewis Ireland | Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • e. Project Management: The Managerial Process | Author: Erik Larson | Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • f. Fundamentals of Technology Project Management, 2nd Edition | Author: Colleen Garton with Erika McCulloch | Publisher: MC Press
  • g. Information Technology Project Management, 7th Edition | Author: Kathy Schwalbe | Publisher: Cengage Learning
  • h. The Project Management Tool Kit: 100 Tips and Techniques for Getting the Job Done Right | Author: Tom Kendrick | Publisher: AMACOM
  • i. Agile Practice Guide | Author: Project Management Institute | Publisher: Project Management Institute