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Business analyst career is one of the most rewarding career paths in the IT industry. Future prospects of this career are also very good as you can diversify into multiple fields. Business analyst career can lead to project management and analytics field also.

However, Business Analyst term is used in a very broad context nowadays and that has created misconceptions about this role.

In this article, my attempt is to provide a clear yet crisp understanding of the Business Analyst role, career and future prospects. First of all, let’s look at some of the terms commonly used to refer to this role:

  • • Systems Analyst
  • • IT Analyst
  • • Business Analyst
  • • Systems IT Analyst
  • • Requirements Analyst

All of the above terms are used to refer to the same role, that of a business analyst.

Increasingly, Business Analyst is also being used to refer to the business analytics or data analytics as well. However, these careers are different in nature. Read the following article to know the difference

Business analyst Vs analytics

In case you are interested in the business analytics career, you can read the following article:

Career options in Business analytics

Role of a Business Analyst

Business analysts are involved in helping a customer getting a software solution developed to meet their needs. Since the software solution is to be developed by the technology team, business analysts also play the role of an intermediary between the customer and the technology team.

We can do the same for any of our core areas as we are constantly working on developing online quizzes and assignments to certify our students.

Role of a Business Analyst

The interactions with the customer is meant to understand customer requirements for the software application. These requirements need to be documented so that technology team can use the document as reference, to develop the software. Once the software is ready, business analysts test the software before giving it to the customer.

As you can notice, this role does not need you to know programmer. In the next section, we are going to look at the skills of a business analyst.

Business Analyst Skills

Considering the role of business analyst, as explained above, they are expected to possess following skills to start with:

  • • Understanding software development processes including Agile
  • • Requirement gathering skills
  • • Process modelling (UML/DFD)
  • • Data Modelling (UML/ERD)
  • • SQL
  • • Functional Testing

Later in their career, business analysts need to broaden their skills to have a rewarding career. The broad skills set for a Business Analyst is encapsulated in our CRAFT framework as shown below:

Business Analyst Skills

Business analyst certifications

Just like any other career, certifications play an important role in business analyst career as well. There are multiple levels of certifications for a business analyst, right from the entry level to experienced business analysts.

Choosing the right certification can be a little confusing and considering that, we have written a detailed article on the same. Refer to the following article:

Which business analyst certification is right for me?

Business Analyst Salary

It’s quite natural to associate salary to a career. So, how much does a business analyst earn? Is the business analyst career worth the effort?

I would like to answer this question in two parts – what is the demand and what are the salary levels. So, right now, I made a search on for Business Analyst jobs and it showed me 27,525 jobs. Compared to that it showed me 17,523 for programmer role.

First of all, let’s look at the salary levels of entry level and mid-level business analysts. These salary levels are provided by PAYSCALE website, which is engaged in salary surveys.

The Entry level business analyst salaries in India and the US are as shown below:

Business Analyst Salary in India, Business Analyst Salary in USA Business Analyst Salary in India, Business Analyst Salary in USA

Payscale shows the mid-level business analyst salaries as. Note that the salary levels are shown with a really wide range.

Business Analyst Salary in India, Business Analyst Salary in USA Business Analyst Salary in India, Business Analyst Salary in USA

Still have questions regarding the business analyst career, write to me at If you are interested to know about the career in Business Analytics, read the following article:

Career in Business Analytics

Step by step guide to become business analyst

How to become business analyst

Step by step guide to become business analyst

We have developed a step-by-step guide to get you started with your journey of becoming a business analyst. This guide not only discusses a comprehensive approach for developing a plan but it also provides a complete learning path with resources for getting you started. This guide has links to videos & tutorials to help you learn the basics of business analyst.

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Abhishek Srivastava is a seasoned IT professional with diverse experience in Banking, Insurance, Utility and Education domains. Managing large accounts, Program management, & Business Analysis has been his forte, having done so for customers like ICICI Bank, NTPC & many other International customers. In the past, he has been associated with companies like Mastek and 3i Infotech Ltd (erstwhile ICICI Infotech Ltd).

An NIT (Erstwhile REC)/IIM Kozhikode graduate, now as an entrepreneur, he is pursuing his dream of creating an organization for providing quality training in the fields of Business Analysis & Automation Testing. His other areas of interest are Business Analysis consulting and taking guest lecture at engineering and management colleges.

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