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Audio Book Chapters

  • General Ice Breaker Questions
  • General BA Questions
  • Business Analysis Core Skills
  • Agile and Business Analysis
  • Business Analysis skills (Additional)
  • Situational Questions

Audio book chapters details


Icebreaker Questions      

All the interviews start with the questions "Tell me about yourself?". How critical are these?


General BA Questions      

This chapter includes questions about Business analysis and role of a BA. This section will have questions like "What is Business Analysis?", "What is the role of a Business Analyst?" etc.


Situational Questions      

This chapter has situational questions which have become very common these days. This chapter has 25 situational questions.


BA Core Skills based Questions

What are the key skills of a Business Analyst? Do you understand Use cases, Activity diagrams, Process modelling etc. This section has questions on these core BA skills.


Agile and Business Analysis Questions

This section will help you master topics relevant to a Business Analyst in Agile environment.


Additional BA core Skills questions

This section has questions which could not be categorized into the last two chapters. This section has questions on Business case, BPM, BPR, BPMN etc

Author / Speaker

Abhishek Srivastava

Abhishek Srivastava

Abhishek Srivastava is a seasoned IT professional with diverse experience in Banking, Insurance, Utility, and Education domains. Read MoreManaging large accounts, Program Management & Business Analysis has been his forte, having done so for customers like ICICI Bank, NTPC & many other International customers. In the past, he has been associated with companies like Mastek and 3i Infotech Ltd (erstwhile ICICI Infotech Ltd). An NIT (Erstwhile REC) / IIM Kozhikode graduate, now an entrepreneur, he is pursuing his dream of creating an organization for providing quality training in the fields of Project Management and Business Analysis. His other areas of interest are Business Analysis consulting and mentorship. Over the years, he has mentored and guided more than 1000 professionals

Business analyst interview audiobook playlist

Introduction to Audio Book
1 Introduction to Audio Book
2 Interview Tips and Tricks
General Ice Breaker Questions (Total 10 questions)
1 Tell me something about yourself?
2 Why should we consider you for this profile? What do you bring to the table?
3 Why do you want to change?
4 How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
5 What are your strenths and weaknesses as a professional?
and More...
General BA Questions (Total 7 questions)
1 As a business analyst, how does your typical day look like?
2 What is Business Analysis?
3 What is the role of a business analyst?
4 What is the need for a Business Analyst?
5 What are the key skills of a good business analyst?
6 What are some of the challenges you have faced as a Business Analyst and how did you overcome those?
7 How important is for BA to know domain? Can BA be domain agnostic?
Business Analysis Core Skills (Total 72 questions)
1 Which all documents a BA prepares?
2 What are the key elements of an SRS?
3 We write assumptions and constraints in SRS document. Elucidate the difference between assumptions and constraints.
4 What are acceptance criteria?
5 What are functional and non-functional requirements?
6 Why are non-functional requirements important?
7 How will you differentiate between functional and non-functional requirements. Give me an example?
and More...
Agile and Business Analysis (Total 29 questions)
1 Introduction to Agile BA Module
2 What is the role of a business analyst in an Agile project?
3 What do you think is the most important aspect of agile and why?
4 Tell me about Agile process that you followed in your company.
5 Do you think Agile is better than other methodologies? Explain your YES or NO.
6 What is the team structure in Scrum teams?
7 What are the roles of Production Owner and Scrum Master?
and More...
Business Analysis skills (Additional) (Total 20 questions)
1 Introduction
2 What is a Data model?
3 What is a Business Case and why is it used?
4 What is a risk? How is different from an issue?
5 What is class diagram?
6 What is entity relationship diagram?
and More...
Situational Questions (Total 26 questions)
1 Introduction
2 Describe a case where you made a mistake and then what did you do to address that?
3 Have you a faced a difficult stakeholder? If yes, how did you handle them?
4 Give me a situation where you had to adapt to a new Methodology, process, or Technology?
5 Tell me about a situation where you were given a simple issue but it turned out to be a big issue? What did you do then?
6 You are assigned to a project which is in a completely new domain, say Telecom domain. How will you approach it?
and More...

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  • Questions with Answers and Expert’s opinion
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