CBDA Course

Key features

IIBA Endorsed Course (16 PDUs)

Earn 16 PDUs once you complete the training.

Case Studies Discussions

Detailed discussion on CBDA guide case studies.

Mind-maps and Flash cards

Revise and master your preparation with mind maps and flash cards

4-Full length Questions

Practice well with 4-full length tests.

Self-paced course with subtitles

Learn at your own pace, for easy understanding, videos are subtitled

Study Materials

Revision Guide, Trainer presentations, Study plan and Cheat sheets

Why the CBDA certification?

  • Learn how to work in an analytics initiative.
  • Master all the skills and techniques on Data
  • Get yourself ready for the new world, driven by Data
  • Demand for Data Analytics growing at 22% (2022-30)

Who are eligible for this certification?

  • There is no specific eligibility criteria suggested by IIBA.
  • This course is ideal for Business Analysts who wish to learn business analysis in data analytics initiatives

Skills Covered

logo Identify the Research Questions
logo Interpret and Report Results
logo Data Mapping
logo Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
logo More Techniques
logo Analyze Data
logo Guide Organization-level Strategy for Business Analytics
logo Data Storytelling
logo Source Data
logo Use Results to Influence Business Decision Making
logo Business Visualizations
logo Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
logo Hypothesis Formulation and Testing
logo Exploratory Data Analysis
logo Decision Modelling and Analysis
logo Analyze Data
logo Guide Organization-level Strategy for Business Analytics
logo Data Storytelling
logo Exploratory Data Analysis
logo Decision Modelling and Analysis

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Elzahn Oosthuizen

Elzahn Oosthuizen

CBDA Certified

Senior Specialist: Business Analyst at Altron Systems Integration
City of Cape Town, South Africa

The TechCanvass IIBA-CBDA online course is really comprehensive and well structured. ...Read More
The mind maps and cheat sheets also really helped providing good summary material. The mock questions and 4 full test exams also really helped me to prepare properly for the exams. The course material and mock exams are of a very high standard and also summarized nicely everything that is important for the exam. Passed with higher for most domains on my first attempt thanks to TechCanvass! I also liked the fact that TechCanvass contacted me directly and checked in on my progress as well as inform me that I can ask for additional assistance whenever required. Read Less

Kelly Byers

A.N.M. Shibly

CBDA Certified

Chief Operating Officer at Avis Technologies Limited

The course videos, activities were excellent. But the best part, for me, was the mock tests. These tests helped me a lot to ...Read More
identify my weak areas, and also gave me a thought process to study. When I decided to participate in the certification exam of Certified Business Data Analytics (CBDA), I searched through Internet for training courses. There I met Techcanvass. Apart from the book of CBDA, all the contents for this test, I got from Techcanvass. Thanks to Techcanvass for being with me in journey." Read Less

Soham K

Soham K

CBDA Certified

Data analytics Consultant at Integrated Learning Systems(ILS)

The CBDA self-learning course helped in providing video lectures, innovative learning techniques like mind maps and ...Read More
puzzle games. A section of Mock tests provide a real time experience of examination with a good difficulty level to train you for the actual exam. The CBDA self-learning course has case studies which provide an idea of approaching business problems and using visualizations for analysis. Apart from this, I had read the official guide to business data analytics and had previous experience of data analyst to my advantage. I would like to thank Techcanvass for providing essential material to achieve this certification. Read Less

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Course Curriculum

Course Preview

Business Data Analytics & CBDA Overview

CBDA Course Syllabus

Fundamentals of Data Science/Analytics
1 Introduction to Data Science/Analytics
2 Use cases for Data Science/Analytics
3 Data Science lifecycle
4 Types of Data Analytics.
5 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning overview
Introduction to Certification in Business data analytics (CBDA)
1 Eligibility Criteria
2 Six Business Data Analytics Domains
Business Analysis and Data Analytics
1 Business Analysis in Data Analytics Projects
2 Business Analysis Vs Data Analytics
Introduction to Business Data analytics Domains
1 Identify the Research Questions – 20% (Domain 1)
2 Source Data – 15% (Domain 2)
3 Analyze Data – 16% (Domain 3)
4 Interpret and Report Results – 20% (Domain 4)
5 Use Results to Influence Business Decision Making – 20% (Domain 5)
6 Guide Organization-level Strategy for Business Analytics - 9% (Domain 6)
Domain 1: Identify the Research Questions
1 Define Business Problem or Opportunity.
2 Identify and Understand the Stakeholders,
3 Assess Current State,
4 Define Future State,
5 Formulate Research Questions,
6 Plan Business Data Analytics Approach, and
7 Select Techniques for Identify the Research Questions
Domain 2: Source Data
1 Plan Data Collection,
2 Determine the Data Sets,
3 Collect Data, and
4 Validate Data.
Domain 3: Analyze Data
1 Develop Data Analysis Plan,
2 Prepare Data,
3 Explore Data,
4 Perform Data Analysis, and
5 Assess the Analytics and System Approach Taken
Domain 4: Interpret and Report Results
1 Validate Understanding of Stakeholders,
2 Plan Stakeholder Communication,
3 Determine Communication Needs of Stakeholders,
4 Derive Insights from Data, and
5 Document and Communicate Findings from Completed Analysis, and
6 Select Techniques for Interpret and Reporting Results
Domain 5: Use Results to Influence Business Decision-Making
1 Recommend Actions,
2 Develop Implementation Plan, and
3 Manage Change.
Domain 6: Guide Organizational-Level Strategy for Business Data Analytics
1 Organizational Strategy,
2 Talent Strategy, and
3 Data Strategy.
1 Business Simulation
2 Business Visualizations
3 Concept Modelling
4 Data Dictionary
5 Data Flow Diagrams
6 Data Mapping
7 Data Storytelling
8 Decision Modelling and Analysis
9 Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
10 Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
11 Exploratory Data Analysis
12 Hypothesis Formulation and Testing
13 Interface Analysis
14 Optimization
15 Problem Shaping and Reframing
16 Stakeholder List, Map, or Personas
17 Survey and Questionnaire
18 Technical Visualizations
19 The Big Idea
20 3-Minute Story

Case studies

1. Domain 1: Fraud Detection and Predictive Analytics Case study at an Investment bank
2. Domain 2: Voice termination fraud Case study
3. Domain 3: Exploratory Data analysis and Life Insurance company Case study
4. Domain 4: HiFive Ice cream Case Study
5. Domain 5: E-commerce retailer and UK giftware and online gifting industry
6. Domain 6: E-commerce retailer Case study

Course Certificate

In the end, you will get a course certificate from Techcanvass based on a course completion test.


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Course Overview

CBDA Question
Bank and Flashcard

Study Materials

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CBDA Training FAQs

What is Business Data Analytics?

Business data analytics is a practice by which a specific set of techniques, competencies, and procedures are applied to perform continuous exploration, iteration, and investigation of past and current business data to obtain insights about a business that can improve decision-making. It uses business analysis and analytics disciplines to create better business outcomes through evidence-driven business decisions.

What are the IIBA CBDA eligibility criteria?

There are no eligibility criteria for this certification, but IIBA recommends relevant work experience of two to three years of analysis-related business analytics work.

What is the IIBA CBDA Certification Cost?

The certification cost is $450 for members and $575 for non-members.
The retake fee is $400 for members and $525 for non-members.
The renewal fee is $30 for members and $50 for non-members.

How is the IIBA CBDA exam pattern?

The IIBA CBDA exam is offered as an online remote proctored exam that requires a desktop or laptop, an internet connection, a working webcam, and a microphone.
The exam tests your ability to answer questions focused on real-world scenarios. It is aligned with the six Blueprint Domains (Knowledge Areas). Each domain has a different weightage. The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice, scenario-based questions to be completed within 2 hours. Passing marks are based on the cut score using a psychometric procedure.

Why should you be a Certified Business Data Analyst?

Business data analytics strikes a balance between business analysis and data analytics, which helps obtain insights that can improve decision-making. Your strong business analysis skills, combined with the competencies and knowledge required for a business analytics project, will make you eligible for many exciting and in-demand opportunities. Earning this certification informs employers of your passion for and competencies in performing business analysis on analytics initiatives.

What is the difference between a Business Analyst's and a Business Data Analyst's role and responsibilities?

A Business Analysts's activities involve understanding enterprise problems and goals, analyzing needs and solutions, devising strategies, driving change, and facilitating stakeholder collaboration. In addition to this, a Business Data Analyst works with data and other related activities like collecting correct data, preparing data, exploratory data analysis, deriving insights from data, communicating findings, and guiding organizational-level analytics strategy.

Can only Business Analysts benefit from this certification?

Certainly not! Various professionals like analysts, developers, testers, data scientists, consultants, data storytellers, business development, transformation managers can benefit from this certification. Business professionals can understand more about using data to solve problems. Data professionals can understand the business aspect of what happens before and after analyzing data, basically the end-to-end cycle. In fact, any professional working with data can benefit from this certification.

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Business Data Analytics


Certification Business Data Analytics(CBDA)


How Business data analytics can help your career


Business Data Analytics


Certification Business Data Analytics(CBDA)


How Business data analytics can help your career

Read Blog: Certification in Business Data Analytics (CBDA)

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