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DevOps Certification Training

Course Overview

Techcanvass offers DevOps training course, which is designed to help you master DevOps Skills like continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery. This course will help you in learning the most important DevOps tools like Jenkins, Nagios, Ansible, Docker, puppet, GIT etc. This is a completely hands-on course and is conducted over the weekends by professionals, working on DevOps.

Each of the tools will be covered in a hands-on manner to enable you to start using it as you join the industry.

DevOps positions have grown by 106% in the last few years and boast an average base salary of $123,165 in US.
TechRepublic predicts DevOps jobs as most in-demand jobs for 2019 and beyond
Many of the top companies and MNCs like Amazon, NetFlix, NASA, Walmart, Facebook use DevOps.

DevOps tools/Aspects Covered in the course

Below is a representative list of tools covered in the course



Git, Maven & Jenkins integration

Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Docker containerization




Monitoring and optimization

Delivery pipeline scenarios

Devops Course Preview

Watch some of the Chapter's & Video's included in this course

Basics of Devops
Basics of CI with Jenkins
Top DevOps Tools

Devops Course Syllabus

Our DevOps course is designed keeping in mind the industry requirements. We keep on upgrading the course content in line with the industry.

DevOps Basics

• Understanding the context

• Business Need for DevOps

• What is DevOps

• DevOps Skills

• Career opportunities

• Industry use case scenarios

Case Study Introduction

• Introduction to Case Study

• Setting up the environment

DevOps Core

• DevOps Tools and techniques

• DevOps Delivery Pipeline

• DevOps Ecosystem

• Continuous Delivery Architecture

Build Management and Version Control (Maven and GIT)

• Understanding Build Process

• Maven Basics

• Concept of Archetypes

• Introduction to Version Control

• Setting up GIT

• Working with GIT

• Working with GITComparing CVS, Subversion and GIT

Continuous Integration and Development

• Intoduction to CI/CD

• Introduction to Jenkins

• Continuous Integration with Jenkins

• Jenkins Plugins

Exercises and Case Studies

Test Automation using Jenkins

• Delivery Pipeline Scenarios

• Setting up build in Jenkins

• Automating Test

• Jenkins security

Exercises and Case Studies

Working with Docker

• What is containerisation

• Setting up build in JenkinsIntroduction to Docker

• Using Jenkins to set off Docker containerisation

• Image Distribution

• Deploying Docker containers

Exercises and Case Studies

Working with Docker Part II

• Key commands for Docker

• Networking with Docker

• Docker Volumes

• Managing files

Exercises and Case Studies

Puppet and IaaS Basics

• What is IaaS

• Understanding master-agent architecture

• Setting up Puppet (Tomcat etc)

• Intro to puppet

• Puppet language and commands

Puppet Integration

• Puppet Modules

• Orchestration and Automation

• Combining Jenkins, Docker and Puppet

Exercises and Case Studies

Monitoring and Optimization using Nagios

• Why System Monitoring

• Introduction to Nagios

• Setting up Nagios

• Plugins of Nagios

• Nagios Objects

• Commands

• Nagios Notifications

Exercises and Case Studies

Devops Course fees details

Devops online training
  •  6 Weekends course
  •  100% hands-on course
  •  Comprehensive topic coverage
  •  DevOps Tools covered
  •  Real-life Scenarios and Project

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(INR 4000/- OFF)

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05 September 2020 Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
03 October 2020 Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
07 November 2020 Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
05 December 2020 Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training

Course Certification

At the end of the course you will be get a certification of competency