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DevOps Certification Training

Course Overview

Our DevOps training course is designed to help you master DevOps Skills like continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery. This course will help you in learning the most important DevOps tools like Jenkins, Nagios, Chef, Docker, puppet, GIT etc.

This a completely hands-on course on DevOps with concetual and practical classes getting conducted together.

Why to learn DevOps

In this competitive world, Organizations are looking to improvise and to explore ways to achieve process efficiency and cost reduction. DevOps has proved to be one of the frameworks which can achieve both of these.

Some of the facts:

  • • Facebook, LinkedIn and most of the top companies have deployed DevOps to great effect. They have automated multiple build, test and deploy processes on a daily basis.
  • • Capgemini and Sogeti's World Quality Report (WQR) suggests increasing adoption of DevOps. ( Read Full report )

Course Highlights



Free DevOps
e-learning module



(PPTs, Quizzes etc)

What are the pre-requites for the course?

You need to be an IT professional and understanding of software development processes is all that is needed. There is no other pre-requisite for the course.

Course Delivery Modes

The DevOps Online training is an instructor-led training program with real-time instructor interactions. You can attend this online course from anywhere in the world.

Self-paced DevOps Course

  • 24-hrs course
  • Actual class recordings
  • Chapter wise quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Project
  • Fees In ₹ 2,300   (GST Extra)
    Fees In $ 34   (GST Extra)

Live Online DevOps Course

  • 24-hrs course
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Chapter wise quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Real-life Project

Course Preview

What is DevOps?

What is DevOps & What it's NOT

Course Topics

Our DevOps course is designed keeping in mind the industry requirements. We keep on upgrading the course content in line with the industry.

The course syllabus are as follows:

DevOps Basics

• Understanding the context

• Business Need for DevOps

• What is DevOps

• DevOps Skills

• Career opportunities

• Industry use case scenarios

Case Study Introduction

• Introduction to Case Study

• Setting up the environment

DevOps Core

• DevOps Tools and techniques

• DevOps Delivery Pipeline

• DevOps Ecosystem

• Continuous Delivery Architecture

Build Management and Version Control (Maven and GIT)

• Understanding Build Process

• Maven Basics

• Concept of Archetypes

• Introduction to Version Control

• Setting up GIT

• Working with GIT

• Comparing CVS, Subversion and GIT

Continuous Integration and Development

• Intoduction to CI/CD

• Introduction to Jenkins

• Continuous Integration with Jenkins

• Jenkins Plugins

Exercises and Case Studies

Test Automation using Jenkins

• Delivery Pipeline Scenarios

• Setting up build in Jenkins

• Automating Test

• Jenkins security

Exercises and Case Studies

Working with Docker

• What is containerisation

• Introduction to Docker

• Using Jenkins to set off Docker containerisation

• Image Distribution

• Deploying Docker containers

Exercises and Case Studies

Working with Docker Part II

• Key commands for Docker

• Networking with Docker

• Docker Volumes

• Managing files

Exercises and Case Studies

Puppet and IaaS Basics

• What is IaaS

• Understanding master-agent architecture

• Setting up Puppet (Tomcat etc)

• Intro to puppet

• Puppet language and commands

Puppet Integration

• Puppet Modules

• Orchestration and Automation

• Combining Jenkins, Docker and Puppet

Exercises and Case Studies

Monitoring and Optimization using Nagios

• Why System Monitoring

• Introduction to Nagios

• Setting up Nagios

• Plugins of Nagios

• Nagios Objects

• Commands

• Nagios Notifications

Exercises and Case Studies

Upcoming Batches Schedule


Sat - Sun
04:30 PM - 06:30 PM ( IST )
Live Online Training


Sat - Sun
04:30 PM - 06:30 PM ( IST )
Live Online Training


Sat - Sun
04:30 PM - 06:30 PM ( IST )
Live Online Training

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on DevOps Course

What is DevOps?

DevOps word is created from two words – Development and Operations. This is a combination of practices, techniques and tools that enables an organization to deploy releases more frequently, while maintaining service stability and gaining the speed necessary for more innovation.

“DevOps” term was first coined in 2009 by Patrick Debois. Read more about DevOps Basics.

Tell me about the certification?

The certification will be issued by Techcanvass based on two criteria:

  • • An Online proficiency test in DevOps after the course

  • • The project submission within 15 days

Does the Online training comprise of recorded sessions or it is real-time interactive training?

The live online training is a real-time trainer-led training program, where you can interact with the trainer and ask questions.

However, we also have a self-paced course, which will comprise of actual live online training sessions (recorded and divided into chapters for easy understanding). You will also have email support for solving your queries any time.

Will there be any reference material given to us?

We will be providing a reference book to you titled “Getting started with DevOps” by Subodh Jain

DevOps Resources

Techcanvass conducts online and in-person webinars on a regular basis on topics, which are useful to professionals. We also maintain two blogs on automation testing and business analysis.

These videos are updated regularly on our youtube channel and blog.

Introduction to DevOps


In this video, you will learn the basics of DevOps. The topics covered in this video are:

  • • What is DevOps?

  • • How does it work?

  • • Tools and technologies of DevOps

The speaker is an Automation test architect and has considerable industry experience and also conducts courses with Techcanvass.

Test Driven Development (TDD) Fundamentals


In this video, a recording of the webinar conducted by Techcanvass, the speaker talks about basics of Test Driven Development.

The speaker is an Automation test architect and has considerable industry experience and also conducts courses with Techcanvass.

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Faculty & Technical Support

As a student you can ask questions with the trainers even after the classes. Simply send an email to You will get the answer as soon as possible.
Please note that our trainers are working professionals and sometimes may be busy with their office work.

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