RPA Business Analyst Course

Robotic Process Automation training

This RPA training course page provides you complete details about this hands-on RPA program using UiPath

Techcanvass offers Robotic process automation (RPA) using UiPath tool. This course is designed to be a hands-on and in-depth training program on UiPath. The key highlights of this program are:

  • 6-weeks RPA Training using UiPath (Weekends classes)
  • Live project on RPA
  • Resume preparation assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • TechEdge Portal access – 1 year
  • Proficiency Certification from Techcanvass

The global RPA market is expected to top $8.75 billion by 2024 (Grand view research report)
By 2020, 92% of European companies will have deployed Robotic Process Automation (Information Services Group (ISG) Study)
Robotic Process Automation will generate nearly two lakh jobs in India by 2021 (Economic Times)

RPA Course Preview

Watch some of the Chapter's & Video's included in this course

Introduction to RPA
UiPath Introduction

RPA Course Syllabus (6-Week)

Robotic process automation (RPA) training course covers RPA and UiPath in-depth. It has been designed to provide you a hands-on learning.

What is RPA

• RPA Vs IT Automation


• Advantages of RPA

• Disadvantages of RPA

• RPA Growth Trends

• Different RPA Tools - Automation Anywhere, UIPath, Blue prism

• Candidates for RPA

• How RPA Works

• RPA Journey

• LifeCycle of a BOT

• Types of BOTS

• RPA Activities by Phase

• QnA

Introduction of UIPath

• Supporting Workflows

• User Interface

• Project Templates

• KeyBoard Shortcuts

• QnA

Creating a Process

• Publishing the Process

• Adding libraries

• Variables and Arguments

• Handle and Manage Dependencies

• QnA

Type of WorkFlows with Examples

• QnA

Comparing files

• Best Practices

• Debugging

• Exception Handling

• QnA

Imported and New Namespaces

• Recording

• QnA

Screen Scraping

• Data Scraping

• Selectors

• QnA

Image and Text Automation

• Citrix Automation

• PDF Automation

• Logging

• Case study

• QnA

UiPath Robot

• Connecting Robot to Orchestrator

• QnA

UiPath Orchestrator

• Scheduling

• Publishig

• Queues

• Enviromennts

• User Roles

• Tenants

• QnA

Case Study discussion

• Case Study discussion


• CV Modulation

• Interview questions

RPA Courses fees details


This course is designed to help you get started as an RPA developer using UiPath Tool.

This is a 6-weekends hands-on course to help you become an expert in UiPath.

Are there any pre-requisites to the course:

  • UiPath requires minimal coding and hence there is no such pre-requisite
  • A basic knowledge of software development methodology and flow charting will be useful

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This course is designed to help you get started as an RPA business analyst using UIPath/Blueprism Tool.

This is a 4-weekends hands-on course to help you become a business analyst in RPA project.

Who can attend this course:

  • A testing professional, who wish to become an RPA business analyst
  • A business analyst professional, who wish to get into RPA domain
  • A project management professional, who wish to get into RPA domain

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    Upcoming Batches Schedule

    Start Date Days Timings
    20 July Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
    24 August Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
    21 Sept Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training

    Course Certification

    At the end of the course you will be get a certification of competency