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These drills are part of our IIBA AAC Workbook package. Know more at Agile analysis workbook page.

Agile Analysis Certification Course Details

This course has been designed keeping in mind the professionals, who are new to Agile as well. So, even if you have no understanding of Agile, you can still join this course. We have added a module on agile basics, agile mind set and Scrum basics. This will allow you to prepare for the agile analysis certification with confidence.

The course will be conducted on the weekends and will be conducted by experienced business analysts working in Agile environment. It’s a hands-on course designed to not only prepare you for the certification but to also help you become ready to work as an Agile business analyst in the IT industry.


  •    16-hrs Live Interactive online training
  •    4-weekends course
  •    Free Agile Scrum Basics Course
  •    2-projects
  •    200+ practice questions for AAC exam
  •    TechEdge portal with recorded sessions
  •    Certificate of completion

Agile Analysis (AAC) Preparation Resources

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