Free Business Analyst Courses for Beginners

Free Business Analyst Courses for Beginners

This article lists free business analyst courses for beginners online. Since, these courses are mostly video-based except one of them, which is text-based. In my research, I could not find a completely free business analyst training course anywhere in a structured manner, chapter-wise. But some websites did have multiple business analysis-related videos and I have tried to put them in a sequence for easy viewing and comprehension

These free business analyst courses for beginners online are compiled for professionals, who wish in order to become business analysts. These courses are in no way comprehensive (Freebies can’t be), but they are good resources to get started.

You can straightaway jump to Business Analysis Tutorials for Beginners

Skills You Will Learn in Free Business Analyst Courses

Knowledge and competencies needed by a Business Analyst – It is a must for a business analyst in order to understand the know-how, skills, and competencies that are essential prerequisites to perform this role in an efficient manner.

1. Business Process Management – It is about understanding the business processes and formulating approaches to make the workflows more effective & capable of adapting to changing environments.

2. Requirements Elicitation – It relates to drawing out and capturing requirements from all required stakeholders. So, confirming the results, and managing collaboration among the stakeholders.

3. Requirements Analysis and Modelling – Requirements analysis and modelling pertaining to analyzing the requirements gathered from stakeholders and specifying & modeling requirements in order to represent them in the most appropriate manner.

4. Requirements Documentation – Since It refers to the creation of requirements documents as agreed in the business analysis & project plans, hence, by filling in all required information in an unambiguous, accurate, and complete manner.

5. Business Analysis Tools and Techniques – For instance, It is imperative to have the knowledge and be skillful in using BA tools and techniques related to elicitation, requirements documentation, and other aspects of business analysis.

6. Stakeholder Relationship Management – It relates to identifying, collaborating with, and managing stakeholders who are influencing, interested in, and having an impact on the initiative at hand.

7. Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies – It is essential to understand the various Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies in order to understand the business analysis tasks, required deliverables, governance support, and requirements management.

8. Agile Business Analysis – Agile-based SDLC methodologies require all stakeholders including business analysts in order to understand their roles & responsibilities and skills to be learned to perform their roles efficiently.

IIBA Business Analyst Training Resources

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is a leading certifying agency based in Canada. It conducts online webinars on business analysis topics. Some of these webinars are free for everyone. I have selected a few of them. Hence, go through these to understand the nuances of the business analysis profession and get useful tips on transitioning to a Business Analyst role. These are not in form of a course but the benefits provided are not less than a course.

LinkedIn Business Analyst Training Resources (1-month Free Trial)

I found these videos to be well-made with good explanations. There are multiple free videos and you need to scout through them to figure out, which ones are for entry-level business analysts. So, I have made the list for you, which will get you a start.

Start with: What is Business Analysis?

Next: Requirements Elicitation & Analysis

Next: Handling Requirements in Agile Projects

There are many more videos available but you can access these videos for Free with a 1-month trial only. I feel one month should be good enough to go through these videos.

Smart BA Business Analysis Training Resources

Smart BA has a resource page providing a list of business analyst training materials. These are PDFs or PowerPoint presentations. The PDF documents are arranged into 3 chapters and are useful.

There are other resources as well on this page. You can visit other resources in Business Analyst Training Material.

Srinivas’s Business Analyst Training Videos

This business analyst training is a 6-part series and is a recording of a classroom session. But the recording is good and you can also view the presentation.

Other videos are linked to this video and you can find links on the Youtube page.

BA Experts Business Analyst Training Online

This page has more than 30 videos but again they are not listed in order. So I have selected a few of the videos. Here is my list of business analyst training videos from this website.

1. Start With: Overview of Business Analysis for Information Technology

2. Next: An introduction to business analysis Techniques

3. Next: Business Analysis and System Development Methodologies (SDM)

4. Next: Business Analysis and Waterfall Methodologies

5. Next: Business Analysis and Agile Methodologies

6. Next: How to Identify stakeholders

7. Next: Business Process Analysis

8. Next: Business Data Modelling

9. Next: How to write data and process specifications

You can go through other videos as well once you have gone through these videos.

Bridging the Gap Free Business Analyst Training Course

Laura Brandenburg, the founder of Bridging-the-gap offers a short course on business analysis providing guidance on a business analysis career and some free tips.

This course requires registration and you will receive the video links in the email. Visit more training courses at Bridging the Gap Business analyst training page

Simplilearn Business Analysis Course

Simplilearn’s free Business Analysis Basics course will introduce you to the essential concepts and skills required in order to become a business analyst. By the end of this fundamental course, you will be well versed in the need for business analysts, their skills, their roles & responsibilities, the business analysis process, and the distinction between a business analyst and a data analyst.

The course has 2 hours of self-paced video sessions and you will have 90 days of free access to it. Once you complete the course, you will also be awarded a course completion certificate.

Udemy Business Analysis Courses

One of the leading e-learning platforms Udemy also provides a few free courses and tutorials on business analysis. One such highly rated free tutorial is “What Is Business Analysis for Information Technology (IT)” which provides an overview of business analysis activities and current business analysis techniques in practice.

This course touch upon various areas like the evolution of business analysis over time, business analysis best practices, different requirement types, skills required in order to perform business analysis effectively, tools & techniques needed by a business analyst, and how software development methodologies like Waterfall, Iterative, and Agile affect business analysis activities.

Webinars in Prominent BA Portals

Though not available in the form of a proper course, but there are extremely useful webinars on varied business analysis-relatable topics from seasoned business analysis professionals available on prominent Business Analysis Portals.

Two such key renowned BA Portals on which some really useful and relevant webinars are available for free are Modern Analyst and BA Times.

TECHCANVASS’s Free Business Analysis Fundamentals Course

Techcanvass also offers free business analyst courses for beginners online. These videos are recordings from the online training on the business analyst certification course. These videos are listed on our Blog page in a particular order for better understanding.

I am reproducing the list here with links:

This list may not be the most exhaustive list but I have tried to provide you with a list of free business analyst courses for beginners, which will help you in kick-starting your BA career.


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