Project Management is a growing field with several approaches that a Project Management Professional may opt for depending upon the need of the hour. Similarly,Scrum is an Agile Framework adopted as a Project Management approach in many organizations.

We can say that It is a popular method of Project Planning for software and Product Development Projects as it is basic, uncomplicated, and easy to implement. Scrum Project Management supports continual feedback and user stories, allowing Scrum Masters to better meet the needs of their customers.

Now, every Scrum Team includes a Scrum Master, who is responsible for implementingScrum according to the Scrum Guide and overseeing the Scrum Process. Being a Scrum Master is an exciting job with several perks such as a high Scrum Master Salary along with other benefits. If you want to kickstart your Scrum Master journey, you can enroll in the Agile Scrum Essentials Course offered by Techcanvass.

A Scrum Master is a qualified individual who guides a team through a Project while utilizing Agile Project Management and the Scrum Framework. By making sure theScrum Framework is followed, the Scrum Master assists in facilitatingScrum for the larger team. He or she is dedicated to theScrum principles, but should also be adaptable and receptive to chances for the team to streamline its operations.

In this guide, let us take a closer look at theScrum Master's salary in different parts of the world and everything you need to know about aScrum Master.

How Much Does A Scrum Master Earn?

The Scrum Master’s salary is dependent on many factors such as experience in the field, the company that you are working in, your country, and even your skillset. A lot of factors can influence the salary of a Scrum Master. Here is a detailed guide to help you understand a Scrum master salary as per different Countries, Companies, Experiences, Designation, and Skill Sets.

Scrum Master Salary in India

Here we have a complete salary structure for a Scrum Master in India.

As per Companies

Company Name Average Salary (INR)
Amdocs 1100K-1600K
Accenture 560K-1500K
IBM 1200K-1600K
Oracle 1000K-1200K
Wipro 860K-1300K
TCS 850K-1400K
Dell 800K-1200K
SAP 1200K-1600K
Cognizant 960K-1400K

As per Skill Set

Skills are important criteria that can also influence a Scrum Master’s salary. Both the hard skills and soft skills demonstrate the ability of a Scrum Master to take on the day-to-day responsibilities. Here is an average salary of a Scrum Master based on different skills.

Skills Annual Average Salary (INR)
Business Analysis ₹840,000
JIRA skills ₹13,00,000
Leadership Skills ₹13,88,200
Facilitator skills ₹12,02,444
Agile software development skills ₹12,76,635
Scrum Master skills ₹12,19,369
Project Management Skills ₹12,40,058

As per Location

Job location can also influence the Scrum Master salary. To get a better idea, here is the salary structure of a Scrum Master based on different locations in India.

Location Annual average salary (INR)
Bangalore/Karnataka ₹1,443,153
Delhi ₹1,300,000
Noida, Uttar Pradesh ₹1,175,000
Gurgaon, Haryana ₹1,198,309
Mumbai, Maharashtra ₹1,040,589
Chennai, Tamil Nadu ₹1,077,774
Pune, Maharashtra ₹1,249,533
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh ₹1,200,000

As per Experience

When you’re looking for a new career or changing your existing company, experience is a crucial factor that can influence a Scrum Master’s salary. An experienced professional Scrum Master will almost certainly earn more than a new or mid-level Scrum Master. Based on your expertise, the following is the Scrum Master pay in India:

Experience Annual Average Salary (INR)
Entry-level (0-1 year) ₹727,000
Early-career (1-4 years) ₹798,000
Mid-career (5-9 years) ₹1,000,000
Late-career (10-19 years) ₹1,600,000
Experienced (20+ years) ₹2,000,000

As per Designation

Now the Scrum Master salary can also differ depending upon the different job titles and designations. To give you a brief idea, here is an overview of salaries as per designation.

Designation Salary
Development Manager Rs1,04,058/yr
Product Owner Rs66,639/yr
Program Manager Rs50,000/yr
Project Manager Rs92,770/yr

Scrum Master Salary in Different Countries

If we talk about the Scrum Master salary in different countries, the range can be affected by the currency, the working locations in different countries, and so on. Here is a salary structure of a Scrum master in different countries. These salaries have been sourced from Glassdoor.

Country Annual Average Salary
United States $99,492
Singapore SGD 81,000
Australia A$120K
United Kingdom £54,172
Canada CA$90K
New Zealand NZ$114K
India ₹1,304K

What is The Career Path for A Scrum Master?

The future for the Scrum Master role is bright and full of potential. The World Economic Forum and LinkedIn have both identified Scrum Master as one of the top growing jobs, and LinkedIn has called it one of the most profitable job titles of the twenty-first century.

You can advance to become a Scrum coach, a project manager, a product owner, etc. if you are motivated to grow your abilities while seeking out fresh perspectives and chances, you can explore various job roles as a Scrum Master.

Future Positions of A Scrum Master

Here are some job roles that you can get into if you are a Scrum Master or wish to become one.

1. Product Owner

After being a Scrum Master, you might be an excellent candidate for the position of product owner if you’re interested in the business side of the product. A Product Owner collaborates with a team to create a better product that meets consumer needs. The product owner will be responsible for tasks including budget management and product release planning, among others.

2. Senior Scrum Master

If you are dedicated to providing the best value, assisting your firm in achieving its business objectives, and managing numerous teams through significant resource-intensive projects, this job title is appropriate for you.

3. Agile Coach

An agile coach is capable of guiding a business through the many problems it encounters. Through the different aspects of enterprise coaching, the coach also aids in maximizing ROI. Consider becoming an Agile Coach if you are skilled at encouraging, imparting, and nurturing Agile adoption in a firm.

4. Project Manager

A Scrum Master is different from a project manager, but in non-Agile projects, he or she can assume the position. A skilled Project Manager may inspire the entire team to work hard towards a certain objective. A manager that is knowledgeable about Scrum can effectively lead and support their team.


This guide gives you a complete overview of Scrum Master salary in India and in other countries along with the salary range based on several factors. Techcanvass has the tools you need if all of this Scrum discussion has sparked your interest in pursuing it as a career or up-skilling if you’re already working with Agile or other collaboration approaches. If you liked the guide, let us know in the comment section.

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