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A multi-level test simulator, designed to test your speed, understanding and knowledge.

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Student Testimonials

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Tanushree Das
Senior Consultant, Capgemini

I attended my CCBA Training at Techcanvass. My Trainer was Miss Ela Jha. She was really good with great understanding and have good knowledge about the topic. She used to answer all our questions patiently and used to encourage us to make it an interactive session.

I found the session really interesting and informative where I got to learn the important concept of BABOK. Also, the support staff was good in the responsibility.
Thank You Techcanvass Team.

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Asmita Modwel
Senior Bussiness Analyst at Yoma Bank Yangon Myanmar

I am delighted to say that I passed the CBAP exam in the first attempt. Many thanks to Techcanvass! The training provided by Techcanvass was excellent. Great support from Ela, Brijesh and Nazni in clearing the doubts even after the course ended. Their practice questions and simulation exams are an excellent resource to prepare for the exam.

Knowledge area wise questions helped to understand which areas I was lacking in. For passing the exam, practising the tests was crucial as it helped me gain confidence and be fully prepared for the exam day. I recommend Techcanvass to everyone who is looking for comprehensive training and an extensive question bank at a reasonable price.

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Abirami Muthia
Business Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services

I found the course videos really helpful to kickstart my preparation and to pass my CBAP certification. It was structured well and the content was helpful. The course videos really helped to understand new topics as well.

The question bank and scenarios made it easy to validate our proficiency in the subject. It gave a fair idea on what to expect on the exam day. I recommend Techcanvass for professionals who are aspiring to appear for CBAP.

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Krishna Rao
Business Analyst at Weatherby Healthcare

I have started to use the CBAP question bank recently after finishing my CBAP course from Techcanvass. What I found to be very helpful is the multiple levels of questions. Firstly, I started with simple revision questions and then got into scenario-based questions.

I have not yet started with a case study based questions but that is a different set in the question bank.
I feel Techcanvass should put up a usage guide in the dashboard so that students can understand the objective of all the levels of question bank.

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Vijay Anandh
Senior Business Analyst at novaCITYNETS

The learning experience during the course was intriguing & fascinating. The trainer was mind-blowing in explaining the concepts & techniques, as well as the entire content of BABOK.

I'm glad I have enrolled for this course, because of the trainer, course materials & most importantly, the practice questions(including case study examples). I would recommend Techcanvass to everyone aspiring to appear for CBAP.

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Anh Tram
Senior Business Analyst at FPT Software Company Limited

Techcanvass has been a very helpful companion with me on the way. The course content is detail enough for me to have a overall view about the Knowledge Area and Techniques. This was very helpful for me to study deeper later.

Above all, the kind and in-time support from your team have helped me to clarify any concern regarding anything related to the course and CCBA exam. Once again, I appreciate the effort of your team to help me achieve this very hard certificate. I hope that I'll come back to Techcanvass one day when I want to conquer the CBAP in the future.

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Sylvana Abinakle
PMP, PMI-PBA, CBAP Business Analysis/Project Management at Toronto

I opted for Techcanvass question bank for the CBAP exam and was very pleased to find out how large the bank is and how thorough and diversified the questions are.

The portal is very easy to use and well done. It allows you to generate the questions by specific knowledge area or run an entire exam. You also get scored and see a detailed explanation of the right answers to the questions. I would definitively recommend it as it was very useful and prepared me well for the actual exam and the price is very reasonable & competitive! Also, Techcanvass team was very responsive and Brijesh was very prompt in helping me when I needed assistance. Thank you, Techcanvass Team!

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Ronit Ahuja

I think Techcanvass has launched the test series for CBAP recently. I got it as part of the CBAP radiant package. I started with scenario-based questions as I felt the first level of questions were simple and m good in that.

The questions are good and I can also adjust the time duration to check my speed.
Have heard from colleagues that some of them struggled with timing. So want to make sure.
The case study based questions are the best part, there are more 20 case studies covering multiple areas of BABOK with around 5 questions per case study. I am going to appear for exams soon.

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Maheshwar Prasad

I did the CBAP prep course from Techcanvass and found it to be excellent.

The best part, which is important for everyone, was the case studies used during the sessions to understand the business analysis practice. These case studies also had questions on the pattern of CBAP certification and that was very helpful. The BABOK revision guide is a good resource to revise the preparation.

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Nimesh Patel
Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse Poland

In terms of overall feedback, I found the overall course well-structured and sufficient time made available to help students go through the course and clear their doubts.

Ela, our instructor, was very professional in terms of delivering the course content and has sufficient knowledge to share her personal BA experiences as well. I would like to mention special thanks to the support staff (Brijesh and Nazni) for always being prompt in resolving technical issues as well as course-related questions. Overall, I would highly recommend peers to take BA classes with Techcanvass.

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