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For intensive readiness check

  • •   BABOK v3 compliant
  • •   Knowledge areas wise tests
  • •   Full-length simulated tests
  • •   Answers with explanations
  • •   10% discount for ECBA students

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  • •   BABOK v3 compliant
  • •   Knowledge area wise tests
  • •   Full-length simulated tests
  • •   Answers with explanations
  • •   10% discount for ECBA students

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  • •   BABOK v3 compliant
  • •   Knowledge area wise tests
  • •   Full-length simulated tests
  • •   Answers with explanations
  • •   10% discount for ECBA students

   ECBA Certification Exam simulator overview

The ECBA exam simulator is a simulated ECBA practice tests platform. These ECBA exam questions are based on IIBA BABOK guide version 3.

You can practice with knowledge area wise tests. Once you feel confident, then you can take up full length ECBA tests for maximum benefit.

The ECBA question bank used for this simulator is fairly large and calibrated well for a first attempt success. As per IIBA website, ECBA exam questions are not evenly distributed across the knowledg areas. Weightage of each of the knoledge areas is shown below:

  •   Business Analysis planning and monitoring - 5%

  •   Elicitation and Collaboration - 20%

  •   Requirements Life cycle management - 20%

  •   Strategy Analysis - 5%

  •   Requirements Analysis and Design Definition - 24%

  •   Solution Evaluation - 1%

Key features

The ECBA certification exam simulator has multiple features and some of them are listed below:

  •   The questions are designed keeping in mind the ECBA certification exam pattern

  •   You can take unlimited knowledge area wise tests

  •   Each of the knowledge area wise test will have 20 questions (to be completed in 20 minutes)

  •   We have intentionally kept the duration little less than provided by IIBA

  •   The full-length tests will be 1.5 hrs long and will have 50 questions

  •   The full-length tests will be exactly similar to actual test in terms of questions and duration
  •   The questions are multiple choice and are randomly selected

ECBA Certification Exam FAQ

Yes, it is designed for any one new to business analysis. This certification is applicable for:

  • • Fresh graduates

  • • Experienced professional but with no experience as a business analyst

ECBA Certification exam is a multiple choice questions (MCQ) test. The duration of the ECBA™ exam is 1.5 hours. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions. There is no negative marking so you must try all the questions.

ECBA Certification is based on IIBA BABOK v3 guide. BABOK has six knowledge areas covering the competency of business analysis. It also defines underlying competencies and techniques. BABOK guide is also applicable for CCBA and CBAP Certifications. The ECBA certification coverage is less than CCBA and CBAP certifications. IIBA has defined the following weightages of knowledge areas for ECBA Certification:

  • • Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring – 5%

  • • Elicitation & Collaboration – 20%

  • • Requirements Life Cycle Management – 20%

  • • Strategy Analysis – 5%

  • • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition – 24%

  • • Solution Evaluation – 1%

ECBA Certification exam fees is USD 295 (USD 60 as application fee and USD 235 as exam fee), if you are not an IIBA member. IIBA members have to pay USD 170 (USD 60 as application fee and USD 110 as exam fee). IIBA membership fees depends on the region. India comes under region 3 and the membership fees is USD 55. United States of America is in region 1 and the membership fees is USD 125.
You can check the fees for your country by visiting the IIBA membership page:
IIBA Global membership fees

You can take this test anywhere and don’t need to go to any centre. These exams are conducted by PSI.

Student Testimonials

as on Google Page

Shatakshi Agrawal

Techcanvass test series helped me gain confidence in cracking my ECBA certification exam! The questions in the mock meet quality standards! Happy to recommend techcanvass to all the prospective candidates!


Amol Pahuja

It is with great gratitude that I would like to convey my thanks to you for running and organization like TechCanvass. I have recently appeared for the ECBA certification by IIBA and had taken your test series to prepare for the same. I feel glad to inform you that I have cleared the certification and the test series has been of great help to me. The provision that we can save the status of the test and continue later was really good.


Brian Farmer, Australia

Thank you for enquiring about my experience. I certainly appreciate your assistance in resolving my earlier concerns about the platform.

As you know, I was initially disappointed with the platform due to the display issues I experienced with the questions being truncated or missing the relevant images.
However, I was very pleased with how you handled my enquiry and resolved the issue.
I am happy to say that I have passed the exam. As of 5 September 2017, those taking the online tests through PSI are now informed of a Pass/Fail result immediately on conclusion of the examination.
As it happens the pass mark turned out to be approximately 60% instead of the 80% mark you have listed. - That said studying towards the 80% mark has ensured I have thoroughly learned the material.
Overall I found the test series an extremely useful and beneficial study aid. Well done.

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Vinay Banpel

The test series was effective for passing ECBA exam successfully. The exam questions were in line with the test bank provided by Tech Canvass. The response on my queries were answered quickly. I would recommend Tech Canvass for Business Analysis coaching.

as on Google Page

Sandeep Kumar

Exam simulator is good tool, this improved confidence before taking the exam.


Purva Arvindekar

I completed a ECBA course with Techcanvas this month. It was a internet coaching class - but was as great as a classroom with direct contact. The admission process is efficient and quickly you get access to the learning systems.

The tutors are very good with the content - give multiple case studies, examples, class room problem solving to make you understand concepts clearly.

A intensive program with perfect focus on learning and revision simultaneously to enable you get the desired certification. The course also has a unique test simulator which was extremely helpful and makes the actual certification exam look like SUPER EASY to crack.

The support groups and other members who coordinate for the project completion and test completion are great too. The material / slides / reading they provide is extremely helpful.

Value for money - perfect timeline - Very professional Institute!

Thanks to Tech canvas Im a certified ECBA professional . Im confident I will do my CCBA with techCanvas. Thank you Abhishek sir and team!

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