Our CBAP training course is an IIBA Endorsed CBAP Certification Preparation Training program. This course comprises of live online CBAP classes, 1200+ Mock Questions, 25+ Case Studies, chapter wise quizzes and BABOK Drills.

The training program includes workshops for questions solving as a special feature. Many of our students have got certified in the very first attempt using our approach.

Key elements of this course are as follows :

  • • Get 35-hrs PD
  • • 1200+ Questions
  • • 4-Full length tests
  • • BABOK short revision tables
  • • BABOK Revision Guide
  • • 25+ case studies
  • • Chapter wise tests



Complete BABOK v3 Coverage

Live Online training to cover BABOK v3 in depth by CBAP certified Professionals (35 hrs PD approved).

Workshop - Solving Scenario based Questions

Dedicated Workshops to help you learn the tricks of answering Scenario based questions.

Workshop - Solving Case-Study based Questions

Additional Workshops to help you learn optimized way to answering Case- study based questions.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Get your questions answered in special sessions. Leave nothing to chance.

180-days access to Online Sessions (Flexi-Pass)

You will have access to the Online Training sessions for 180-days. No Questions Asked.

Why Become a Certified Business Analyst Professional?

CBAP Certification is an advanced-level credential for experienced Business Analyst Professionals who wish to advance their careers and learn about the industry’s best practices. Here are some benefits of why you should become a Certified Business Analyst Professional.

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According to the salary survey report published by IIBA, the average salary for a CBAP professional is $121,364. Moreover, according to Glassdoor, a CBAP can earn about $119,618.

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With a CBAP certification in your hands, here’s how your growth journey can look like.

  •  • A traditional Business Analyst to a Senior Business Analyst, to an architect, and to a Senior Business Architect.
  •  • Similarly in an agile setting, a Business Analyst may go on to the top to become a CIO.

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Employers are looking for candidates with experience, knowledge, and right business analysis skills, the CBAP certification helps to validate your skills and knowledge. Hence, you can enjoy good job opportunities.

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Once you gain the CBAP Certification, you can enjoy new opportunities to connect with other business analysts around the world and enjoy great networking.

Course Features

Instructor-led Online Sessions


Bank (1000+)

Chapter Drills

CBAP Revision


Flash Cards


Skills Covered

  •   Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  •   Strategy Analysis
  •   Elicitation and Collaboration
  •   Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  •   Solution Evaluation
  •   Requirements Lifecycle Management
  •   Perspectives
  •   Underlying Competencies
  •   Business Analysis Key Concepts
  •   All 50 Techniques

Course Preview

Live Online Training

BAPM – Plan Business Analysis Approach
BAPM – Plan Business Analysis Information Management
Case Study – Plan Business analysis approach

On-Demand Course

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring Overview
Task 1: Plan Business Analysis Approach
Case Study: Plan Business Analysis Approach
Strategy Analysis Overview

CBAP Course Syllabus

The key skills covered in this course are aligned to the BABOK version 3. Check the detailed CBAP course syllabus below:

CBAP Course Introduction

• CBAP certification overview

• CBAP Application process

• BABOK Guide

• CBAP Exam overview

• Course Overview and approach

Key Concepts and terminologies

• Business Analysis practice

• Key Concepts of business analysis

• Core Concepts (BACCM)

CBAP Knowledge Areas

• CBAP Knowledge areas and their importance

• Scope of each Knowledge area

Business Analysis Planning and


(This Course module will cover the knowledge area, its tasks,
key elements of each tasks, guidelines and tools as per BABOK guide v3)

• What is business analysis planning and monitoring

• Core concepts and BAPM

• BAPM process

• BAPM tasks(All the elements of the tasks)

  • o Plan Business Analysis Approach
  • o Conduct Stakeholder Analysis
  • o Plan Business Analysis Activities
  • o Plan Business Analysis Communication
  • o Plan Requirements Management Process
  • o Manage Business Analysis Performance

• Chapter Quiz

Elicitation and Collaboration

(This Course module will cover the knowledge area, its tasks, and key elements of each tasks,
guidelines and tools as per BABOK guide v3)

• What is Elicitation & collaboration

• Core concepts and E&C

• E&C Process

• E&C tasks(All the elements of the tasks)

  • o Prepare for Elicitation
  • o Conduct Elicitation
  • oConfirm Elicitation Results
  • o Communicate business analysis information
  • oManage stakeholder collaboration

• Chapter Quiz

Requirements Lifecycle Management

(This Course module will cover the knowledge area, its tasks, key elements of each tasks,
guidelines and tools as per BABOK guide v3)

• Overview of knowledge area

• Core concepts and RLCM

• RLCM Process

• RLCM tasks(All the elements of the tasks)

  • o Trace requirements
  • o Maintain Requirements
  • oPrioritize requirements
  • o Assess Requirements
  • oApprove Requirements

• Chapter Quiz

Strategy Analysis

(This Course module will cover the knowledge area, its tasks, key elements of each tasks,
guidelines and tools as per BABOK guide v3)

• Overview of Strategy Analysis

• Core concepts and Strategy Analysis

• Strategy Analysis process

• Strategy tasks (All the elements of the tasks)

  • o Analyze current state
  • o Define future state
  • oAssess Risks
  • o Define Change strategy

• Chapter Quiz

Requirements Analysis and design


(This Course module will cover the knowledge area, its tasks, key elements of each tasks,
guidelines and tools as per BABOK guide v3)

• Overview of knowledge area

• Core concepts and RADD

• RADD Process

• RADD tasks(All the elements of the tasks)

  • o Specify and Model Requirements
  • o Verify Requirements
  • oValidate Requirements
  • o Define Requirements Architecture
  • o Define design options
  • o Analyse potential value and recommend solution

• Chapter Quiz

Solution Evaluation

(This Course module will cover the knowledge area, its tasks,
key elements of each tasks, guidelines and tools as per BABOK guide v3)

• Overview of knowledge area

• Core concepts and Solution evaluation

• Solution evaluation Process

• Solution evaluation tasks (All the elements of the tasks)

  • • Measure Solution performance
  • • Analyse performance measures
  • • Assess solution limitations
  • • Assess Enterprise limitations
  • • Recommend actions to increase solution value

• Chapter Quiz

Underlying Competencies

In this module, we are going to discuss the business analysis perspectives.
BABOK guide v3 has mentioned about five perspectives and we will be covering all of them:

• IT Projects

• Agile

• Business Process management

• Business Intelligence

• Business Architecture


(As this course is designed for experienced BAs,
we believe that they have already been using most of the techniques so this section will be a revision and overview)

Some of the Techniques, we are going to cover are as follows:

• All Techniques

• Chapter Quizzes


• IT Projects

• Agile

• Business Process management

• Business Intelligence

• Business Architecture

CBAP exam taking strategy

Case studies will be discussed in the course from the 20+ case studies provided in the TechEdge portal.

• Case Study discussion

• Case study questions

Our Course Faculties

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Gireesh Subramonian

Senior Business Analyst,CBAP/CPOA Certified

Gireesh Subramonian is a Senior Business Analyst / Product Owner who has over 17 years of experience and worked with global clients in various domains such as Global Markets, Tax, Insurance, eGovernance and Outsourcing at onshore and offshore. He has completed CBAP® and CPOA® credentials from IIBA and designated as Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) from Life Office Management Association (LOMA), USA. He has completed his MBA from ICFAI, Tripura.

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Satheesh S.

Senior Business Analyst,CBAP

Satheesh S. holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Science. He is CBAP Certified Business Analyst with 12 years of experience in Business Analysis and Product Management. He has worked on large system Implementation projects across verticals - Retail Banking, Telecommunication, Incentive Compensation, Taxation and Software License Management. Passionate with a strong work ethic and a can-do attitude, fostering teamwork with highly infectious energy and smile.

CBAP Course Duration and Details

The CBAP online training classes are conducted over the weekends. The schedule for the batches is show below:

CBAP Live Online Training (Radiant)

  •  6-months to Online Sessions (Flexi-Pass)         
  •  Application form filling assistance        
  •  TechEdge Portal Access 1-year (Extendable)
  •  BABOK quick Revision tables
  •  CBAP Question Bank
      800 Questions, 2 Full length Simulations

CBAP Preparation Add-ons

  •  Special Mock Questions Practice
  •  BABOK Short revision tables
  •  800 Questions          
  •  2 full length simulations         
  •  15 Case Studies

Course Fees

(Please Select Currency)


[GST Extra]

₹ 14,850

₹ 16,500

(10% OFF)

To get the Early Bird Discount, Check "Upcoming CBAP Batches" Section Below

CBAP Live Online Training (Ultimate)

  •  6-months to Online Sessions (Flexi-Pass)     
  •  Application form filling assistance
  •  TechEdge Portal Access 1-year(Extendable)
  •  BABOK quick Revision tables
  •  CBAP Question Bank
      1200 Questions, 4 Full length Simulations
  •  Mind Maps                                  
  •  Flashcards
  •  CrossWord and Match-making Drills

CBAP Preparation Add-ons

  •  Special Mock Questions Practice
  •  BABOK Short revision tables
  •  1200 Questions
  •  4 full length simulations
  •  25 Case Studies

Course Fees

(Please Select Currency)


[GST Extra]

₹ 16,400

₹ 20,500

(20% OFF)

To get the Early Bird Discount, Check "Upcoming CBAP Batches" Section Below

Group Discounts Available

For a Group of 2, each get 5% discount.

For a Group of 3 or more, each get 10% discount.

Contact us to avail the discount.

CBAP Self Learning Course

Upcoming CBAP Batches

Time Zone:

Scroll right to see more.

Start Date Days Timings Early Bird
Discounted price
02 July 2022 Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 AM - 10:00 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
5% off  (Valid Till 26th June)
Use code CBAP1922
30 July 2022 Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 PM - 10:00 PM ( IST ) Live Online Training
5% off  (Valid Till 24th July)
Use code CBAP1222
20 August 2022 Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 AM - 10:00 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
5% off  (Valid Till 14th August)
Use code CBAP1622
17 September 2022 Sat - Sunday (EST/PST/IST) 07:30 PM - 10:00 PM ( IST ) Live Online Training
5% off  (Valid Till 11th September)
Use code CBAP0722

All Timings are based on IST

You can attend the classes from any part of the world, check your country here:

United States, India, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Nigeria, South Africa, Germany,

CBAP Course PDU Certificate

At the end of the course, you will get a certification of competency in CBAP.


Student Testimonials

Use the scrollbar to navigate right for more.

Course Review by Student
Chitra menon
CBAP Certified
Business Analyst at ERP International

Really happy with the overall experience of my CBAP training program at Techcanvass. I think the online portal with the recorded video sessions are helpful, the course materials and the sample quizzes are really great. Above all the customer service/ support team is really amazing.

Course Review by Student
Soumya Sethy
CBAP Certified
Business Analyst at The Boeing Company

Overall training experience is great with extremely organized content, it helped me interpret the Babok in most effortless way. It was really worth it to wake up at early hour of the weekend morning to consume knowledge from the wonderful facilitator Satheesh, Support teams response is quick. thanks.

Course Review by Student
Prachi S
CBAP Certified
Business Analyst at Alchemy Technology Services

Techcanvass CBAP prep course provided comprehensive support we require, from filling up the form to give the exam. They were support system throughout the preparation time. Experienced trainers not just made it easy to understand BABOK, but also made me a better BA.Recorded sessions allowed me to concentrate on what is most important for studying for the exam.

Mind maps were the perfect visual aid to remember structure of the chapters, test series was very close to real exam case studies.
Besides this, their unparalleled quick support anytime of the day even after subscription was over, was beyond expectations.
Seminar, YouTube videos, study group of of these kept me motivated to achieve my goal. I joined for ECBA but ends up passing CBAP in first attempt.

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Course Review by Student
Lead Business Analyst at BNB Paribas

Techcanvass video tutorial: it has helped me to understand all the critical concepts from BABOK, The question bank has made me read BABOK again and again, which has actually clicked during the exam.
Special thanks to Nazni khan for her always ready-to-help attitude!"

Course Review by Student
Senior Business Analyst at Doo technology My Sdn Bhd

I find the questions bank indeed helpful for CBAP exam preparation especially the full simulated test, it was very helpful not only just testing out the user performance, at the same time building confidence and also provide very good preparation materials.

I liked the Performance Dashboard it is very helpful to do test analysis and statistics that points out user’s strength and weakness based on chapters, also reminds user to focus on their weak chapter.

Read More
Course Review by Student
Auxilia Judy
is now CBAP Certified

I am happy that I cleared CBAP last week. I joined Techcanvass online class 5 months back. Our instructor Satheesh made BABAOK reading engaging and effortless. He kept the class very much interactive and provided substantial explanations and examples to connect and relate. The LMS system provided by Techcanvass is quite comprehensive. I liked the part where it allows to save the test halfway and finish it at a later time.

Brijesh was very helpful in every step right from joining Techcanvass till my completion. I owe this success to our instructor Satheesh who made BABOK reading easy and all the valuable inputs and encouraging words that made a difference. Thank you Satheesh, Brijesh, and the entire Techcanvass team.

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Course Review by Student
Manideepa Chatterjee
is now CBAP Certified

I have over 18 years of experience in the IT industry and a large part of it as a lead business analyst. I always wanted to take the CBAP certification and decided to register for the exam in the fall of 2020.As I started to go through the process I realized it will take more than just professional experience to crack the exam. I made the right choice and enrolled in Techcanvass.

My experience with Techcanvass has been positive and excellent from the start.

  • The training sessions gave me a map as to how to go about preparing for the exam.
  • There was a wealth of resources in the website to revise the BABOK content.
  • The test series was very helpful in revising the concepts. After doing the tests I got a good understanding of which parts of the book I need to work on a bit more and also the kind of questions to expect.
  • Attempting case study questions before the actual exam gave me confidence about the timing and speed at which I need to give to each question.

Overall I would highly recommend enrolling in Techcanvass before taking any IIBA certification. A big thank you to Techcanvass team for making my CBAP certification journey so enjoyable and smooth.

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Course Review by Student
Debjani Ray Goswami

My experience with the training was very good. I had enrolled for CBAP training. Before I joined the training I tried reading BABOK on my own, but it didn’t make much sense to me. But at Techcanvaas, our trainer Satheesh, made BABOK really interesting and after each training session when I started reading the Knowledge areas, it made much more sense and kept me motivated to read the book.

The LMS portal is beautifully organized, where the contents that you need are easily accessible.
The support team was very helpful. They were accessible via WhatsApp and phone call. All our meetings were scheduled on time and I did not face any issues in attending the meetings.
I would rate Techcanvass with 5 and recommend anyone aspiring to take the CBAP /CCBA certification to definitely join the institute. Our trainer Satheesh was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He kept every class very interesting with lot of real life examples.

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Course Review by Student
Mahalakshmi Chandrasekar

Training was very useful and informative. All sessions were taken in interactive way and was able to relate with the practical work. Clear details were provided to face the exam. The trainer is good knowledgeable and inspiring person to solve all challenges that I had in understanding the BABOK and CBAP.

LMS Portal was very well organized and maintained with valuable information and guides to always refer it at quick time. Thanks for the sessions.

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Course Review by Student
Latoya Barnett
is now CBAP Certified

Techcanvass CBAP self-paced course and Test Series were of great help in preparing me for my CBAP exam. The videos are well-structured and very detailed and there are testing options to test, not only your knowledge and understanding, but also your speed.

The case study based questions and mock exams were also a great help in preparing and helped me to uncover any gaps in my conceptual understanding. In addition to all this, Techcanvass also conducts regular free live online events that allows you to focus on a specific knowledge area and gain a better understanding.

I would highly recommend Techcanvass for anyone aspiring to take the CBAP exam. It is extremely useful and the price is very reasonable. I'll definitely be attending other courses being offered in the future.

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Course Review by Student
Md. Abu Al Syeed Shikder
is now CBAP Certified

Regarding CBAP question bank, I found it very useful. It gave me closer look to the real exam. I found real exam question level were at the same level with this question bank. For CBAP success.

I request all the aspirants to go through this question bank. This worked for me and I thank all the people of Techcanvass for the guidance and cordial assistance.

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Course Review by Student
Harsh Jayara
Technical Project Manager

I am very happy to share that I cleared by CBAP certification in June 2021. I subscribed to their "CBAP On-demand Course (Ultimate)" package. The sessions were very interactive, the trainer constantly made the participants think over the underlying concepts that was further supplemented by easy to relate examples.

Their vast question bank was the biggest game changer for me, I personally found that if you score a 75% + in Techcanvass simulation exams, you are well prepared to attempt the actual CBAP exam. The support team was extra helpful in catering to my requests, they were not only prompt in responding but put in extra words to motivate me for the exam. A big thanks to the entire Techcanvass team, I owe you guys this one.

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Course Review by Student
Asmita Modwel
Senior Business Analyst at Yoma Bank Yangon Myanmar

I am delighted to say that I passed the CBAP exam in the first attempt. Many thanks to Techcanvass! The training provided by Techcanvass was excellent. Great support from Ela, Brijesh and Nazni in clearing the doubts even after the course ended.

Read More
Course Review by Student
Saurabh Saxena
Key Account Manager at Mintra Group

My name is Saurabh Saxena and I have successfully completed the CBAP training course with Techcanvas Academy and pleased to say that I have cleared the CBAP examination as well.

All the training session were absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. The virtual learning experience was very well set-up. It’s difficult to deliver but Satheesh pulled it off well, really a big thanks to Satheesh - You have done a wonderful job and I appreciate your efforts specially with all your story telling methodology – a great interactive engagement. He went at the perfect pace for both beginners and those with previous knowledge. I especially appreciated how inclusive he was in keeping everyone on track and answering questions promptly.
A big thanks to Nazni and Brijesh to guide me during this journey since I sign up for the course till I cleared the exam. The LMS is well structured and cover all details like how to fill your application form;all the recorded sessions;practice test, real life case studies etc to name a few. What I like most is you can create your own exam as well by choosing different number of questions from a specific KA to brush up your knowledge and to gauge what you have learn so far and how you are responding in the case scenario from BABOK prospective.
My advice to all aspirants. 1. target a date when you want to write the exam and then book the slot once you complete the training because that will motivate you to take time to read, practice and there is always a reminder – how many days left? 2. if possible don’t opt for proctoring and better to go to an approved center. It’s very annoying because even if you are trying thinking and seeing away from the screen immediately you will be instructed to look on screen or turn around the camera etc– that kills your tempo. 3. Most importantly, while writing the exam please don’t even dare to think, considering a real world scenario just think from BABOK prospective only – that’s it. 4. Questions will be a mix of case and scenario based questions, there will be 4/5 questions on a single case but scenarios based are short cases – I attempted the scenario based first that gives you a confidence that you have completed x number of questions as time is essence. 5. While attempting the case based questions – please take your time to read the case very carefully & quickly because don’t try to read the text again and again while attempting those 4/5 questions about that specific case. Some cases might need mathematical calculations as well like NPV and ROI. 6. At least attempt 2-3 full length mock test before appearing for your final examination. Don’t waste time getting stuck into one question, just flag it and move to next question otherwise it’s hard to attempt all questions because it’s simple mathematics – 210 minutes and 120 questions so we got perfect 1.75 minute to answer and also we need to consider the time to read those cases. 7. Read the Techcanvas PPT as they are an excellent and very good to revise the topics.
I highly recommend Techcanvas if you are going for BA certifications.

Read More
Course Review by Student
Nebu Varghese

The training was really good. the trainer did a real good job. I had attended a corporate program with another provider on CBAP previously, compared to that Satheesh was really awesome.

He made the concepts crystal clear in a way that we could clearly identify with our day to day working, which is what made all the difference because understanding the BABOK otherwise is an uphill task. Since it is all drab theory unless you are able to relate, it makes it very difficult (and impossible) to proceed with learning I had previously stopped with the certification attempts due to the same reason that i was not able to relate to the concepts Satheesh really helped on that front. Kudos to him. LMS and support team were great i would rate 5 out of 5.

Read More
Course Review by Student
Remya Ajesh
Test Analyst at MUFG Bank via Kelly services

The overall training experience was good. Got in-depth insight about the CBAP certification which led me to clear CBAP Examination. This course helped me get a clear understanding of the concepts. Trainers were really good. They helped us clarify all our queries and guide us through the concepts.

The course was well structured and was delivered in a well paced manner. The live session experience was similar to that of a classroom session. People were allowed to interrupt and ask queries. It was very much interactive session rather than one sided delivery. I would like to appreciate Techcanvas for allowing me to access the recording sessions from Satish’s training, upon my request. Also would like to thank Techcanvass for helping me through application process. LMS app is really helpful as I can access the training recordings as and when required.

Read More
Course Review by Student
Ahmed Labhan
Senior Application Consultant at Ali Bin Ali Group

I have done with CBAP Certification Training at Techcanvass. First of all, the course is great and the schedule was amazing and fits everyone. Secondly, a big thanks to the instructor Ela as she has been so helpful, informative and professional
I would like to rate it as 5 stars and would definitely recommend it.

Course Review by Student
Kalpesh Avlani
Business Solutions Analyst at University of Regina(Canada)

All the team members of TechCanvas are fantastic. They answered my queries right from preparing the exam until the day of the exam. I am really happy that everyone is in touch with me through the WhatsApp group.

Course Review by Student
Kaushal Damle
Senior Consultant at Mindtree Ltd

I attended the online classroom sessions and I really appreciate the way the course is structured keeping the exam in view always, also the way trainer (Ela) presented was very focused and goal-oriented, really appreciate the efforts.

Course Review by Student
Nimesh Patel
Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse Poland

In terms of overall feedback, I found the overall course well-structured and sufficient time made available to help students go through the course and clear their doubts. Ela, our instructor, was very professional in terms of delivering the course

content and has sufficient knowledge to share her personal BA experiences as well. I would like to mention special thanks to the support staff (Brijesh and Nazni) for always being prompt in resolving technical issues as well as course-related questions. Overall, I would highly recommend peers to take BA classes with Techcanvass.

Read More
Course Review by Student
Abirami Muthia
Business Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

I found the course videos really helpful to kickstart my preparation and to pass my CBAP certification. It was structured well and the content was helpful. The course videos really helped to understand new topics as well.

The question bank and scenarios made it easy to validate our proficiency in the subject. It gave a fair idea on what to expect on the exam day. I recommend Techcanvass for professionals who are aspiring to appear for CBAP.

Read More
Course Review by Student
Vijay Anandh
Senior Business Analyst at novaCITYNETS

The learning experience during the course was intriguing & fascinating. The trainer was mind-blowing in explaining the concepts & techniques, as well as the entire content of BABOK. I'm glad I have enrolled for this course, because of the trainer, course materials & most importantly, the practice questions(including case study examples). I would recommend Techcanvass to everyone aspiring to appear for CBAP.

Course Review by Student
Kavitha Mohan
Assistant Manager at Incentives Process at Mashreq Bank

I really had a great experience with Techcanvass on my CBAP online learning and really appreciate your great support - timely and to the point. It really was a wonderful experience for me.and for sure I would like to recommend Techcanvass to my peers

Course Review by Student
Alfred Wright
Functional Business Analyst at DXC Technology

Thank you for your assistance with my CBAP training. A special thanks to Nazni for her assistance and exceptional customer service.
Techcanvass online training and material have helped me gain a good understanding of BABOK knowledge areas for my CBAP certification.

Techcanvass has a great team and has provided me with excellent assistance with all my queries.
Trainers Abhishek and Ella are good at teaching business analysis and have some nice videos on Youtube free of cost too. I hope to come back for more training.

Read More
Course Review by Student
Sylvana Abinakle
Lead Business Analyst at Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General Universite de Montreal

I opted for Techcanvass question bank for the CBAP exam and could complete CBAP certification successfully;I was very pleased to find out how large the bank is and how thorough and diversified the questions are.

The portal is very easy to use and well done. It allows you to generate the questions by specific knowledge area or run an entire exam.You also get scored and see a detailed explanation of the right answers to the questions. I would definitively recommend it as it was very useful and prepared me well for the actual exam and the price is very reasonable & competitive!
Also, Techcanvass team was very responsive and Brijesh was very prompt in helping me when I needed assistance. Thank you, Techcanvass Team!

Read More

CBAP Course Details

What are timings on CBAP online


The online training sessions are conducted on the weekends i.e. on Saturdays and Sundays. The batch timings are from 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM (Indian Standard Time).

We are planning to start the batches from 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM Indian start time, again on Saturdays and Sundays.

What is the duration CBAP online


The duration of the batches are 7 weeks with 5 hours of classes every weekend.

Do we have any other sessions in

addition to the live online classes?

Yes, we do conduct online webinars twice a month covering a range of topics relating to BABOK, Business Analysis, Agile Business Analysis and more..

These sessions are free for our registered students.

Are the trainers CBAP certified?

Yes, all our trainers, who conduct online CBAP batches, are CBAP certified and are selected after a multi-step selection process. In fact, our trainers are v3 certified, which is the latest version of certification.

Does the trainer also take up CBAP mock

questions for practice?

Of course, the trainers do take up mock questions (both scenario based and case study based) in the training program. These questions are taken up for practice and to help you understand the approach to solve them.

Are real-life examples and case studies

covered in the online sessions?

Yes, every chapter has real-life examples and case studies. These are integral part of teaching approach. The real-life examples and case studies, help in connecting the concepts with the application.

CBAP and CCBA exams are based on application of concepts and hence it is important to learn through these examples and cases.

Our question bank also has case study based questions and a complete new section is also added with 25+ case studies.

BABOK for CBAP Preparation

What Is BABOK?

The abbreviation BABoK stands for Business Analysis Body of Knowledge. It includes a description of generally accepted business analysis practices. The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) in Canada publishes it. Practitioners have extensively verified the contents of the BABoK Handbook. Business analysis planning and monitoring, SWOT technique, Brainstorming, MOST technique, and concept modeling are a few of the techniques that are mentioned in BABOK.

How do you read a BABOK?

The first 10-14 days should be spent completing the BABOK Guide. It's a solid first round of study. After that, work on chapter-based practice questions for 5-7 days. After that, go over the chapters in the BABOK Guide again.

Is BABOK a Framework?

Yes, it is a framework. Developed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). This framework elaborates what business analysis is, what responsibilities are performed as part of business analysis, and what techniques and competencies are suitable to perform the tasks. For example, discussing requirements, using modeling techniques, creating Requirement Specification Document, etc

What Is the latest version of BABOK?

BABOK Version 3.0 is the latest version which was published on April 15th, 2015.

Is BABOK enough for CBAP?

The BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) is a comprehensive reference that will provide you with all the theoretical knowledge you'll need to pass the CBAP exam. However, you'll also need real-world experience working as a Business Analyst, solving real-world problems. Without BABOK, you will almost certainly fail the CBAP exam, but relying solely on it will not help you pass the certification exam. We recommend enrolling in our best CBAP online training which offers 1200+ Questions, 4-Full length tests, 25+ Case Studies, BABOK Revision Guide & Chapter-wise Tests, etc

Should a beginner in Business Analyst read all BABOK Versions 1 to 3?

Version 3.0 of the BABOK Guide, of course. Version 2.0, on the other hand, is much easier to understand than version 3.0, and it will help you lay the groundwork for version 3.0 rapidly.Both books have the same structure in terms of task and knowledge area. However, there are a few distinctions.
Change, Need, Solution, Stakeholders, Value, and Context are part of the Business Analysis Core Concept. This is true in every field of study. Task has two new additions: a guideline and a tool. Knowledge areas have been renamed, and new information has been added. Planning for elicitation, for example, contains domain knowledge and relevant preparation that were missing in previous versions.

What is the Key Purpose of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK)?

According to version 2 of the BABOK, “Various duties and functions are used to glue the information between stakeholders and business persons to understand the structure, policies and suggest solutions to enable the growth of the organization."
BABOK is a widely used knowledge bank that provides real business problems in a simpler way for any sector of an organization. For example, the same business analysis activities and methodologies apply whether a corporation decides to build a new mine, purchase a competitor, or develop a new software program.

What are the Six Knowledge Areas of BABOK?

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring, Elicitation and Collaboration, Requirements Life Cycle Management, Requirements Analysis and Design Definition, Strategy Analysis and Solution Evaluation are the six knowledge domains covered by the BABOK.

Does Your Course cover every chapter of BABOK for CBAP preparation?

Our CBAP training course covers every chapter of BABOK, including perspectives and it is completely aligned with BABOK V3.

CBAP Certification and Course FAQ

Is this CBAP Training program an

IIBA Endorsed Course?

Yes, Techcanvass is an Endorsed education provider, and this course is IIBA Endorsed and will provide you 35-hrs of professional development (PD) hours.

What is the validity of these 35 PDs?

Do I need to use them immediately?

These PDs are valid for four years from the date of completion of course or work, which earned you these 35 hours. IIBA will ask for the completion date from you, which you can get from the Training Academy from where you completed this course.

What if my CBAP application is


If your application is rejected, you will lose the application fees of USD 125 as it is non-refundable. However, your membership status does not change. For re-filling, you need to pay USD 125 again.

Does this course include practice


Yes, we have created a simulated test environment for you to practice. You can take the test as many times as possible. There are good number of questions in the question bank.
You can try sample CBAP exam questions.

Do you also have a self-study course

on CBAP? My schedule is such that

I can't attend even the weekend classes.

Yes, we have a CBAP on-demand course, which includes all the features on CBAP online training as well. The sessions are created from actual sessions. So, these sessions are quite detailed.
We have divided these sessions into chapters as per BABOK and have also provided Chapter-wise questions.

Where can I take the CBAP

Certification exam?

CBAP exam can be taken online from Jan 2020. Now, you don't need to go to any test centres to take the examination. The exams are online proctored exam and can be taken from the home. You need to have a personal computer with Internet connectivity, a camera, and an unobstructed sitting area. Check IIBA.ORG for more details.

How do I get CBAP


CBAP Preparation requires a structure approach and time. The preparation revolves around BABOK (Business Analysis body of knowledge) and needs a thorough understanding of the book. In addition to that, you also need to practice with questions and drills to be ready for the exam. Here is a detailed article on the CBAP preparation approach:

Is CBAP certification


The best way to understand the value is to look at the data. Here is the result of IIBA Salary Survey 2020, which shows the value of certifications and clearly, there are values which goes beyond salary. Confidence at work and greater fulfillment at work are certainly great value of a certification.

Specifically CBAP certification has a distinctive advantage in terms of salary as shown by the following survey result:

Who can do CBAP


Any business analysis professional having 5+ years of work experience is eligible for this certification. The certification preparation will help you learn the Business analysis best practices and the ability to use them in your day-to-day life. It helps in developing more confidence as a professional.

What is the passing

score for CBAP?

IIBA does not reveal the passing percentage but one thing is worth noting – its not about the passing percentage but getting a minimum score in all the six knowledge areas. So even if you have 90% in one knowledge area but very low in two others, you will be getting the certification. So the focus should be to do well in all the knowledge areas.

What are the salient features

of Techcanvass’s CBAP Training?

We focus on helping you get this certification in the first attempt. This requires more than just the lectures. So we conduct regular mock practice sessions and doubt clearing sessions. As the preparation can get overwhelming at times.

We also have regular webinars on BABOK and related topics to help you get Industry expert’s perspective on Business analysis practices. This is important from the application perspective.

In addition to that, we have developed preparation resources, which has worked for many in the past like Question Bank, Drills, Study Guide, Mind maps, Flash cards etc.

From the CBAP examination

perspective, which of the chapters

are most important?

The CBAP exam questions are almost evenly distributed across the knowledge areas. As per IIBA website, the number of questions from each chapter would be as per the following distribution:

Business analysis planning and monitoring 14%
Elicitation and collaboration 12%
Requirements life cycle management 15%
Strategy analysis 15%
Requirements analysis and design definition 30%
Solution evaluation 14%

Is CBAP Course from Techcanvass

eligible for 35-hrs PD?

Yes, This course is eligible for 35-hrs of professional development (PD) units.

What is the CBAP certification fees?

The CBAP certification fees comprise of three parts – membership fees, application fees, and exam fees. So, the total fees for CBAP varies from $505 to $575. The variation in the fees is because of the membership fees which depends on your country of residence.
You can find a more detailed explanation on our CBAP Certification cost page.

What do I get in this course apart

from the training sessions?

This course provides you several resources. Our panel of experts has created these to help you prepare for the certification. These resources include:

  • • Chapter-wise warm-up questions
  • • Chapter-wise drill-down questions
  • • Full-length simulated tests
  • • Answers with explanations
  • • Performance analysis dashboard
  • • BABOK revision Guide
  • • BABOKDrills (Crosswords, Match-making, Flashcards)

Do you aid in filling up the CBAP

application form? As I have heard

that IIBA is very strict on that?

Yes, we do help you in filling up the application form. Any of our training faculties will guide you to fill the form correctly.

What is the CBAP exam format?

As per IIBA website, The CBAP® exam is 3.5 hours long and consists of 120 multiple choice questions. The questions are case study-based (i.e. longer cases (1-1.5 pages) of information) with multiple questions about the case.

Is the CBAP exam


CBAP Exam questions are not direct questions from BABOK. All the questions are designed to test your knowledge from application perspective. Can you apply your understanding in a real-life scenario? This aspect of the exam brings the level of difficulty. However, you can handle this by focusing on understanding the concepts well and mapping the tasks to the a given situation.

From the passing percentage perspective also, the success rate is not as high as other certifications like Scrum Master.

Which is better


This comparison is not a meaningful comparison as CBAP is a Business analysis certification whereas PMP is a Project Management certification. PMP is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) where CBAP is offered by IIBA, Canada. Both of these are well-reputed institutions and have been working towards growth of Project management and Business Analysis professions.

If you like managing team and taking ownership of a complete change initiative, go for PMP. If you are into requirements specialization and problem solving, you should go for CBAP.

What is the difference

between CBAP and CCBA?

The CBAP and CCBA difference lies primarily in the eligibility criteria. You must be having 5+ years business analysis experience for CBAP. For CCBA, you need to gave 3+ years of Business analysis experience.

How long is CBAP

certification valid?

CBAP Certification is valid for 3 years and you can get re-certified by acquiring 60 CDUs. CDUs can be acquired using training, self-learning, teaching, writing articles or even doing academic programs.

Does CBAP help in

better salary?

The IIBA Annual salary survey 2020 suggests that CBAP certified professionals earned 59% more than the non-certified professionals. See the IIBA salary survey data below:Survey-snippet 07