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Passing score for CBAP exam

For every CBAP certification aspirant, this is a commonly asked and logical question –

“How many questions do I need to get right to crack it? What is the passing score for CBAP?“

We all like to focus on the goal. However, there is no official communication from International Institute of Business analysis (IIBA) on the CBAP exam passing score. However, considering the importance of this question, we have talked to a host of CBAP aspirants to understand and see if we can find some pattern.

There are some patterns, which seems to have emerged:

  a) You need to clear all the knowledge areas separately
  b) The passing score or passing percentage seems to be 70% and above

Note: This is NOT based on IIBA communication and is based on our discussions with CBAP certified professionals in recent times, which includes our trainers as well as other professionals.

Let me know give you some more information about CBAP exam pattern and type of questions.

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CBAP exam pattern

The CBAP certification exam comprises of 120 questions. The duration for the exam is 3.5 hours (210 minutes). As per IIBA website, these questions are case study and scenario based. Each question will have multiple choices and one correct answer.Some key points about CBAP exam pattern are as follows:

  • You get 1.75 minutes for each question. Though consider the fact that case studies are long and may take 5-10 minutes to read and comprehend.
  • A case study may have more than one question
  • You can set a question for review and come back later to review your answer
  • There is no negative marking
Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring
Elicitation & Collaboration
Requirements Life Cycle Management
Strategy Analysis
Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
Solution Evaluation

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Cracking CBAP certification exam in 10 weeks

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