ECBA Study Guide - Download the Sample Chapter PDF

ECBA Study guide is designed to help you prepare for the ECBA certification examination. This is aligned to the business analysis body of knowledge (BABOK) version 3. This guide is written with the following objectives:

  • • Help you revise BABOK knowledge areas and techniques quickly. It is a concise version of BABOK.

  • • Help you validate your understanding of BABOK with the help of quizzes and exercises.

Ecba Study Guide

How best to use the ECBA Study / Revision guide for ECBA preparation?

Start with BABOK v3 Guide

It is important to start with the official BABOK v3 book as you are attending an EEP course

Revise with BABOK revision guide

Once you have finished the course and official BABOK book, start taking the chapter-wise tests and revising with BABOK revision guide

Finish with BABOKdrills & Full-length simulations

Give finishing touches to your ECBA preparation by using BABOKdrills for revision and full-length simulations to getting war-ready

View and Download ECBA v3 Revision / Study Guide

What does this ECBA revision/Study guide cover?

  • All knowledge areas summarized in tabular format
  • All Techniques summarized in tabular format
  • All perspectives summarized in tabular format
  • Drills and exercises chapter wise
  • Drills include crossword puzzles & Matchmaking

Download Sample Chapter-ECBA Revision Guide



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BABOK Revision Guide Purchase Details

ECBA v3 Study/Revision Guide

ECBA Reivison guide is a concise yet TRUE to BABOK revision guide

  • Quickest way to revise BABOK guide
  • All knowledge areas covered
  •  All Techniques covered
  • BABOK v3 Aligned
  • Chapter wise Exercises & Drills

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  • Chapter wise Quizzes
  • Chapter wise Exercises
  • Practical Business Analysis Handbook (E-book, Not downlodable)
  • Course Projects with Guidance
  • ECBA Question Bank - 30 Days Access (1000 Questions)

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