Scrum Master is one of the sought-after professions for everyone who enjoys becoming a leader. It is becoming one of the popular professions in the Project Management framework to help large and inclusive projects efficiently. From here, the question arises- Who is The Scrum Master?

  • A Scrum Master is a professional who trains and manages a team to apply scrum methodology.
  • To become a proficient Scrum Master, getting certified and your skills with time are essential.
  • This helps increase the credibility and professional knowledge to lead a team to produce exceptional results for the organization.

Getting a Scrum certification is one step towards enhancing your skills. But it gets confusing when you see a lot of certification courses running in the market.

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The skills that will be covered by our course are Agile Approach and Principles, Scrum Framework, Scrum Roles, Scrum Artifacts, Scrum Ceremonies etc. Additionally our course is designed to provide

  • Industry Professionals as Trainers
  • Mock Questions
  • Special Workshops for Mock Questions Practice Sessions & Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • 2 Full-length simulated Tests
  • Match making exercises
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Flash Cards and Drills

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Top Scrum Master Certifications and Their Cost

Scrum is a popular framework that is in high demand. The speed with which the software industry adopts Scrum Framework's working methods and practices is pretty amazing. Moreover, the data and statistics on the performance of the Scrum Framework are highly encouraging, as they indicate an excellent track record of increased and better growth with high-quality and satisfying outcomes.

1. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

CSM Certification is the next certification you should pursue if you are familiar with the Scrum Framework and have extensive experience with the foundations of Scrum Framework and good work history as a Scrum Team Member.

  • Multiple MNCs that operate on the Scrum Framework to satisfy their requirements within time with a precise Scrum Framework guided by Scrum Master present a wide range of options with CSM Certification or Scrum Master Certification.
  • As a Scrum Master, CSM Certified Professionals are well compensated for the work ethics and values they bring to the firm.

Cost of the Program: The certification cost is 25K, and the CSM renewal cost is Rs. 7K

2. Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

The Scrum Alliance now offers the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) certification, verifying your product owner's training and knowledge. In the CSPO, you'll study the fundamentals of Scrum and product-specific training, such as how to balance multiple stakeholders' needs and develop a product vision. Product Owners, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Data Analysts should take the CSPO.

Cost of the Program: The certification price ranges from $299- $1000 as of May 2022

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3. Professional Scrum Master (PSM I)

The course certification is offered by scrum.org, which is the organization founded by the co-creator of Scrum Alliance. This course helps understand scrum's fundamental knowledge and how to apply it in real life. It is the first step towards the scrum certification, and after that, you can go on to take another level of PSM II.


You need to be familiar with the Scrum framework in order to pass the level one certification exam. A 2-day training session on the empirical theories and tenets of the Scrum framework is offered by Scrum. You can submit an application for the Professional Scrum Master I Certification after finishing the training component. The level one Scrum certification requires a minimum score of 85%.


Anyone who wishes to demonstrate their proficiency in using the Scrum framework to address difficult real-world problems should pursue level two certification. A candidate for the PSM II Certification should already hold the PSM I credential and have extensive Scrum expertise.


You must pass the level one and level two certifications in order to obtain the level three certification. If you have a thorough comprehension of the Scrum processes and values and can exhibit an exceptional level of Scrum mastery, the PSM III Certification is for you. The level three certification confirms your proficiency with the Scrum framework and your ability to implement the Scrum principles in any team or organizational setting.

Cost of the Certification: $150

4. Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM)

The finest certification program for understanding the Agile Scrum Framework is the ASM Certification, but it's not the only one. Another excellent certification program to participate in is the ASM, or Agile Scrum Master, program. The cost of the lifetime-valid Agile Scrum Master certification course is Rs. 27,000. The EXIN Certification Body offers the SMC Certification course without charging for renewal.

The decision, of course, must and should be based on the objective for which you wish to utilize the Scrum Framework system to its fullest. Even if there are numerous institutes that offer training on the scrum framework, how you use it and the benefits it offers you are what really count.

5. The Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM)

The Disciplined Agile Scrum (DASM) certification from PMI focuses on the DA mentality and its guiding principles, which include ideas like "pragmatism, the power of choice, and reacting to context." The cert covers the basics of agile and Lean, including methods like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and more. You'll learn how to put these ideas into practice in practical settings and how to use the Disciplined Agile toolbox to identify the best practices for your team's and your company's needs.

Renewal Cost: It should be renewed every year.

6. Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) Certification

The Senior Scrum Masters who will lead and mentor the team on their agile journey should take the DASSM course.

You should be able to work on a range of problems with more sophisticated scaling factors and variations after taking the DASSM course. The course covers a wide range of planning, measurement, reporting, and team development techniques that can be applied successfully in real-world projects.

DASSM (Senior Scrum Master) would deal with more difficult scenarios than DASM and collaborate with top management levels and other functional heads to complete tasks. The DASSMs will be able to find allies and move through the different levels of the organization because they will be working with other teams (unlike a DASM).

7. Registered Scrum Master (RSM)

This entry-level certification, which covers the fundamentals of Scrum, helps candidates gain knowledge about how to make a burndown chart, prioritize tasks, and establish a product backlog. The Scrum Framework with a focus on the Scrum Master's role It teaches you how the Scrum Framework facilitates the faster, higher-quality delivery of goods and services while reducing costs and enhancing worker satisfaction.

Using lean concepts to find waste in a system, process, or organization. Scrum Masters employ methods and measurements to raise team morale and productivity and the habits and procedures of effective Scrum teams.

8. Professional Scrum Developer (PSD)

PSD is intended to test your understanding of using Scrum to build sophisticated software products. Your ability to work as a Scrum Developer while adhering to the best practices described in the Scrum Guide will be demonstrated to potential employers by your PSD certification.

The evaluation is "extensive and thorough," with questions that will test your comprehension of the Scrum Guide as well as your capacity to decipher its intent and apply that understanding in practical contexts. Along with applying your own real-world expertise as a Scrum developer to test questions, you will also be tested on the material from the Software Developer Learning Path.

Cost of the Certification: $200 per attempt

Renewal Cost- The PSD does not expire.

9. Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)

Scrum Alliance offers this certification, the highest level of accreditation in product development. To become a CSP, you need to appear for CSD certification. In addition, you must have an active CSD certification, thirty-six months of Agile or Scrum work experience, and Seventy Scrum Education Units in the last five years. After that, you'll need to fill out an application, which must be authorized.

Cost of the Certification: $100 application fee, plus a $150 certification fee

10. SAFe Scrum Master (SSM)

SSM is for those looking to work in an organization where agile, lean, or DevOps concepts are practiced at a large scale. Scale Agile administers the certification. It is an organization that oversees SAFe. Apart from this, the certification teaches you to learn to work with teammates in a remote environment. This helps build virtual relationships with others.

Cost of the Certification: $600 to $1099

Renewal: SAFe Scrum Master certification holders must renew annually, at a cost of $100, and complete at least 10 continuing education hours each year.

11. Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I)

Scrum.org's Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I) certification verifies your ability to optimize the value of a development team's product. The certificate assesses your knowledge of Scrum.org's Product Owner Learning Path and your ability to apply and interpret the Scrum Guide. In addition, you can download the PSPO II and PSPO III from Scrum.org if you wish to progress your credentials.

Cost of the Certification: $200

12. ASM Certification

ASM certification teaches project managers to numerous Agile Processes and approaches to assist them in delivering the product to the client's specifications. In addition, the certification confirms that the individual is familiar with Agile and Scrum processes. The material of the ASM course is condensed to help you understand and grasp the concept quickly. In addition, numerous specialists present it in the project management business worldwide.

Cost of the Certification: It costs around $500.

13. Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)

The Scrum Alliance offers the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) programme for product developers who operate in Scrum systems. You'll gain familiarity with the fundamental ideas of Scrum and Agile in the context of product development as part of the training required to become a CSD.

The Advanced Certified Scrum Developer (ACSD) and the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) both need the CSD (CSP). The Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) course is another option provided by Scrum.org.

Cost of the Certification: $1000

14. SMC Certification

Scrum Master Certified (SMC) experts are facilitators who ensure the Scrum Team has all they need to complete the project successfully. The Scrum Master leads, facilitates, and teaches Scrum methods to all project participants, as well as removing impediments for the team and ensuring that Scrum Processes are followed. SCRUM study will award successful candidates the Scrum Master Certified (SMC) certification after passing the certification exam.

Cost of the Certification: $650

Is Getting Scrum Master Worth It or Not?

The demand for qualified and experienced Scrum Masters is increasing as more firms implement Agile and Scrum methodologies for Project Management. In addition, Scrum Masters provide skills beyond traditional Project Managers due to their training in specific proven procedures.

Although no amount of training can replace hands-on experience, certification adds a layer of authenticity and professionalism to a Scrum Master's resume, making them more appealing to future employers.

Is it worth?


To help you make an informed selection, we've introduced you to the most common Scrum Certifications in the business and evaluated the expenses of becoming a Scrum Master.

While cost is a significant consideration, you should also evaluate your critical goals for certification. For example, which certification will add value to your resume and allow you to advance your career? Or, more specifically, which qualification is most valuable to your company? What talents are you hoping to acquire, and what goals do you aim to achieve? In this journey, we will help you by providing the best extensive Scrum Master Certification Training and the best study material.

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