Nikhil Success Story: His Journey to Becoming a Business Analyst

In this success story, we will be talking about the journey of an aspiring Business Analyst professional and how he completely switched to the business analysis domain after working in a different sector and industry altogether.

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Professional Background

Nikhil started his career with Sales and Marketing in the Telecom industry. But then he moved into the BPO Industry. So overall he has 13 years of experience and started as a Customer Care Executive in the BPO industry and then continued learning and working. Post that he became a Technical Account Manager.

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What Motivated Him to Get Into Business Analysis?

Nikhil felt a saturation level while he was working as a Technical Account Manager. He started thinking of switching careers. However, there were no issues. He was learning, growing, and working. Everything was fine. But then after 13 years, he started thinking that this is not going well now. And that's how he started the research on the internet, started talking to a couple of friends who were already in the industry and he came across this role called Business Analyst, which actually appealed to him a lot because the role and the work, what a BA does is something which fascinated him. So that's how he decided to move into the business analysis role.

Did Nikhil Opt for Any BA Certifications?

He did a couple of certifications on Udemy. He also went through many videos on YouTube and then came across Techcanvass. So initially he did not think of doing any major certifications because he was not 100% sure as to whether it is the right decision to move to a new role altogether.

Nikhil did not do any major certifications. However, he is planning to do ECBA, for which he actually got himself enrolled on the ECBA certification training course at Techcanvass.

Challenges Faced by Nikhil During Switching His Careers

As per Nikhil, there were many challenges that were faced by him. The first challenge was he had to switch the company as he was previously working in the BPO industry. Nikhil had to switch two companies before he could get into a BA role.

Another challenge was moving from a non-technical background to a BA role was a bit difficult for him. It was very difficult for him to understand the technical terminologies. Such as What is the front end, what is the back end? It is something that he did not know. But it is a basic requirement to understand, and he felt it quite challenging to understand such questions.

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Changes After Successfully Switching to a BA Role

After Nikhil moved to a BA role, he was quite satisfied as it was something that he initially wanted to do. He mentions that he loves being a part of BA challenges. Be it the client side, the development team, be it the quality team, Nikhil shares and gives his inputs which are actually heard and considered at times. So this is a keep-going factor for him as he continues to grow in the business analysis domain.

Top Tips to Switch to a BA Role

Here are some tips given by Nikhil for aspirants who are also planning to switch their careers into a business analysis role or those who are planning to take their ECBA certification.

  • Nikhil mentions that the first thing before starting your journey is to believe in yourself. Because moving from whichever domain, whichever industry you are in, and irrespective of technical or non technical background, unless you believe in yourself and have confidence, nothing is impossible.
  • The second tip is to always keep learning. Learning never stops and there are various business analysis certifications that you can opt for even after you gain your first credential from IIBA.
  • The third tip is to select the domain in which you would like a BA role. There are different domains and companies that hire BA. So whichever domain or company you think can help you grow and you can give your input and your best, please select the domain and companies very wisely before you get into that.

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We hope you enjoyed reading the success story of Nikhil, who believed in himself and had the confidence to move into a BA role even after his 13 years of career trajectory. Lastly, Nikhil advises candidates and aspirants who also wish to opt for a BA role to always keep learning.

He mentions that technology is growing each and every day, there is no backlog and there is no stop there, and hence you should also not settle for anything less.

So are you ready to take that first step towards a BA role? If so, check out how you can easily crack your ECBA exam on your first attempt with the help of our ECBA Certification training course, led by industry-certified instructors.


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