Best Business Analyst Blogs to Follow

Best Business Analyst Blogs to Follow

Whether you are a novice in the field of business analysis or a senior business analysis professional having considerable business analysis experience, you would want to access valuable material that assists in performing the role in the best possible manner. For instance, You would want to access standard business analysis deliverable templates, familiarize yourself with best business analysis practices and keep up with the latest trends in this fast-evolving field. So, As luck would have it, there are a few informative Business Analyst blogs with a rich set of resources, webinars, and posts in the business analysis line of work.

Below are a few well-known business analyst blogs that you can follow in order to derive significant benefits –

1. Modern Analyst

URL – https://modernanalyst.com

Modern Analyst contains a plethora of business analysis-specific blogs, articles, resources (whitepapers, templates, etc.), and career assistance-related material (jobs, resume writing tips, and interview questions). Furthermore, it provides forums for business analysts to network and learn from each other’s experiences. One can subscribe to the Modern Analyst e-journal which is a premium business analysis newsletter in order to get information on featured articles, webinars, events, and other information.

2. BA Times

URL – https://www.batimes.com

With a commitment to advancement and recognition of the business analysis community, BA Times has become an ultimate destination for business analysis practitioners. BA Times is consistently updated with relevant content in the form of articles, blogs, and whitepapers containing key insights on current BA topics. It also contains some really handy templates which can be downloaded and put to use without much ado. Upcoming webinars & conferences are also listed thereby making BA Times a valuable platform for BAs.

3. Bridging the Gap

URL – https://www.bridging-the-gap.com

Established in 2008, Bridging the Gap has been around for a while and has assisted thousands of business analysts to take their careers to the next level. So, Founder Laura Brandenburg and an experienced set of instructors bring their diverse experience into coaching and training the next set of business analysts. Bridging the Gap provides an online & interactive business analyst certification program and precious resources to business analyst professionals in order to take their careers to the next level.

4. Adaptive US

URL – https://www.adaptiveus.com/

Adaptive US primarily provides online training on IIBA certifications (CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, AAC, CBDA, CCA, CPOA), question banks, study guides, simulators, flashcards, audiobooks, and digital learning packs across the globe. Moreover, it provides a wealth of information in the form of blogs on various topics around business analysis as well as IIBA certifications.

5. Business Analyst Learnings

URL – https://www.businessanalystlearnings.com/blog

Business Analyst Learnings (BAL) is a one-stop site that contains meaningful and practical knowledge, views, and ideas on business analysis in the form of informative blogs. The blogs are beneficial to beginners in the BA profession as well as seasoned BA practitioners. In addition, there is a multitude of quality resources and useful templates which can be utilized to carry out business analysis activities in an effective manner.

6. Adrian Reed Blog

URL – https://www.adrianreed.co.uk

Adrian Reed is a Principal Consultant and Director at Blackmetric Business Solutions where he provides business analysis consultancy and training solutions in varying industries. He speaks internationally on topics relating to business analysis and business change. Apart from some well-compiled useful blogs on business analysis, the site lists information pertaining to training & consulting, upcoming & already occurred webinars, and whitepapers.

7. Mastering Business Analysis

URL – https://masteringbusinessanalysis.com

Steered by a passionate business analyst Dave, Mastering Business Analysis (MBA), aims to help Business Analysts achieve their full potential and advance in their careers. In addition to the blogs that assist a person playing a business analysis role with proficiency, MBA also comprises podcasts with each episode bringing valuable, actionable content to improve business analysis skills.

8. Business Analysis Experts (BA-EXPERTS)

URL – https://businessanalysisexperts.com

Founded by Angela and Tom Hathaway in 2011, BA-EXPERTS is a skill-building organization that offers blended training in order to apply the latest Lean and Agile approaches to the process of requirements discovery, definition, and analysis. It encompasses video shorts presenting an easily-digestible explanation of a specific business analysis technique that can be used instantly and links to popular self-paced, online training BA courses. Moreover, BA-EXPERTS also delivers corporate and individual training imparted by experienced, certified business analysis instructors.

9. International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

URL – https://www.iiba.org/

For the business analyst community, IIBA needs no introduction. It is a non-profit professional association serving the growing field of business analysis. IIBA actively supports the recognition of the profession and works in order to maintain global standards for the ongoing development of the practice and certifications. IIBA membership enables access to Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, an online library having 11K+ books, whitepapers, studies, and articles that provide valuable insights on a wide range of business analysis-specific topics.

10. Techcanvass

URL – https://businessanalyst.techcanvass.com

At Techcanvass, we offer all-around programs on IIBA certifications (CBAP, CCBA, AAC, CBDA, and ECBA) as well as question banks, Study Guides, Mind Maps, Audio Books, and other resources to go along with it. We are also achieving recognition as a learning provider in the fields of data science, business analytics, and key business domain. Our blogs from industry experts cover practical aspects that assist business analysts in performing their roles better and advancing their careers in this ever-evolving profession.

Keep an eye on our learning material continually to derive noteworthy benefits.


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