Is PMP Certification Worth It?

PMP credential has been offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) for more than 30 years. PMP has a global presence, and it does not limit to a specific industry or location. Demand for certified PMPs is growing in recent years at a very fast pace. As per Anderson Economic Group Report, 1.2 Million job openings per year are in project-oriented professions. In this article let us try to answer the question “Is PMP Certification Worth It?”.

Gaining a training on Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification can help you develop in-depth knowledge and skills in Project Management and every aspect of how projects are executed in an organization. A PMP credential gives you global recognition in the Project Management domain, where you can showcase your competencies and experience to potential job employers.

If you have a knack for managing and leading projects, then a PMP Certification is a great investment for your professional as well as personal growth. Moreover, the average salary of a certified Project Management Professional keeps on increasing with years of experience.

What is the PMP Certification about?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is offered by the PMI to candidates on passing a multiple-choice PMP examination. The exam tests the candidate’s knowledge of three main domains of Project Management- People, Process, and Business Environment. These domains cover the respective topics that a candidate has to prepare for the exam.

On successfully clearing the PMP exam, the Project Management Institute (PMI) provides you a PMP Certification and certifies you as a PMP Professional, who is ready to take on the challenges of Project Management in any organization, irrespective of the industry.

A PMP Certification is going to add value to your resume and help you stand out from other candidates. Moreover, an organization or a company will always prefer to hire certified professionals rather than non-certified candidates to lead and manage organizational projects.

Top reasons why PMP Certification is worth it

As per the Project Management Institute (PMI), when at least one out of three Project Managers have a PMP Certification, more projects are completed within schedule, within budget, and with the original goals achieved. This implies how vital PMP Certification is to ensure the success of projects. Additionally, businesses can benefit from PMP Certification by improving productivity. In order to get PMP certified, you need to appear for the PMP Certification Exam conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Is PMP Certification worth it? This is a pretty broad question. So, what would be the benefit of doing PMP? In simple words, gaining a PMP Certification is undoubtedly fruitful for your career growth because Project Managers holding a PMP credential are offered better salaries in comparison to Non-Certified Project Managers. A high salary range is only one of the benefits of earning a PMP Certification. There are numerous other benefits such as good job opportunities, good networking opportunities, and professional growth, among others.

The high demand of PMP Certified professional

PMP Certified Professionals Demand

Information Source: PMI. Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017–2027

Across the globe, currently, PMI has approximately a million active PMP Certification holders. In the market, numerous options for professional certification in project management are available. Among all of those certifications, the PMP Certification is recognized as the most valuable certification that employers seek to fill in project manager positions in their companies.

They typically tend to prioritize Project Manager profiles with PMP Certification training over those who do not have the certification. As project management jobs are in high demand, there is a substantial number of applicants for these positions. And, believe us, it is both tedious and time taking for the company to interview and validate the potential of all those applicants.

Given a chance, any company would definitely like to filter out as many of the profiles as possible before the actual interview process. This is where a professional certification like PMP becomes beneficial, as it is one of the most rational ways in which a recruiter can shortlist candidates for interviews.

Moreover, many companies are making it mandatory to have a PMP Certification for Project Manager roles. This means you may not even be eligible to apply for some of these positions without a PMP credential. Additionally, having a PMP Certification can also be highly valuable if you are planning to advance your career in the current company you are working for.

A PMP Certificate would make you stand out among your colleagues and help you in moving up the career ladder. Moreover, a PMP-Certified Project Manager can do a much better job in Project Management interviews compared to others.

Global Potential

Global Potential

Information Source: 2023 PMI Fact File

The certificate carries a lot of value in the job market. Statistics show that the success rate of projects also increases, as the number of Certified Project Managers increases within a company. Adding to that, more and more organizations have started recognizing that PMP Certified Managers are better at bringing a Project to closure on time and within the budget than others.

In the case where you are an experienced Project Manager and also have a proven track record of Project Management roles, then a PMP certificate can take you to the next level in your company.

Salary Differential

Salary Differential

Source: Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, 12th Edition, PMI

Probably one of the biggest advantages of PMP Certification is the higher remuneration that project managers can earn. PMP has been one of the highest-paid certifications. Also, the demands are indicative that the trend will keep on growing in the future as well.

The average salary of Certified Project Managers across the industry is considerably higher. A couple of years back, a PMI survey stated that the average median salary of a Project Manager with certification is around $ 1,08,000. PMP credential holders earn almost 16% more than their non-certified colleagues at the same experience level

Moreover, PMP has also consistently been the highest-paid certification in the IT domain. And, this trend indicates that PMP salaries will only continue to grow in the future given the rising demand for project professionals. PMP Certification also improves your job security, apart from higher remuneration.

Let’s understand the salary differences between a Certified PMP Professional and a non-certified professional through stats derived from the PMI salary survey.

Country Mean Salary % difference in Salary
PMP Certification holder Non-PMP holder
United States $123,000 $93,000 32%
Germany $107,694 $92,138 17%
Switzerland $140,983 $124,715 13%
Colombia $33,236 $21,327 56%
Nigeria $22,797 $16.887 35%

Upskill Yourself


In the competitive job market out there, you need to stand out in the crowd. There is no greater way of getting noticed than by becoming PMP certified. Not only does it make your profile look more lucrative to the companies, but also importantly, PMP Certification adds some critical skills for you to advance in your career.

The preparation gets you ready for the knowledge of processes tools and techniques and methodologies for fundamental Project Management. Moreover, you get to know and understand current trends and best practices in Project Management. On top of that, you get exposed to new techniques and tricks in the Project Management role.

It is not possible to keep growing in your career, without becoming better at what you are doing currently in your role. Remember, the experience might make you learn and improve how you manage projects. However, a PMP Certification can also do the same thing in a shorter time period.

Boosting Communication Skills

Boosting Communication Skills

PMP Certification provides a standardized vocabulary and common lexicon of project management terms that are widely recognized and understood across industries and domains. By obtaining the certification, professionals gain a set of channelized vocabulary that can be effectively communicated with project teams. This standardization promotes better communication, understanding, and efficiency among team members. It allows professionals to effectively convey project management concepts and ideas to stakeholders, clients, and colleagues, leading to improved collaboration and project success.

Getting exposed to emerging project management trends

Getting exposed to emerging project management trends

PMP Certification requires professionals to renew their certification by earning Professional Development Units (PDUs) through continuous education every three years. This renewal process encourages individuals to stay updated with new events, seminars, courses, and other educational opportunities that expose them to emerging trends in the project management field

By actively seeking out these learning opportunities, PMP Certified professionals can stay ahead of the curve and be prepared to handle more complex and advanced projects. This exposure to emerging trends ensures that professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills, enhancing their ability to adapt to changing industry practices and deliver successful projects.

Improve teamwork and people orientation

Teamwork is a crucial factor in project success. As a Certified Project Manager, you will possess the necessary skills to effectively communicate and manage team members, motivating them to work towards a common goal. By understanding the dynamics of teamwork, you can become a driving force behind your team, leading to a successful project outcome. This ability to foster collaboration and cohesion among team members is a valuable asset that comes with PMP Certification.

Utility across various industries

PMP Certification is not limited to a specific industry or sector. This versatility allows certified professionals to pursue opportunities in various fields such as IT, healthcare, aerospace, defense, government, and more. By holding a PMP Certification, you gain the freedom to work in the industry of your preference, expanding your career prospects.

Additionally, the certification exposes you to different work scenarios and helps you maintain your Professional Development Units (PDUs), which are essential for ongoing professional growth and career advancement. Overall, the utility of PMP Certification across diverse industries increases your chances of landing your dream job and provides a broader range of career options.


You may find the PMP Certification pricey. It may also appear time taking and energy-consuming. You may find it very difficult. But remember, for exactly the same reason, the PMP Certificate carries so much value in the job market.

A PMP Certification holds a lot of value as almost every organization hires Certified Project Management Professionals for managing their projects. Moreover, the value of PMP certification can be seen in almost all major countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, India, among others. It also means that you have access to global job opportunities.

Furthermore, earning a PMP certification can help you boost your resume by adding a strong credential, which further offers you a competitive edge to get into any industry as a Project Manager. Therefore, it might be the right time for you to explore the world of Project Management and start your PMP certification journey with the help of our PMP Certification Training course. Our course is designed to provide you with comprehensive and structured training to help you pass the PMP exam on your first attempt.

Our course materials are regularly updated to reflect the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and up-to-date information. We also provide mock tests and exam simulations to help you practice and prepare for the exam.



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