Top 13 PMP® Certification Study Materials to Pass your PMP Exam

Project management is all about the discipline of achieving specific project goals. They evaluate the plan, inspire the team, and coordinate and manage the team toward the goal. A project manager always remembers the specifications of the project and improves the team workflow in a concentrated mode.

Recognized globally, the PMP credential demonstrates a mastery of the principles and practices of project management, making it a valuable asset for professionals looking to advance their careers.

With the growing demand for PMP certified individuals , many institutes have emerged offering training and preparation for the PMP exam. And this is where Techcanvass comes into play as it is an authorized training provider of PMI and a trusted partner for many professionals.

From easy live online classes to the best PMP study resources, you will find it all when you enroll for the PMP certification training course. Enroll today to get access to the best PMP study materials such as 2000+ mock questions, simulator exams, and much more.

In this article, we will be looking into top study materials for PMP Preparation.

13 PMP Resources to prepare for the PMP Exam

There are many study materials present. The top 13 study materials are:-

1. PMI's Guide to the “Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)”

The PMI's Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, also known as PMBOK , is the backbone of PMP certification. This comprehensive guide serves as the foundation of project management knowledge and serves as a crucial study resource for those preparing for the PMP exam.

The PMBOK covers the essential processes, techniques, and best practices used in project management, making it an indispensable resource for professionals in the field. With its clear and concise language, the PMBOK breaks down complex concepts and provides real-world examples to illustrate their practical application.

2. PMP Preparation Books

The PMP Exam Prep Coursebook is complementary to PMBOK, which contains the essential topics and terminology you'll need to know before taking the exam. Furthermore, the material is organized sequentially, providing logical linkages between each step of the project management process. This coursebook aids future PMP aspirants not only during studying for the exam, but also as they advance in their careers.

Frequently referred books;

3. PMP Exam Simulators and Mock Questions

PMP Exam Simulators and Mock Questions are an invaluable resource for those preparing for PMP certification. These tools provide an authentic testing experience, allowing individuals to practice and refine their test-taking skills in a simulated environment. With the PMP exam's reputation for being a challenging and rigorous test, PMP exam simulators and mock questions offer a way to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop a personalized study plan.

The questions in these simulators are designed to reflect the format, style, and difficulty level of the real PMP exam, providing a realistic assessment of one's knowledge and readiness. Whether used in conjunction with PMP Exam Courses or as standalone study resources, PMP exam simulators and mock questions are an essential part of any successful PMP certification preparation strategy.

Are you looking for good PMP exam simulators and mock questions? If yes, then you can leverage the PMP exam simulator and mock questions offered by Techcanvass.

We offer full-length PMP simulation exams that has a similar format, context and time duration as that of an actual PMP exam. Moreover, you can enjoy our 2000+ mock questions for better exam preparation. Techcanvass also conducts special workshops for solving the mock questions.

You can also check out the free version of our PMP simulation exam to get an overview of the training course.

4. PMP Podcasts

PMP Podcasts offer a dynamic and engaging way to prepare for PMP certification. These audio resources provide on-the-go access to expert insights and advice, making it easy to incorporate PMP study into a busy schedule.

PMP Podcasts cover a wide range of topics related to project management and the PMP exam, from tips for passing the exam to real-world examples of project management in action. With bite-sized episodes and the ability to listen while commuting, exercising, or doing household tasks, PMP Podcasts offer a convenient and accessible way to supplement traditional study methods.

Here are some examples of PMP podcasts:

5. PMP Apps

Apps are getting increasingly popular, and there are many to pick from. In that, PMP EXAM prep 2022, PMP exam question and videos, PMP pocket prep. With features such as flashcards, practice exams, and PMBOK guides, PMP Apps offer a comprehensive study solution in the palm of your hand. Additionally, many PMP Apps offer customizable study plans, allowing individuals to create a tailored approach to exam preparation.

6. PMP Formulas and Cheat Sheets

PMP Formulas and Cheat Sheets are a must-have study resource for those preparing for PMP certification. These compact and concise resources provide a quick reference to key project management formulas and concepts, making it easier to recall important information during the exam. PMP Formulas and cheat sheets cover essential topics such as project risk management, cost estimating, and scheduling, allowing individuals to quickly review and reinforce critical information.

7. Taking advice from some experts in the field

Talking with colleagues who have already done their PMP exams may give you a lot of insights to help you scope. You may choose someone with experience in the PMP exam to mentor you. If you can’t find anyone to talk to, you may simply read the Techcanvass success story series of aspirants.

By studying the common mistakes made by those who have taken the exam before, individuals can gain insight into what to avoid and increase their chances of success.

8. PMP Brain Dump Sheet

One technique to remember material during an exam is to use a brain dump sheet. You can customize your private study aid to fit your best learning style. Then, practice writing it out until it comes naturally by creating a sheet of paper with all the essential information on it. Once you accomplish that in the exam, you will have access to all the important information.

9. PMP Forums, Groups and Websites

Internet forums are a great source of information, and most of them are accessible. Discuss your exam preparation with other PMP candidates in a group designed just for PMP aspirants and students, or seek help from seasoned PMPs.

For example:


  1. Project Management Forum - PM PrepCast
  2. PMP Questions and Exam Discussion Forum
  3. PM Hangout


  1. Project Management Professionals group
  2. PMP study group
  3. I want to be a PM- PMP exam preparation group


  1. Techcanvass PMP Blog
  2. Perficient Blog
  3. Exam PM

10. A PMP Exam Strategy Guide

The strategy guide gives you all the strategies needed to take the exam . You need to understand the concept to crack the exam. It allows us to create a strategic study plan, the things you can anticipate on test day, be aware of often mistaken answers, and how to effectively respond to inquiries.

In Techcanvass we are providing PDF for exam strategy guide to make our preparation more simple.

11. PMI Chapter Memberships

PMI Chapter Memberships are a valuable study resource for those seeking PMP certification. As a member of a PMI chapter, individuals have access to a wealth of resources, including local networking events, continuing education opportunities, and the latest industry news. PMI chapter members also have the opportunity to connect with experienced project managers and PMP certified professionals, providing a supportive community of peers to share knowledge and experience with.

12. Webinar

Webinars are a convenient and effective PMP study resource for those seeking certification. These live or recorded online presentations offer the opportunity to learn from experienced project management professionals, from the comfort of your own home or office. PMP-related webinars can cover a wide range of topics, from PMBOK fundamentals to advanced project management techniques, making it easy to find a session that fits your individual needs and learning style.

In order to give you insights and a thorough understanding of topics of interest, Techcanvass hosts online events and webinars.

13. Flashcards

Flashcards help you to remember the important things required for the exam. Making them on your own may help you a lot in recalling them precisely during the exam. These cards can be handmade using paper or can be electronic cards.

PMP flashcards are a useful tool for PMP exam preparation because they provide several key benefits, including:

  • Concise information: PMP flashcards present information in a compact and concise format, making it easier to absorb and retain key concepts.
  • Portable and convenient: PMP flashcards are small, lightweight, and easy to carry, making it convenient to study anywhere, anytime.

When you enroll for the PMP certification training course at Techcanvass, you will get access to a set of flashcards that will aid you in your PMP exam preparation.



The PMP can help you develop your project management skills by providing real-world examples from various industries to show you how to apply ideas and principles in any type of situation. A PMP certification might very well help project managers progress along the corporate ladder, from project manager to programme manager to project director to distribution unit head to CXO (chief experience officer).

Techcanvass is offering a comprehensive approach to PMP certification, including complete coverage of PMBOK, hands-on mock question workshops, ample opportunities for self-practice with a vast PMP question bank, and interactive doubt-clearing sessions. The program also features workshops on taking mock tests and honing test-taking skills for maximum exam readiness.


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